History repeating

Rate: R, for sexual content.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: One of those family gatherings.

Word count: 891


“Kevin…” Scotty protests. A weak protest, he knows, but a protest none the less. “We can’t do this here.” He feels himself being lowered on the bed Kevin spend most nights in until he was 18 or so.


“Anyone can walk in.” Scotty says.

“I know.” Kevin says with a smile, pulling off Scotty’s shirt to kiss his chest.

“Maybe we should at least lock the door…” Scotty suggests, his voice unstable.

“No, the lock doesn’t work.” Kevin says, gently biting Scotty’s nipple. “Justin broke it once when he played robbery. He was a strange kid.”


“But we should…” Scotty starts, but his voice trailing off into moaning as Kevin unzips his pants pulling them down just a bit.

“Do this?” Kevin suggests between kisses.

“Yes.” Scotty says. “Less talk.” He adds, pushing Kevin’s head down against himself.


Kevin wastes no time, taking Scotty in his mouth and stroking his stomach. Scotty’s hand in his hair urges him to go on. Kevin finishes his work to the noise of Scotty’s muffled moans into a pillow. Kevin kisses his way up over Scotty’s chest, covering Scotty’s body with his own.


“You’re so sweet.” He whispers in Scotty’s ear before stealing a kiss.

“You too.” Scotty whispers back, pulling Kevin down for a longer kiss. Their lips play against each other before allowing their tongues to meet. Scotty’s hands travel up under Kevin’s shirt and they move against each other, feeling their arousals touch with only Kevin’s pants in between.


Then it happens so quickly. There is a short knock on the door before it flings open. Justin follows it, shouting:


Kevin immediately reacts to move away from Scotty, but can’t because Scotty holds him still on top of him.

“Sorry!” Justin says, his face lobster red before shutting the door again.


Kevin stays on top of Scotty, sighing heavily before climbing off.

“Why are you smiling?” He asks.

“Oh come on Kevin, we might as well just do a sex tape and send it to the entire family so we have it over with. It’s just a matter of time before they have all caught us completely naked.” Scotty says, pulling up and zipping his pants.


“You have to see the irony in it. You’re usually good at that.” Scotty says, wrapping his arms around Kevin, giving him a quick kiss. “Now let’s go look Justin up and threaten him with legal matters if he tells.”

“You don’t think it’s too late? The whole family is in the house.” Kevin says.


“That’s the spirit.” Scotty says, taking Kevin’s hand and leading him out the door.




They find Justin alone in the dining room, setting the table.

“I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t see anything.” He says when he sees them.

“Good,” Kevin says. “If you didn’t see anything then you don’t have anything to tell anyone either, do you?”


Justin looks up at them for the first time and the red blushing comes crawling up from his neck again.

“No.” He says quietly. The three of them look awkwardly at each other in silence for a few moments.


“Hi, why are you so quiet?” Sarah asks when she joins them. “Mom sent me here with these.” She says and gestures at the napkins she is carrying.

“Nothing.” Kevin says. “Need any help?” He asks.

“Yeah, like you would ever fold napkins?” Sarah says to him.


“Here let me help.” Scotty says, taking half the pile from Sarah, skillfully folding and placing them around the table. The room falls in silence again and when the four of them are done with their tasks, they stand up and look at each other.

“What…?” Sarah starts to ask.


“I caught them having sex.” Justin blurts out, pointing at Kevin and Scotty.

“Justin!” Kevin yells. Scotty moans “Oh no…” and Sarah starts laughing.

“We weren’t having sex, Justin.” Kevin defends.


“No? Then why were you half-undressed on your bed with your tongues in each other’s throat?” Justin asks

“Oh, it’s no big deal.” Sarah says, placing a hand on Justin’s back. “We can found a club. Although, I never got to see anything good.”


“Good what?” Nora asks when she enters the room with a big basket of rolls.

“Movie!” Kevin yells. “Sarah wants to see a good movie!”

“Yeah, I haven’t been to a good movie in such a long time.” Sarah says, quickly adapting to the new subject.


“We should go.” Justin nods.

“Really?” Nora asks. “And what would that be? Gay porn?” She places the basket on the table. “And for your information Kevin, the lock on the door to your room was fixed ages ago.


Nora smiles mischievously and leaves for the kitchen, leaving the four in the dining room.

“I can’t believe I just head my mother say ‘gay porn’.” Kevin says.

“I can’t believe I just saw gay porn.” Justin says.

“And I’ve never seen it.” Sarah says, making the rest stare at her. She waves her hand. “Whatever.”


“Well, I’m gonna go…” Scotty says. “and see if that time machine works.” He says, heading for the living room. “And get a glass of wine.” He adds.

“Tell Kitty if you see her!” Sarah calls after him. Kevin shoots her an annoyed look at the remark and Sarah defends herself:

“What, she’s gonna hear about it anyway.” 

Postat av: Srta. Walker

It is very very funny

"“Well, I’m gonna go…” Scotty says. “and see if that time machine works.” He says, heading for the living room. “And get a glass of wine.” He adds."

Good point!

2009-05-10 @ 20:18:44
URL: http://srtawalker.livejournal.com/
Postat av: Anonym

LOL Sooooo funny! Loved the time machine remark! And you write them so in character, it's great! B&S writers should borrow this. :D

2009-05-11 @ 05:49:20
Postat av: Ivan

oh olego, you gotta be careful here, I might switch to Sarah's camp because you're writing such a great character out of her =), great story as usual.

2009-05-11 @ 18:27:34

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