Short and random: Nick

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I was inspired months ago to do this, and now it's done.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

Kevin doesn't know how to handle this situation. The teacher gathered the class around a plastic model of a brain and Nick Holloway, the most popular guy in the class, is standing right behind Kevin and from what Kevin can tell, Nick's very excited to see that plastic brain.

The teacher takes it apart and talks about it, but Kevin doesn't hear a word. Nick moves a bit behind him before settling into a position closer to Kevin.

Kevin's brain screams ‘NO!' and yet, there is something about the whole experience that triggers his teenage boy's dirty mind. He can feel another boy's hardness against his ass, and the warmth from the touch arouses him.

Little does Kevin know that it's this experience that will play over and over in his head for months before finally having the courage to sneak off to the library, looking up a book titled "Homosexuality in the 1970-1980s". Little does he know that this is the event to start the chaos that will fill his body for many years ahead.

Nick moves a bit more and a faint smile curls around Kevin's mouth. Kevin doesn't see it, but Nick smiles too, moving even closer.


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