Short and random: Strategy

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin has a plan.

Word count: 200


Kevin inspects his work one last time, still having a minute over before Scotty comes home from work.


The candles are lit and placed around the loft, the music is playing softly in the background, the bed is made and also surrounded by candles. The wine is in the fridge, the strawberries are rinsed and the chocolate is melted.


Kevin smiles, yes, it all seems to be ready. He hears the door open behind him and he swings around, watching Scotty’s face light up when he sees the transitions made in the loft.


“Sweetie…” Scotty says. He drops his bag and walks right over to Kevin, pushing his lips against his.

“You… like?” Kevin asks between kisses.

“It’s amazing.” Scotty says. Kevin feels himself moved a few steps and then lowered onto the couch.


Scotty’s mouth on his disappears for a few seconds as Scotty looks up and spots the bowl with strawberries. He raises and eyebrow and looks down at Kevin.

“There’s melted chocolate too.” Kevin says with a smile. Scotty laughs softly and gets up.


Kevin watches Scotty fetch the chocolate from the kitchen, grabbing the wine and two glasses along. Yes, who said appointment sex isn’t romantic?


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