Short and random: King

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty baby-sit.

Word count: 200


Scotty doesn’t know why he and Kevin volunteered to baby-sit for Paige and Cooper. Paige wants to play with her singstar and Cooper wants to be loud. They don’t mix.


Scotty has sung duets with Paige and played hide and seek with Cooper, and wants nothing more than for these two to go to bed so that he and Kevin can have a glass of wine before Sarah comes back.


Kevin comes down the stairs, wearing a much too small cloak and a crown on his head, carrying some kind of golden stick. Scotty has to bite his lip to laugh at the image of his husband as the defeated king.


“Who are you supposed to be?” Scotty asks, extending his hand to Kevin. Kevin takes it and steals a kiss.

“I’m the evil king and Cooper is the knight in shining armor.” Kevin says, exhausted.

“And where’s the knight now?”


“The knight needed to go peepee.” Kevin smiles. He pulls Scotty with him down on the couch, putting his arm around Scotty’s shoulders.

“You make a cute king, but I’m gonna fight my inner will to joke about me being your queen.” Scotty says and kisses Kevin’s cheek. 


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