Short and random: Capture

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty has a camera.

Word count: 200


“I didn’t know you had a camera.” Kevin says, willingly striking a pose as Scotty takes another picture of him.

“A friend gave it to me when she bought a new one.” Scotty says. Kevin is pinned down naked under him, trapped to be the object of Scotty’s photographing.


“You really like this, don’t you?” Scotty asks. Kevin looks semi-insulted for the next picture.

“I like being the center of attention, remember?”


Scotty takes another picture before lowering the camera to give Kevin a kiss. He slides off Kevin and sinks down next to him. He places his head next to Kevin’s and holds the camera to take a picture of both of them.


“Smile!” He says and pushes the release button. “Now let’s kiss.” Scotty says and attacks Kevin’s lips before he has a chance to answer. Kevin lets Scotty’s tongue enter his mouth, offering his own in exchange.


“Now let’s see.” Scotty says, briskly ending their kiss. “These are very good.” He says while browsing. Kevin ‘Mmm’s in agreement, kissing Scotty’s neck rather than looking at the pictures. With a muffled voice against Scotty’s neck he says:

“We should get a real camera. One that makes motion pictures.” 


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