Short and random: Hat

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty visit Nora's attic.

Word count: 200


”I like this.” Scotty says. He’s been roaming through Nora’s hat collection while Kevin’s been searching for old papers.

Kevin sees Scotty with a jaunty look on his face, wearing a hat with brightly colored plastic fruit on it.
”What did your mom do with this?” He asks and takes it off, searching for a new one.

”I barely dare to think of it.” Kevin replies. Scotty puts on a new one, a red helmet looking hat with two antennas, each having a golden glittery heart on it.

”I remember that.” Kevin smiles, moving  between boxes to Scotty. ”You wear it so much better though.” He wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist, pulling him into a kiss.

Scotty picks up a hat from the chest, placing it on an unwilling Kevin’s head.
”Now we’re two fools kissing in your mom’s attic.” The brim of Kevin’s Canadian Mounty hat is in the way for their next kiss. Kevin takes it off and lets it fall down onto the rest, feeling Scotty’s hand on his back as they’re lowered onto the pile of soft fabrics.

”But you need to take that off.” Kevin says, nodding at the bobbing hearts above Scotty’s head.


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