Family, Part 4 / 7+

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Summary: Scotty offers a surprise when meeting Kevin.
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“His nappies is in the bag, he needs it when he’s going to sleep, or he just gets cranky…”
“I know, Scotty.” Jordan interrupts. “I’ve done this, like, a million times. Go to work.” He pushes Scotty out of the door with a wide hand movement, a smile and a wink.

Scotty stands in the hallway with the closed door in front of him. Jordan is right, he takes care of Jeremy more or less every day, and thank god he does. If he hadn’t, Scotty would have to leave him playing on the highway when he left for work. He walks to the elevator, is about to press the button, but decides to take the stairs instead. That is healthy, he hears. Maybe they didn’t mean when going down, but whatever.

He drives to work, his brain still in a haze. He will never forget the day when Megan told him she was pregnant. Now, with the answers at hand, he knows that Jeremy has been the single most important thing in his life. He was the motivation to break free from the grasp that his parents and all of Mississippi had of him.

Loud grandparents had objected when he had left with his son, only a few months old, to go to California. He still let them come and visit whenever they want, but he’s made it very clear that Jeremy is his, and not for any grandparents to claim. He is a good father, give or take.

Through the years, he’s gotten quite the routine to deal with parenting issues. Jordan has been there since day one. He doesn’t know why he isn’t in love with Jordan, because it would be excellent. That thought has never been between them. Jordan is happy to take care of Jeremy during the afternoons when Scotty works, and sometimes for even more time when Scotty finds the odd job.

There hasn’t been much dating, or anything else either, for that matter. Scotty thinks about the numerous guys he’s met since he came to California. He doesn’t go out much, but that is not needed for guys to find him and try to pick him up. The grocery store, at work (especially when he’s cater waitering), in the park and in the streets.

Scotty chuckles when he thinks about the reactions he’s received when letting people know that he has a child. Most guys make up excuses and leave right away, some are more polite. But so far, none have been truthfully interested in him after learning that he is a 26 year old single father of a 5 year old.

He’s been to children’s groups and met other single parents, but as nice as many are, it seems difficult to find someone who understands him. He’s got a very unique situation, and he has no time or energy to waste on things that might jeopardize his role as a father.

It hasn’t been said out loud, but he knows that Megan’s parents keep an eagle eye on him, and are ready to take over at any minute. Scotty’s stomach turns at the thought. He will never allow that to happen. Jeremy is his child, and nothing can change that.

His mind wanders to Kevin Walker. The uptight lawyer he just couldn’t resist flirting with. Kevin was so cute, and it was a pure pleasure to tear down his cold wall. He didn’t plan on meeting Kevin outside the office anyway, so what was the harm?

When Sarah had asked him to the poor party he had agreed, but later e-mailed Sarah and said that he couldn’t come, because he had a son and no baby sitter. Sarah had insisted, saying it was a great idea for Jeremy to come along and play with her son Cooper, who is the same age.

It had been priceless to see Kevin’s face, but then painful when Kevin had actually asked them out on a play date. Not that he had a child to provide, but he really tried. He knows that he wouldn’t have worked out. Kevin clearly has issued, and he is nowhere near ready for a relationship, and definitely not one with someone who has a child.

He pulls in at the parking lot outside the restaurant where he is waitering tonight. He’s so glad he got this job at San EstephÈ. It’s just a short drive from Jordan’s, so he gets to spend more time with Jeremy now, and he gets more stable hours. The job might not last long, but he’s happy for the few weeks he might get there. Stability rocks.


Scotty is worn out when he finally gets his break. Only two more hours before he can leave, and now he has a few minutes to inhale a salad and check his mail. He checks with George, the head chef, if he can borrow the computer for a while, and gets a friendly nod in return. George is the reason he got this job in the first place. Scotty explained his love for cooking at the interview and signed the papers an hour later.

Scotty signs in to check his e-mails and finds one from Kevin about returning to the office for some kind of post-case thing. He thought they were all done with that, and was glad to never think about the Mangopean case ever again.

He exhales loudly and lets Kevin know that he can swing by the office tomorrow, but just for half an hour or so. He isn’t sure if Kevin actually needs to see him about the case again, or if Kevin just eagerly wants to see him again. Scotty shakes his head. Now why would he? He was just given the perfect excuse to get out of any kind of relationship with him, so why open it up again? Was Kevin perhaps pissed off because he hadn’t been the one to end it? No, that couldn’t be it, Kevin had been the one to ask him to the park.

Scotty is lost in his thoughts when he is called back from his break. He quickly signs out and gets up. Kevin needs to see him – fine. But then that’s it. After tomorrow, he will never meet Kevin Walker ever again.


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