Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I needed fluff, maybe you did too.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

"Why did you suggest marriage back then?" Scotty asks, thinking back to the conversation they had over a year ago over the punch bowl with Scotty's injured hand as the center of attention. Kevin's hand that's been massaging Scotty's feet stops in its motion.

"I didn't. Civil union, it's different." Kevin corrects. He sighs heavily and continues. "It was all Justin's fault, he's the one who brought it up when we went surfing after you had just cut your hand."

Scotty holds up his hand and looks at the scar in the middle of the palm, running up towards his thumb. It's barely noticable, so thin and fits well with the lines in his palm.

"Justin?" Scotty asks, slightly surprised. He never thought of Justin as the kind of guy who would have marriage... or civil unions in his frame of reference.

"Yes. I remember it very well because he said I should make you my domesticated partner and I told him you weren't a pet."

Scotty laughs out loud. That sounds more like the Justin he knows. In either case, it was very sweet of him to try and figure out a way to help Scotty.

"But now you are my pet." Kevin says, his mind apparently having wandered in a totally different direction.

Kevin climbs across the couch to cover Scotty's half-sitting body with his own, touching Scotty's lips with his own in a soft kiss.

"You're my bunny." He says.

"I always think of the scary time travelling rabbit in Donnie Darko when people mention bunnies." Scotty says, kissing Kevin back.

"Okay. You're my hare." Kevin says.

"Sexy." Scotty dryly replies. Kevin smiles in reply and kisses Scotty again, more thouroughly.

"You are very sexy." Kevin says, his lips so close to Scotty's they touch when he speaks. "You're my sexy bunny."

Scotty blushes and laughs, willingly letting Kevin shut him up with a kiss.

"Just so you know, if you had accepted my proposal then over the hospital bill, it wouldn't have changed anything. I don't care if we were to get married for practical reasons or because I realized I couldn't live without you." Kevin says with a warm breath against Scotty's neck.

"Anything to make you mine forever is good enough. For whatever reason." Kevin finishes, capturing Scotty's lips in a kiss. Scotty moans against his lips, making the skin vibrate.

"I agree." Scotty says. "But I'm still glad we got that romantic moment in the end." He feels Kevin's hand on his side, stroking him with a firm touch. Just like that night, Kevin had run his hand down his back, lowered him on the floor with himself on top and claimed him against the hard floor.

"Romance is good." Kevin half-heartedly agrees, too lost in the kissing to make a clearer point. Scotty giggles against his mouth and moves on the couch, making better room for Kevin to move on top of him.

"Yes it is." Scotty agrees. "So prove it to me, Kevin Walker." Scotty challenges. "Right here where we first had sex, where we started our first Valentine's mishap, where we had lobster and then decided to be together forever." Scotty whispers. He shifts further on the couch before moving back up against Kevin. "Take me."

Postat av: Srta. Walker

I miss your romantic fics.

Well done!

2009-06-02 @ 12:27:27
Postat av: Blodeuwedd

It is fluffy! Really cute! And romantic! sigh

2009-06-03 @ 04:54:33
Postat av: Anonym

I need more! Now!

Ok, well, soon ...

2009-06-11 @ 15:55:37

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