Family, Part 3 / 6+

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Summary: Scotty offers a surprise when meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

“Kevin what is it?” Sarah asks. “You sounded terrible on the phone.” She puts her bag on the back of the chair and sits down opposite of her brother. “Have you ordered yet? I’m famished.”

She takes a menu and starts browsing, expecting Kevin to start telling his story.
“You know Scotty,” Kevin begins. Sarah nods, not looking up. "I went with him to the park, and before I had a chance to tell him how incredibly okay I am with his fatherhood, he completely blew me off. Or actually, he did over the phone, on the answering machine, later that day.”

Sarah looks up and puts down her menu. “Stop ranting,” she says, taking Kevin’s hands over the table. “Tell me exactly what happened.”
Kevin does his best to collect his mind, telling Sarah about the trip to the park yesterday and the message he received later on.

“He totally opened up to me. Why would he do that and then just change his mind?”
“Kevin,” Sarah says. “Scotty is what? 26? He’s got a kid, he’s gay, he takes minor jobs to support them and he’s got no one. No family here.
I have kids, so let me tell you this: Without mom and you and Tommy to baby-sit, it never would have worked out. And I have Joe.”

Kevin nods, trying to let Sarah’s words sink in.
“But why would he then open the door to let me in, and shut me out? I could… help.”
“And what? Baby-sit?” Sarah snaps back.

“No, you know what I mean.” Kevin whines.
“I do, but you’re not getting this. Scotty is too vulnerable to let himself into a relationship of any kind. I don’t even know him, and yet it’s so obvious. You don’t see it, because this is unexplored territory to you.”

“So basically, he, and apparently you, think I will be there for him for a week or so, play with his kid and then be gone, leaving the two of them a little heart-broken,” Kevin states.

“I have to stick to the odds, Kev. You’re a good guy, you can totally do this. But you need to grow up.” Sarah waves at the waiter to come to them.
“I am grown up! I have a solid job, a place to stay and… routines,” Kevin defends himself.

“That is not the same. You can date all you want and not really care what happens, but the second you ask Scotty out or do anything with him, you are also adventuring that little boy’s safety.
I’ll have the salmon.”

“And for the gentleman?”
Kevin looks up at the waiter, two deep brown eyes looking into his. He’s done this before.
“Anything you recommend.” He smiles, giving the menu to the waiter.
“My pleasure,” the waiter replies, subtly licking his lips before taking Sarah’s menu and leaving to place their order.

“Eh…” Sarah regains Kevin’s attention. “I thought we were here because you had fallen for this guy, and now you’re trying to score with the waiter.”
“I have not fallen for him,” Kevin objects. “He’s just… nice.”

“This is exactly my point, Kevin Walker. You spend all this time obsessing about a person and you can’t even admit you like him. How do you expect someone to go for you when you can’t even make the tiniest of commitments.”


“Scotty. I’m sorry you feel like we can’t see each other anymore. I was very upset when I got your message. I hope you change your mind, and when you do…” Kevin reads his e-mail out loud, then highlights the whole thing and deletes it.

“I hope we can start over,” He says while typing. Start what? He thinks. It’s not like they had anything to end, so how can they start something again? He should do the easy thing and forget about Scotty, but after several sleepless nights, indiscreet nudging from Sarah and walking into an old woman because his mind was pre-occupied, something tells him that he needs to act.

“Scotty, I need to see you once more for the case, just to check all the data in the file. Let me know when you can come in to the office.” He knows it’s a lie, but he can’t do the personal thing, it’s just impossible. He does the work thing, and it has to work this time too. He adds his letter ending with his name and the word ‘lawyer’ in big letters, followed by telephone numbers and visiting information.

The mail suddenly looks very intimidating, and he erases it again, just ending the mail with his name. He pushes send before he has time to change his mind. For several minutes he just sits and stares at his inbox, hoping for the ding noise and reloading of the page to see the new mail. But Scotty doesn’t reply right away. And why should he, really? It’s in the middle of the afternoon, and he is probably working. Or doing the father thing.

Kevin leans back in his chair and curses himself for this obsession, as Sarah calls it, that he’s trapped with. He never knew that parenthood would allure him, and especially not in this way. He doesn’t know what it is, but there is something about Scotty Wandell that just makes him impossible to get out of his mind. The computer makes a small noise and the inbox reloads.

Postat av: Srta.Walker

It´s great.

I love to see how Kevin doesn´t want to realize that he´s in love with Scotty.

Looking forward to the continuation

2009-07-19 @ 21:03:17
Postat av: WibbleyWobbley

I love that Kevin says he's grown up because he has...routines.

"walking into an old woman because his mind was pre-occupied" HA!

2009-07-19 @ 23:48:55
Postat av: K

Enjoyed this a lot. I hope it's going to be "+" chapters and not just 6.

2009-07-20 @ 18:57:52

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