Short and random: Audio

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty clean the loft. 

Word count: 200


“Honey?” Kevin calls. Scotty approaches with a dishcloth in his hand.

“Yes?” He peeks into the closet that Kevin’s cleaning.


“What’s this? It fell from a box.” Kevin holds up a small tape. Scotty stares at it, his eyes welling up. Kevin looks confused about the reaction, but quickly moves over to hug Scotty.


“This is the tape…” Scotty starts, taking it from Kevin, handing him the dishcloth instead. “… where we broke up.


“The poor Martian metaphor?” Kevin asks.

“That was so sweet. I cried for days.” Scotty says, his eyes wet.

“I think I did too.” Scotty sobs a last time and breaks the embrace.


“Know what? Why don’t we put this somewhere else. I know something more we need to put in our relationship box.” Kevin says.

“Our what?” Scotty asks.


“Humor me. I have my own tape. We will take it out in twenty years to show our children.” Kevin walks over to the desk and takes out something from the drawers. “This, Mr. Wandell, is the tape from our very first meeting.”


“Wow. If this hadn’t been for our children, I know a certain other tape that could go in here.” Scotty says and giggles.



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