Family Part 1 / 5+

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Summary: Scotty offers a surprise when meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

Kevin splashed his face with water, looking up at his reflection in the mirror, staring at the man looking back at him.
"You're pathetic," he says to himself, glad he has the office restrooms all to himself.

"He's almost ten years younger than you and much too good-looking, don't get any ideas," he says. He stands up and takes a deep breath. Sarah is waiting in his office, probably indiscreetly looking through his calender, just to keep track. She claims it's her duty as big sister to know what he's doing, and he can't use any argument against her when she pulls the big sister one.

"I see you have another date with the guy with the good taste," Sarah says, sitting on his chair with one finger in his calender. She looks down on it. "Tomorrow."
"Get lost," he says, waving her away from the chair. "Speak!" He orders.


Kevin again splashes his face with cold water. He doesn't usually have to do this after meeting with his clients, but this one had been particularily difficult. Not only had Scotty Wandell been incredibly attractive during their session, he had also gotten invited to the family pool party tonight, since Sarah had just happened to swing by his office just when he was here today. Such a coincidence.

He splashes more water onto his face, this time managing to wet his shirt, looking like he had experienced trouble drinking. He sighs heavily and wonders how his family will interrogate and frighten Scotty while at the same time embarrass Kevin.

It's not like it's a date, and Scotty won't even be there as his guest but as Sarah's, but everyone will know that Sarah lured him there as both revenge for the Tommy fight and for him to flirt with. If he only could... Scotty is incredibly charming, but for another two weeks or so, he will be a witness, and after then he'll just become the regular out-of-his-league kind of guy.

One more splash and Kevin might be able to work for a couple of more hours without interruptions. This is, of course, before he returns to the office and finds the Mangopean case file on his desk, with a photo copy of Scotty's ID card on top, keeping him glued there for over half an hour.


"Kevin!" Nora calls when Kevin enters the kitchen. "I'm so glad you're here. You can help me with this. She hands him two mangos and a knife. "Cube it," she orders. Kevin shares a look with Julia, working on a dozen peaches next to him.

"Tell me about your guest!" Nora then says, quickly working with the rest of the food.
"He's not my guest, mom," Kevin whines. "He's Sarah's guest. I don't even like him. He's..." Julia and Nora looks at him. "Obnoxious," He finishes.

Nora and Julia smile at each other before continuing to their respective choppings.
"Okay. Tell us about Sarah's guest that you have met," Nora corrects.
"Not much to tell, barely know him," Kevin says, putting his neatly cut cubes in a bowl Nora has placed next to him.

"But he's playing on your team, right?" Julia asks.
"Much more than I am," Kevin says. "He practically accused me of being closeted!" He says, sounding just as offended as he still feels.
"Oh honey, I'm sure he didn't mean any harm. He sounds like a lovely boy from what Sarah has said. You should get to know him better, Kev," Nora suggests.

"Thank you mom," Kevin says sharply, hoping his mother won't continue on to discussing proper ‘protection' with him like she had done prior to every date she had ever heard about him having.

"Here, done," Kevin says. "Now if you excuse me, I will go bicker with my big sister."
"Which one?" Nora asks him on his way out of the kitchen.
"Either," Kevin calls over his shoulder.


Kevin will never admit it, but he is on needles and pins for an hour after the party visitors have started collecting to when the door bell rings after he's seen Scotty's car park outside the house. He practically knocks Tommy in the head from behind to beat him to the door, opening it to find a smiling Scotty on the other side, holding up a plate with beautiful cupcakes on it.

"Hi!" Kevin says. "Welcome..." His greeting becomes a mumbling when he sees the small person standing next to Scotty. "Who...?"
"This is Jeremy, my son," Scotty says, ruffling the blonde hair on the boy's head. "Sarah said I could bring him."

Kevin doesn't know what to reply, but if he could, it would be something to explain the most amount of surprise any person has ever experienced. Scotty sees this and looks rather entertained.
"And these are some red velvet cupcakes that we baked earlier today. My own recipe," Scotty says, handing the plate to Kevin.

Kevin takes the plate and moves out of the way, to leave room to enter the house.
"Scotty!" Sarah says, arriving from the dining room. "This must be Jeremy. Let's go meet Paige and Cooper," she says, ushering Scotty and his son to the garden. She puts her hand on Kevin's shoulder and leans close to him.

"Close your mouth honey, you're drooling," she says and leaves.
"He... has... a... child," Kevin stutters before managing to close the door and follow Sarah to the garden. "A child," he repeats when he sees Scotty's back by the pool.

Postat av: Srta.Walker


I can wait from the next!

Scotty with a child is sso cute...

2009-07-12 @ 18:52:53
Postat av: Adam

Brilliant subject for AU! Looking forward to more :)

2009-07-12 @ 22:21:36
Postat av: Jenni

Love this. Can't wait for more. Scotty's son and Kevin should get along well. Hehehe

2009-07-13 @ 08:41:19

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