Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I miss watching Kevin and Sarah drinking together.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

"Two beers." Kevin orders from the bartender.

"What are you, a sissy?" Sarah snaps at him. "And two cowboys." She adds to the bartender. He nods in consent and puts the beers on the disk, starting to prepare the shots.

"So, update me. I have no life of my own since quitting Ojai, now all I have is stories about Paige's hives, and believe me, you do not want to hear about that." Sarah rambles on.

"Oh, where should I start?" Kevin asks and starts drinking his beer. "Work has been hysterical with all the new stuff and I barley get to see Scotty. Once we're both home we're either knackered and fall asleep, or we have to just update each other on life." Kevin takes another sip. "I miss him." He adds.

"Oh honey." Sarah sympathizes. "I know what you mean. It comes and goes." She takes one of the small glasses in front of her and gives it to Kevin. She grabs the other one and holds it up, ready to drink. They both drown the small drink at the same time and put the glasses back on the bar.

"Are you at least getting along?" Sarah asks.

"Yeah, it's great." Kevin answers, sounding slightly sad.

"Want a tip?" Sarah asks while leaning in.

"Do I ever?" Kevin rhetorically asks, still sounding sad.

"The classics are classics for a reason." Sarah starts. "Flowers, chocolate, jewelry... Maybe not jewelry, that's not really Scotty." Sarah corrects herself.

"Yeah, if I come home with flowers he's gonna think I'm having an affair."

"Are you?" Sarah quickly responds.

 "No!" Kevin cries. "Why? How can you even ask me that?" Kevin asks, showing how offended he really feels.

"I'm sorry, but doesn't everyone in this family cheat at one point or another? It's not like you've been a saint for all eternity, even though married life seems to have done wonders for your road towards getting canonized." Sarah dryly says.

"Who pissed in your cheerios?" Kevin asks.

"I'm sorry, but I mean it. I have no life except for the kids. I love them, and I love all the time I can spend with them, but yesterday Joe came to pick them up, and I'm all alone."

"Oh..." Kevin starts, but is cut off by Sarah.

"Don't even try. Back to you. How's Scotty?" Kevin considers ignoring her, or maybe pointing out the mishap in her question, but decides to humor her.

"He's fine. Overworked. Seen that before."

"You need to get out more, both of you. We should all have dinner." Sarah says, desperately grabbing onto her brother.

"All? No, no, you know what happens when we all gather."

"No, not all. You and Scotty and me." Sarah clarifies.

"Okay, why not? You cook." Kevin says, shaking off his sister and settling the plan.

"Oh, I'm always so nervous when I cook for Scotty, I don't know those fancy dishes." Sarah says, taking a big sip from her beer. She sees that both her and Kevin's beers are about to run out, so she signals to the bartender to bring them each a new one.

"Scotty loves everything that's cooked with passion, you can't go wrong. And organic." Kevin says. Sarah nods and finishes her beer just when the new one arrives. Kevin does the same and at the same time they move the empty glasses away from them, grabbing the new cold ones. The see their similar actions and burst out into laughter.

"It'll be nice hanging out with you guys when you're both dressed and your lips aren't red and swollen from kissing." Sarah says, catching her breath.

Kevin makes a face at his sister and brings his hand, shaped as a phone, to the side of his head. Sarah mouths ‘Call' and nods.


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