Family, Part 5 / 7+

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Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.


Scotty gladly accepts the beer Jordan offers him. When he returned to pick Jeremy up, he was already sound asleep, and Scotty didn’t want to wake him up.
“So you’re really going to see him tomorrow?” Jordan asks, his voice filled with hesitation.

“I have to, it’s about the case,” Scotty answers.
“Yeah right,” Jordan says. “He’s already told you that the case is over, and just when you have told him off, he needs to see you, with,” Jordan lowers his voice, “an offer you can’t refuse.”

“Kevin isn’t like that. He takes his work very seriously,” Scotty says, to convince himself more than Jordan. “Besides, I can tell him off again if needed.”
“Or date him and see what happens,” Jordan suggest, expecting Scotty to react like he always does when Jordan suggests anything related to dating and sex.

“And what about Jeremy?” Scotty replies, more fiercely than he planned.
“I’ll take care of him,” Jordan simply says. “He loves his uncle Jordan, and he wants his daddy to be happy.”

“But I already barely ever see him, and just in a few months he will start kindergarten, and that will take even more time,” Scotty says, searching for more and new arguments in his head.
“And I’m gonna be there for you then too.” Jordan puts his hand on Scotty’s shoulder across the kitchen table. “Just because he is your first priority, doesn’t mean you can’t live a life for yourself.”

Scotty exhales. He knows that Jordan is right, and eventually he has to do things for himself again.
“Or just get laid. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Jordan says, interrupting his thoughts.
“Yeah,” Scotty quietly says. “A while.”

Since Megan there has been one guy, and just barely. They had met when Scotty and Jeremy had just arrived to California, when Jeremy had been at Jordan’s for one of the first times ever. Scotty had decided to follow that guy home just for a few hours that night, and has regretted it since.

“So if he asks you out again, make it a baby free appointment, and leave Jeremy with me. You know my working hours,” Jordan says. “This is not up for negotiation anymore, mister.”

Scotty nods, but actually feels pretty pleased with the sudden turn of events. Now he can do whatever with Kevin and not feel bad about it. He can’t say no now, because Jordan has told him not to. He nods to himself. That seems like a good plan.

“Daddy,” comes a thin voice from the door. Jeremy stands in it, wearing his PJ’s. His eyes are narrow and swollen from sleeping, and his cheeks are rosy.
“There’s my favorite,” Scotty says, lifting him up and giving his brown hair a kiss. “We’re going home now, but you can sleep in the car, can’t you? We’ll be home and in bed in only twenty minutes.”

Jeremy nods and leans his head against Scotty’s chest, his eyes shut. Jordan hangs Scotty’s bag on Scotty’s other shoulder and kisses him goodbye on the cheek.
“See ya tomorrow, champ,” he whispers and strokes Jeremy’s face.


Kevin has read the e-mail from Scotty at least one hundred times, trying to read between the lines. Is Scotty upset that he has to go back to the office, did he understand that it was all a hoax and that it’s just a bad excuse for Kevin to meet him again?

Kevin nearly jumps off his chair when his secretary announces Scotty’s arrival.
“Send him in,” he buzzes back, and straightens his tie a last time. He stands up in front of his desk, casually leaning his hand on it, but deciding it looks too arranged, and manages to remove it before Scotty appears in the hallway.

“Hi,” Kevin greets, not sure if he should extend his right hand to say hello. After all this is a work meeting. Scotty nods a nervous “hi” back and Kevin suddenly panics.

It’s a job meeting, and he has no idea what he is going to say. Instead of coming up with a believable reason for Scotty to return, he re-read Scotty’s e-mail a million times. Good job, he thinks to himself.

“Sit down,” Kevin offers with an unsteady voice. “So glad you could come in again.” He says when returning to his own chair.
“Me too. I’m glad you asked me back,” Scotty says, rather surprising. “Before we start, maybe I could say something.” Scotty says before Kevin has time to think of his next line.

“I’m sorry about that call. I should at least have told it to you in person, but I chickened out and I’m sorry for that. Maybe we could try again. Lunch. Dinner,” Scotty says. His voice reveals that he has practices his words more than once, but is a bit insecure about asking Kevin out again.

Kevin opens his mouth to speak, but can’t find the words. His brain is still trying to come up with a task for him, a reason to have Scotty there, and now Scotty wants to give them another try. His whole dating experience screams ‘no’, knowing this checkering will only lead to pain and sorrow. In contradiction to all this, he hears his mouth say “I’d love to.” His hands pick up his cell phone, and just a minute later he has ‘Dinner w Scotty’ planned at 9:00 tomorrow.

“I’m really looking forward to that,” Kevin says while he escorts Scotty back to the front door of the firm. Scotty gives him a nervous wave before pushing the elevator button and minutes later Kevin is back in his office, staring out into the room.

His forehead wrinkles and his mouth twitches.
“What just happened?”

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