Music fic: Feels like heaven

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I never knew this song could fit so well to anything.

Kevin has never been comfortable dancing. His first dancing experiences had been with Sarah and Kitty at family events, and they had been incredibly embarrassing and awkward. When he had danced with girls at parties when he went to class discos in high school it had felt strange, and he had faked bathroom visits and injuries to get out of it.

His first serious long-term boyfriend Hank had teased him about his two left-feet, now aware that Kevin was faking that too, to get out of dancing. It didn't matter where it was, at an upbeat club, at a nice jazz place or just at home.

After two dates with Scotty, Kevin had been tricked into a slow dance in the middle of a crowded club. That was years ago, and that particular date isn't what Kevin thinks about all the time.

Kevin rests his head on Scotty's shoulder and follows in the slow motion his husbands leads him in. The soft synth tones is like a mattress around them, and neither of them notice if any of the other club visitors is watching them. Kevin tightens his arms around Scotty's neck and closes his eyes. Feels like heaven.

Postat av: Srta. Walker

I like it. This image is just what I had in mind

2009-06-13 @ 15:56:46
Postat av: KVN

Wonderful - so romantic! Wish B&S would show them sharing a moment like this.

2009-06-14 @ 13:48:24

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