Time together

Rate: PG-13
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Summary: Kevin and Scotty make appointments, but still need an extra push.

Word count: 991


Kevin didn’t realize he has forgotten about their appointment until the alarm set off. That was one hour and a heartfelt apology to Scotty on the phone from the office ago. Now Kevin sneaks into the apartment, finding Scotty asleep on the couch with the TV on. Kevin quietly takes off his jacket and shoes, putting his suitcase on the floor to put a blanket over Scotty. He strokes Scotty’s forehead and gives his temple a light kiss. Scotty moans in his sleep and pulls the blanket closer around him.


Kevin eats a sandwich and drinks a glass of water before sneaking into the bedroom. He crawls down under the covers alone, missing Scotty’s warm body. He knows he could wake Scotty up to get him to bed, but he also knows that Scotty would then be unable to sleep and he really needs to, working so much.


When Scotty wakes up his back aches and his feet are cold. The blanket is too small for him, as is the couch. He looks at the clock on his cell phone and realizes it’s only three hours until he needs to go up to go to work. He gets up, brushes his teeth and crawls down in the bed next to Kevin. Even if he can’t sleep he can have his arm around his peacefully sleeping husband.




Kevin wakes up when Scotty leaves his spot, the arm around him disappears. He moans a complain and Scotty kisses his cheek.

“I’ll call you when you get to work.” He whispers and leaves. Kevin knows he has to go up soon too, when Scotty closes the door behind him, that’s his cue. Otherwise he will be late for the staff meeting, and as Robert is away he’s needed to pick up a lot of tasks he doesn’t usually have.


He finds a post-it from Scotty on the sink. “Love you lots, will be home at 4. Maybe you can be too?” and a heart with arms held out at the bottom. Kevin puts the note in an envelope in his drawer, with some other similar ones. He sends a text message to Scotty: “I’ll try and make it to 4. Call me. Miss you.” And leaves for work.


Scotty calls during the staff meeting and Kevin needs to let the phone vibrate in his pocket. Twice. The meeting is usually quite boring, leaving Kevin time to text, but with Robert gone he has to take charge, making sure people cover for his policy discussions and budget planning meetings. When they are finally done he tries to call back, but Scotty doesn’t answer.


He tries a few more times during the day with no success. He sends Scotty another text saying he might not make it home until four, but maybe to five thirty. An unexpected meeting about economic aid to non-governmental organizations had come up, and Kevin needed to cover it.


Scotty comes home to an empty apartment, the note he left on the sink is gone, and only the text from Kevin to keep him company. He fears we will end up sleeping on the couch, just like all other nights when he and Kevin aren’t both home – which lately have been almost every night.


Once they actually get to spend some time together, they’re either too tired to do anything but go to bed and kiss while falling asleep or fall asleep together on the couch. As nice as both of those are, Scotty is starting to ache from not being able to touch Kevin, talk to him about his days and hear Kevin tell him that everything will be okay after some idiot costumer hasn’t been satisfied with his cooking.


Scotty puts a box with food from the restaurant in the fridge for Kevin and decides to go for a run. Maybe then he will be awake when Kevin come home at least. His body isn’t working with him when he’s out. He is much too tired to be wasting energy on running, and ends up taking the bus home. He falls down on the couch in his sweaty clothing and falls asleep within minutes.


When he wakes up, the apartment is dark and his body is weak. It’s almost six o’clock and he can hear Kevin snoring from the bedroom. He knows that Kevin only snores when his sleep is very deep so Scotty doesn’t want to wake him up for a little pre-morning fun.


Instead he takes a quick shower and prepares breakfast for both of them, deciding Kevin can do without that last hour of sleep. He wakes Kevin up with a cup of fresh coffee and the news paper. Kevin slowly wakes up when Scotty strokes his face.

“Hi honey.” He says with a scratchy voice.

“Good morning.” Scotty says and greets him with a kiss.


“Did you sleep here at all tonight?” Kevin asks.

“No, I fell asleep on the couch again.” Scotty admits. “Sorry.” He kisses Kevin again. “When do you have to leave?”

“Too soon.” Kevin sighs. “I should call in sick too. If Robert can, then so can I.” 


Kevin tries to pull Scotty into the bed with him, but Scotty pushes him off.

“Kevin, I need to leave soon. You do too.” Scotty says and strokes Kevin’s arms. “I’d love to spend some time here with you, but we both know we will end up actually calling in sick. I’ll try and be back here early instead.”


Kevin sighs heavily when Scotty leaves the bedroom to fetch his things to go to work. He knows he needs them to be together again, to enjoy their spark for more than a few hours. He sits up in bed, knowing he needs to do something drastic. He takes a big sip of coffee from the cup Scotty put on his small bedside table and knows just what he is going to do.

Postat av: Ivan

so I take that there will be part 2? =)

2009-04-01 @ 08:46:08
Postat av: Sra. Walker

What will he going to do?!! Please part 2

2009-04-01 @ 10:01:02

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