One year anniversary of my fics, this blog and Olego in general

Just when you thought I was long gone, I return from my writing, with three new fics posted. These are kind of a teaser before the really good stuff comes. I'm working on an AU series at the moment, with 5+ chapters. The first will be published this weekend. I've been inspired by this teaser thing, so here is one for the first chapter:

Kevin will never admit it, but he is on needles and pins for an hour after the party visitors have started collecting to when the door bell rings after he's seen Scotty's car park outside the house. He practically knocks Tommy in the head from behind to beat him to the door, opening it to find a smiling Scotty on the other side, holding up a plate with beautiful cupcakes on it.

The AU part is not obvious, so let your fantasy work out the rest in the meantime.

I'm also working on two different RPS, we'll see where I land on those. I'm hoping to finish them shortly. Let me know what you think of these while you wait. :)


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I can´t believe you've return. Finally!

I don´t know if you know but I love your FICS. The truth is that I discovered the B&S FICS thank to you and I owe you a lot. Currently I am writing some in my native language.

Last week I did not know what to do so I began to reread your FICSA and ... well .... I 've read all. From the beginning. I have not commented any of them because I was too much and I was expecting to do when a finished all of them, again.

And just when I thought I would not more to read you go up new!

The only thing I can say is thank you. I will be happy to read it and I promise comment on, if you feel good ;)

2009-07-12 @ 18:19:01

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