Family, Part 2 / 5+

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Summary: Scotty offers a surprise when meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

The Walker family gather around Scotty and his son like flies in jam, not allowing Kevin to even one word in private. He knows exactly what that word would be, too: "How?"

Instead Kevin tries to mingle with his siblings and the other friends his mother has gathered, not managing to devote himself to it as his eyes constantly searches for Scotty.

Just a few hours ago, Scotty was that quite annoying witness in a case, the guy who was alluring him in a way he had never experienced before. Now Scotty was a father, but still gay as the day is long and if possible alluring Kevin even more, and definitely in a way he has never experienced before.

He sees Scotty talking to Julia by the pool where Cooper and Jeremy are throwing a beach ball around. He nods to Mrs. Anderson and excuses himself. He approaches Julia and Scotty slowly, and Julia seems to excuse herself. When he reaches Scotty they are finally alone.

They look at each other in awkward silence before Kevin says, "It's a pretty name."
Scotty looks at him for a few seconds before understanding what he's getting at.
"Oh, right," He nods. "I like it a lot. I didn't decide it, thankfully. My mother would have managed to make it our family name: Walther, commonly known as Wally or dad."

"There's a Wally Wandell?" Kevin asks with the laughter in his throat. Scotty nods, him too not far from the laughter.
"You're close with your parents?" Kevin asks.
"Not really..." Scotty says. "Sorry, I..." He says before excusing himself to stop Jeremy and Cooper from throwing food in the pool. Kevin sees Sarah run from across the lawn to do the same thing.

It takes Kevin three more conversation attempts to ask Scotty out to something other than a family gathering, ending up with a play date on Sunday, in the park.


Kevin is on a bench by the park ten minutes too early, and just as if he's prepared to take a walk to avoid looking like a lone man by the playgrounds, Scotty and Jeremy show up. Jeremy runs straight to the grounds where some children are already playing.

"He loves it here," Scotty says when greeting Kevin.
"Me too. I should really be outside more... and breathe," Kevin says.
"I'm glad you decided to come, this meeting grown up people isn't really in my area of expertise these days," Scotty says in an excusing voice.

"Mine neither," Kevin says, matter-of-factly. "But I have no excuse, really. How old is he again?" Kevin asks, not sure he's even heard it in the first place.
"Five." Scotty replies, feeling himself relax a bit. He keeps a protective eye on Jeremy when he turns to Kevin.

"I guess I should explain all this before we get to know each other. It will save time," He says.
Kevin nods in surprise, not knowing what to say when Scotty is so straight forward. Yes, he desperately wants to know, but being the lawyer he is, he thought he would have to do some kind of cross-examination with trick questions to get anything out of Scotty.

"If you wanna tell me..." Kevin stutters.
Scotty looks back at Jeremy, seeing him on the swings, talking to some other kid. He is so glad Jeremy has turned out to be so social and easy with other kids, it's not like he's had the best choice ever.

Scotty takes a deep breath before starting to tell.
"I grew up in this small town, Oxford in Mississippi. Only child, mom active in the church..." Scotty's voice fades out. "I came out to them when I was 16, and that was like... my mom interpreted it as she had to work harder on finding me a nice girl. I was all alone..."

Kevin doesn't dare to look at his side to Scotty. His eyes are fixed on the clique of children running around, kind of wondering how parents can keep track of which is theirs.

"... and I kind of started dating this girl, Megan. She was really nice and I liked her a lot. Just not in that way. I tried to force myself to liking her, and we eventually did that thing that can lead to..." Scotty gestures at the playgrounds. "And it did. Ironic isn't it? I had to think of guys and we just barely managed, and yet, this wonderful person came out of it."

The both of them stay quiet for a while, Scotty to let the information sink in with Kevin, and Kevin because he doesn't want to pressure Scotty to any more. Something in the way Scotty tells his story shows that he hasn't told this many times before. Kevin feels a sudden urge to put his hand on Scotty's, but he doesn't really dare.

Scotty used to be that flirty kind of annoying witness in his office, and Kevin would have known how to flirt back with him here on neutral grounds, but now that Scotty is a parent, he has no idea how to communicate.

"She decided to keep the child and our parents decided we should live together and get married," Scotty stifles a sob. "We were going to get married after the birth, against both our wishes. We liked each other and she knew about me. We could kind of imagine living together, knowing that we would never have a real romantic relationship together."

"Anyway, she didn't want to get married pregnant, so it was all planned to a month after..." Scotty wipes his face and takes a deep breath. "The birth was very complicated... she didn't make it."

Scotty wipes his face with his sleeve again and Kevin moves a bit closer, reaching his hand out to softly stroke Scotty's thigh. Scotty turns to him, and in a low voice he says, "Thank you. If we were somewhere else I'd take your hand."

"I'm glad you told me," Kevin says. He offers to get them all ice creams and Scotty happily accepts, glad they can change the subject. They take Jeremy to a nearby kiosk and sit in the grass talking about school and sports.

Scotty laughs when Jeremy tries to explain the rules of rugby to a dumbfounded Kevin. When they go separate ways a few hours later, Kevin feel much more at ease then he has been lately, especially after anything resembling a date.

He gets home and sits down on the couch. He kicks off his shoes and falls asleep just minutes later. He wakes up from deep sleep three hours later and decides to go out and get some groceries to make himself some dinner.

When returning back to the apartment he sees the answering machine blink to tell him there is a new message. He presses the button to play it.
"You have one new message: Hi Kevin, it's me." Kevin starts smiling when he hears Scotty's voice. He feels a little tingling in his stomach and sits down on the chair by the desk to listen to the message.

"Thank for today, it was very nice. The thing is..." Scotty makes a pause and takes a very loud breath. "I have to focus on Jeremy and stuff now. I'm so sorry. I don't think we should see each other anymore."

Postat av: Stéph

Poor Scotty (and Jeremy)! :(

Looking forward to the next part! :)

2009-07-15 @ 22:50:05
Postat av: marea67

Yeah! Part two! But what? What do you mean? I want K/S together. :D Love it so far.

2009-07-15 @ 23:05:54
Postat av: Alanis

Oh that silly Scotty. :) Hope Kevin won't let it and they meet soon again.

I like your Jeremy very much. He's a very sweet little boy.

2009-07-16 @ 11:31:25

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