Short and random: Watch

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Sarah watches her family gather for another meal together.

Word count: 200



Sarah watches her family gather for another meal together. She sees Justin smile at Rebecca and how he get a shy smile back.

Julia has Lizzie in her arms, talking softly to her. Tommy walks up and puts a hand on Lizzie’s back. He gives Julia a quick kiss and they talk at Lizzie together.

Sarah sees Robert finish a phone call, immediately starting to fill Kitty in on what was said. They start discussing and Sarah sees the glow in Kitty’s eyes. She so misses being in the game, staying on topic.

Scotty carries a bowl from the kitchen. He places it on the table and accepts the wine glass Kevin offers him. They toast and drink, sharing a few words. Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s belly, over what must be the scar. He leans in to Kevin and whispers something. Kevin blushes and brushes off Scotty’s hand. They giggle and have another sip of wine.

For a moment Sarah feels sad and lonely, until Nora exits from the kitchen with Paige and Cooper, all of them carrying bowls of food. The room is filled with a loud anticipating noise as everyone takes their seats around the table.


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