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Summary: Kevin helps Scotty in the kitchen.

"And how many eggs?" Scotty asks from the open refrigerator.
"Two," Kevin says, looking at the recipe in Scotty's own handwritten cook book.
"Alright. I put them out here before we start so they aren't so cold when we add them to the batter," Scotty explains, placing the two eggs on the counter.

"You're so cute when you narrate," Kevin says, sliding one arm around Scotty's waist. "Why don't we just buy some cookie and go to bed?" He suggest, the last words muffled as he presses his lips against Scotty's neck while saying them.

"No, I promised your mother I'd make these for her," Scotty says, with great reluctance moving away from Kevin's embrace. "Help me and it'll be more fun," he says. "But not quicker," he adds under breath.

"Now we mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl," Scotty says, opening a cupboard and taking out a big dark blue bowl. "I say them and you do." He hands Kevin the bowl.

"I'm gonna get covered in flour," Kevin pouts.
Scotty smiles at his husband's semi-ambitious way of getting out of baking. "I thought you liked cooking."
"I do, but I prefer being naked in bed."

Scotty laughs and opens another cupboard, pulling out a flowery apron.
"Put this on." He holds it out in front of Kevin, who looks at with astonishment.
"Are you kidding?" Kevin says. "Why do we even own this? And why do you get to wear a black one when I get this?"

"No messing," Scotty says, unfolding the apron and pulling it over Kevin's head and tying it in the back. "Now one cup of sugar," he says, leaning against the kitchen counter as Kevin starts searching for the ingredient.

"Half a cup of cocoa powder, one table spoon of baking soda, a pinch of salt and one cup of flour," Scotty reads.
"Or I read and you do?" Kevin suggests, holding up a small can to look at the label.
"No, we don't need that here," Scotty says, replacing it with the cocoa powder. "Half a cup and I'll kiss you in your mother's pantry." Scotty winks.

Kevin mixes the ingredients together and beams with pride when Scotty tells him it looks great.
"Now the rest," Scotty instructs, pulling out a new bowl. "Half a cup of canola oil."

While Kevin searches for the oil, Scotty figures he should teach Kevin some trivia about oil.
"Did you know that the word Canola is from the word Canada and the Latin word for oil?" He says, just barely hiding the big smile when he sees Kevin roll his eyes.
Scotty figures that he must have been showering Kevin in these little trivia bits since Sarah gave him that ‘Trivia on cooking' book after she had managed to call about baby sitting while they were in the middle of something very far from just that..

"Yeah, that word didn't exist until the 1970s," Scotty finishes. Kevin has already poured the oil into the bowl, now waiting for Scotty to tell him what to do next.
"One spoon of  yogurt," Scotty says. "Not the strawberry one," he says when he sees Kevin's hand moving toward their breakfast, "the other one."

Kevin looks a bit foolish when he returns to the counter with the right one.
"Half a cup of milk, one spoon of balsamic vinegar, one and a half cup of the red beet puree and then the eggs," Scotty dictates, enjoying the sight of Kevin running around the kitchen in the flowery apron.

He had won that at a fair and had kept it for way too long, feeling in his guts that it would one day be useful. Now he watches Kevin crack the eggs very carefully, glad that day has finally arrived.

"Now mix it," Scotty says, overlooking the procedure to make sure the batter gets just right: dark, smooth and with no lumps. He turns on the oven and takes out his cupcake iron.

He helps Kevin pour some batter into each cup, motivating Kevin by drawing little circles just over the hem of his pants, pressing himself against Kevin's back.
They clean up the kitchen together and Kevin looks through the glass every ten seconds to see his masterpiece grow and get firm.

Fifteen minutes later he practically hangs over Scotty when he takes the cupcakes out of the oven.
"They look amazing. Some frosting on these and they're good to go," Scotty says, inspecting the pastries with a smile.

"We can't frost them until they're cold, so we have to wait and hour or so, and then we have to leave straight for your mother's," Kevin hears Scotty say behind his back. He looks up at Scotty with a smile.

"So then we have an hour and nothing to do?" He moves closer. "Now I think it's time for me to tell you what to do."
Scotty smiles and answers to Kevin's kiss, reaching behind his back to untie the apron.

"No, no," Kevin stops him. "Keep that on."
"Oh..." Scotty says in mock shock. "You're so kinky, Kevin Walker."
Kevin chuckles and kisses Scotty again.

"Alright," Scotty says. "I'll keep it on if you keep yours' on."
"And you call me kinky," Kevin teases. "Fine, it's a deal. But I think we should move to the bedroom so we don't accidentally do something on the cakes we will give to my mom. She might not ever talk to us again."

When they stumble out of the kitchen to continue on the bed, Scotty looks back the cupcakes on the counter, mumbling,
"Don't worry. My red velvet cupcakes puts a spell on everyone."

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This is so cute. I truely want to try this recipe.. Sounds really good..

2009-07-13 @ 18:59:01

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