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A beta is a person who reads through stories and give their opinions on it - language wise and story wise. I need one mostly for the story part for a story I'm writing now. I have an idea, but not sure how to write it. 

I haven't worked with betas for these stories, so I'm not sure how it will go, but as long as your critisism is constructive, I think we can work well together. 

The story is an alternate universe story, Kevin/Scotty and several chapters. You don't need to be a langauge wiz to be the One here - just someone I can bounce ideas with. Right now it's for this particular story, but if things go well, maybe for other ones too. 

Interested? Leave me a comment here or send a message to me on the B&S-TV forum. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address if it's here, so that I can contact you. Tell me a little about yourself (not your cat's name - things like if you write and why you would think beta sounds fun). 

If you end up betaing my stories I will of course credit you for it. ;)

Now go ahead! 

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Not long ago I started writing stories of Kevin & Scotty, but I have enough time to read yours. Moreover, I have read all yours and I have to say that I love it. I do not know how this works in beta but if you want a review of a "fan" I will be happy to help.

2009-05-08 @ 16:48:08

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