Gayme night

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Summary: Scotty should attend a Game Night. The Jonses return.

"Your mother just made me impersonate Jack Nicholson, doing ‘The Shining' in Charade." Scotty says as he enters the kitchen. Kevin and Justin smile at him, Kevin embarrassed beyond reason. Scotty walks by and gives Kevin a small peck on the cheek. He pours himself a new glass of wine and jumps up on the counter next to Kevin.

"How did you get out of this?" Scotty asks Justin.

"We were one more than them, as our family manages to reproduce every year." Justin says. He isn't too fond of the Joneses, but he appreciates that they are strict when it comes to rules, so that he managed to get out of the initial game.

"You did this how many years?" Scotty asks, drinking some wine.

"Too many." Kevin says, taking the glass from Scotty, having a drink himself.

"Don't ask." Justin says simultaneously. "Nothing good can ever come out of this. Just because one of the Joneses set off mom we have to do this again. At least you get to be drunk."

"Kevin! Scotty!" Nora says when she enters the kitchen. Something in her voice tells them she isn't just acknowledging their presence, but also criticizing them for not being somewhere kicking asses in a family game of Trivial Pursuit.

"I need you in the living room right now. That Donna and her partner think they are the best gay couple in Game Night, so I cannot have you two hiding here." Nora says, ushering them towards the living room. Kevin and Scotty exchange looks, not sure how they are going to score points by being gayer.

Kevin takes Scotty's hand when they enter the room where excited Joneses and embarrassed Walkers are all collecting for the final round of Trivia.

"Am I the only one holding up the fort here?" Sarah asks. "I just had to face both Miranda and Samantha in scrabble, because the helping Walker didn't show." She hisses between clenched teeth.

"I don't get how they managed to spell out ‘expatriate' there, it's just not fair." She says.

"So we lost that game too?" Rebecca asks. "Nora is going to be so disappointed if we don't win this."

"So?" Justin asks, sneaking into the room and choosing a spot to sit where Nora might not see him too well. "Maybe this can finally be the end of this pseudo-tradition."

"Have you met our mother?" Kitty asks. "She wouldn't even let me leave to feed Evan, I had to sit in the middle of Charade and try to get a baby to take a nap."

"Let's just try and get through this as painless as possible." Sarah says. She looks at Kevin and Scotty standing before all the people in the room, holding hands, looking very confused and very goofy. "You two want to join us?" She asks.

"No," Kevin whispers. "We're being gay."

"What?" Sarah asks, frowning. Nora emerges from the kitchen, holding a big basket of newly bakes cinnamon buns in her arms.

"I thought we could need something sweet for the final game." She says.

"Nora, I hope you don't think you will get bonus points for baking." Miranda Jones chimes as she takes a bun. Lizzie loudly declares that she is on a strict diet that forbids her to eat cinnamon and Sarah manages to overpower Kitty before she mumbles something lethal.

"Kevin, Scotty," Nora says, turning to them with the basket when all the Joneses are fed. "Aren't you lovely? They just celebrated their anniversary a few weeks ago." Nora says, turned back to the competing team. "They are so happy. Here, have a bun and sit down." They take each a bun and sit down. The entire Walker side of the room look utterly embarrassed and are happy when Saul stands up before them all to introduce the final round of their game night.

An hour later the Walkers have managed to snatch the lead back from the Jones family, with Scotty answering questions about advanced cooking and Justin about medicine.

"Okay Walkers, last question. If you answer this one right, you win the game." Saul announces. "Which city is the capital of Mississippi?"

"I know this!" Kitty screams, standing up so rapidly Evan wakes up in her arms. "It's Jackson!"

"No!" Sarah says. "It's Montgomery, I was there on business!"

"Actually, it's Atlanta." Someone chimes in, and suddenly the game is in full force again.

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