Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: The rating explains it all.
Takes place: Season one, early in the K/S relationship.

Scotty rips off the blanket on Kevin's bed, putting it in a pile on the floor. Removing duvets from beds before having sex in them is a sometimes irritating evidence of Scotty's need to keep things tidy, one that sex partners maybe shouldn't know about.

Kevin doesn't seem to mind though, maybe he appreciates that Scotty spares him some laundry. Kevin pulls Scotty's t-shirt over his head and it lands on the blanket.

They crawl up on the bed and Scotty pull Kevin close for a kiss, giving him a mischievous smile, promising much with great intensity. Kevin smiles and kisses Scotty back, feeling a tingle down his spine in anticipation of what is to come.

They have had sex quite some times by now and have gotten to know each other well. Kevin knows that Scotty likes topping, getting his earlobes sucked and lots of kissing. Scotty knows that Kevin likes gentle biting, cuddling afterward and pretty much everything Scotty suggests to him or tells him to do.

In spite of some difficulties in their relationship so far, their sex life has been good from the beginning. They have been far more attentive of each other in bed (and quite frankly in Kevin's car, on the kitchen table in Scotty's apartment and in Nora's pool) then they have in other places, and their times together have been an important part of their relationship moving along, and it has given them both joy. And orgasms.

Kevin feels Scotty's hands move down his back, the index finger following the line of his spine. He knows where it will land, and that this is how Scotty tells him that he wants to be inside him. Kevin moves his legs a bit, giving Scotty more room to slide his fingers between his butt cheeks. Kevin moans loudly when a finger applies pressure against his asshole, pressing himself against it.

Scotty keeps the finger there for a few seconds, before sliding it in just a bit. He manages to get ahold of the lube bottle without removing the finger and he pours some of the clear liquid on his fingers before adding another finger. Kevin moans even more and with his mouth close to Scotty's ear, he sends a quiet wish to be fucked now.

"Only if you fuck me after," Scotty replies. Kevin nods in obedience and shifts on the bed, laying down on his stomach. It might not be the most romantic way to do it, but it's clearly easier. Scotty  rolls a condom over his erection and adds more lube, seeing Kevin's beautiful body under him. He strokes Kevin's back before moving into position.

Kevin winces when Scotty enters him, but his hand on Scotty's hips tells him to stay there, and to continue moving. Scotty moves slowly at first and more forcefully when Kevin moans quietly and pushes himself up towards Scotty.

Scotty rocks them both back and forth on the bed, holding on to Kevin's shoulders. Kevin feels Scotty's hands on his body, his legs against Kevin's and his cock inside him. Kevin's erection is moving against the bed, back and forth until he reaches his climax, knowing Scotty does the same in just a few thrusts.

Scotty collapses next to Kevin and offers an arm for Kevin to lay on when he rolls around and snuggles closer.
"You're very good at that," Kevin whispers in his lover's ear, so close the skin vibrates.

"Why, thank you," Scotty laughs in reply. "You did a good job too, sweetheart," Scotty says and winks.
"You're just trying to win me over so that I will return the favor as soon as possible," Kevin says. "I know you so well."

"Well, Kevin Walker, then I suggest you do return that favor ASAP, because I'm just aching for you," Scotty says in his best mock serious voice. He leans over to Kevin and kisses his mouth. "This time I want to see you when we do it." He pulls Kevin on top of him to show his preference of position, wrapping his legs around Kevin's body.

Kevin closes his eyes and feels Scotty's lips on his body, thankful for his boyfriend's long legs... warm tongue... able hands... 

Postat av: Daniel

Absolutely hot and gorgeous!! Beautiful job..

2009-07-13 @ 18:50:21
Postat av: K

Ooooh. Very hot.

2009-07-14 @ 18:33:33

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