Short and random: Bind

Rate: PG-13, for innuendo
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: A tie is a tie is a tie, no?
Word count: 200

Nora chatters about the amazing architecture that Roger has produced while Kevin runs back and forward in the apartment, collecting his things.
”Oh Kevin, I’m so glad you agreed to come with me.” She says when he passes by.
”No problem, I’ve always been your legal advicer, haven’t I?” Kevin replies like a robot.

Scotty raises an eyebrow from the entertainment of watching them interact. Nora is happy-chatty and Kevin is stressed and still a bit dizzy from the morning sex that luckily ended a few minutes before Nora barged in.

”Honey, have you seen my red tie?” Kevin asks Scotty when walking by.
”Yes, I know I’ve seen it, I just don’t know where…” Scotty says and goes up to look for it in the bedroom. Nora starts talking about how she hates it when that happens.

Kevin emerges from the kitchen when Scotty returns. He has the tie in his hand and a victorious smile on his face.
”Where did you find it?”
”Uh… in the closet.” Scotty answers, glancing at Nora. Just when Kevin’s about to take the tie, Scotty snatches it back.
”Yes, right. I forgot.” Kevin smiles as Scotty places the tie around Kevin’s neck.

Right through the very heart of it

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Kevin and Scotty visit New York.
Word count: 687

“Have I told you how much I love New York?” Scotty asks when he licks some dripping vanilla toffee ice cream from his hand.
“Yes, approximately once ever five minutes since the plane took off from LAX.” Kevin answers and tries his lime sherbet.

They stroll through Central Park together, enjoying a short vacation.
“It’s not really ice cream weather.” Kevin concludes and looks up at the sky. “I’m pretty sure it’s gonna rain.”
“Or snow!” Scotty exclaims.

“Don’t sound so happy about it. I didn’t pack a thicker jacket.”
“If it gets very cold we have such a good reason to stay at the hotel and just… enjoy ourselves.” Scotty says, nudging Kevin in the side. Kevin smiles mischievously and glances up at the sky.
“A little snow hasn’t killed anyone, has it?”

Scotty laughs at him and finishes his ice cream, throwing the small paper cup in a nearby litter box. He returns to Kevin’s side and shrugs from the cold.
“So what do you wanna do?” He asks Kevin.
“We could go to the Met?” Scotty suggests. Kevin’s slight frown says it all, not in the mood for a museum. “Statue of Liberty? Ellis Island? Ground Zero? Rockefeller Center?” Scotty tries, all with little or no excitement from Kevin.

“What do you wanna do?” Scotty asks. “I’m up for just about anything.”
“Oh!” Kevin stops walking. “You know what we could do?”
“Yes, I know many things, but you didn’t seem to like them.” Scotty teases.
“I know just the place to go. It’ll be romantic.” Kevin smiles widely and grabs a hold of Scotty’s hand, as if to lead him.

They stroll through Central Park and down fifth avenue. Scotty points at different places he visited when he briefly lived in New York and tells the story of how he went to the New York Public Library to get a visitor’s guide over the city and ended up with a date with the librarian.

Kevin laughs at his anecdotes and tells the very few he has from his New York visits. A couple of times with Hank and a couple to visit Kitty when she lived here.
“There was thing one thing that I and Hank intended to do, every time we were here, but never seemed to find the time. Now I’m glad we didn’t.”

“What is it?” Scotty asks, trying not to sound as wildly curious as he actually is.
“You’ll see.”
They pass several expensive shops and restaurants and Scotty stops to check the menu of a few of them, his eyebrows traveling further and further up when he sees the prices.

“The hors d'oeuvre here are actually more expensive then our entrees. And it’s not like I work at McDonalds.”
Kevin laughs and takes his hand, leading him along the street.
“Why don’t you take a break from work? It’s nice.” Kevin suggests.

“You mean you didn’t text message Robert while I was getting my ice cream?” Scotty asks and laughs when Kevin starts to blush. They see the base of the Empire State Building rise before them and Kevin walks towards the entrance.

Scotty follows Kevin in to the entrance where they get tickets. They take the elevator to the 86th floor and walk out on the observation deck. The place is surprisingly crowded for a cloudy day with the rain hanging in the air.

They manage to reach the front row when a family leaves their spot. Scotty puts his arms around Kevin’s waist as they peek through the hazy New York air. The contours of some sky scrapers can be made out but the view isn’t much more exciting than that. Most visitors around them makes their viewing very brief, not enjoying the cold and the lack of sight.

Scotty quickly kisses Kevin’s neck.
“This is a perfect place.” He says. “And I’m also glad you’re the first one I get to do this with.”
Kevin yanks himself free from the grip, sliding his arm inside Scotty’s jacket and around his waist. He kisses Scotty on the mouth and whispers:
“Make that the only one, sweetie.”

Cinnamon vs. cardamom

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Graham Finch visits Cinnamon Jack's for the first time.
Takes place: During the karaoke night at Cinnamon Jack's.
Word count: 581

Graham Finch walks into Cinnamon Jacks with not so little hesitation. He’s got Sarah’s divorce papers in a firm grips and tries to slip by the bouncer without looking too much like an outsider. He’s the only person in the place that wears a suit. Until he spots Kevin.

Then it hits him. He’s met Kevin a couple of times at Ojai, and he’s the very sharp family lawyer. He’s been nice and a bit reserved, just like any other good corporate lawyer he’s ever worked with.

He spots Sarah at the same table and four other men who seem to fit in a hell lot of more than the Walker siblings. He walks up to them and is introduced. It’s not clear why Sarah and Kevin are sitting them with the four others, but it doesn’t take him long to understand.

Sarah signs her papers and looks relieved. She is so beautiful and Graham can do nothing but just take it in. Seeing her here – outside the office in a completely different setting is just wonderful. He has a chance to get to know her.

A song begins to play from the small karaoke scene and they all look up. Graham is glad he doesn’t have any beverage in his mouth or else he would have sprayed the whole table with it. Lawyer Kevin is up on the karaoke scene, slaughtering Tom Jones.

The pieces fall in place. Sarah is here with her brother Kevin who is of course gay. He just didn’t notice it before. The next piece to fall into place is the young guy in the neat hairdo and purple tie that Kevin points at and refers to as a pussy cat.

The song has never been played in a longer version and Sarah nearly falls of her chair laughing before it’s over. The four other guys start to whisper things to each other and the one with the hairdo smiles like he’s prepared to melt.

The song ends and Graham exhales with relief. As sweet as that scene was, Kevin is most definitely a better lawyer than he is a singer. But where he should get off the stage is where he says something to the guy who manages the karaoke machine and then takes off his jacket. A new song starts and Kevin holds on to the microphone as if he’d fall without the support. Graham imagines that that is actually the case.

Kevin’s eyes have landed on the one guy and are stuck there. He looks like a totally different person when he smilingly admits to not spending enough time with his… boyfriend? When the puzzle is put together, it’s really something.

The guys seem to enjoy the effort and neat guy with purple tie says Kevin has suffered enough. Graham withholds his “And so have we.” And figures that this is not the time. The guy gets up and kisses lawyer Kevin and the table starts to applaud.

Sarah shoots him a look that makes him realize he should too and so he does. He’s done a lot of things at the different firms he’s worked out, but this is a new experience, altogether. Kevin returns to the table with the guy and they spontaneously kiss again.

Maybe things will be uncomfortable the next time he shows up at Ojai, but then again, if he manages to talk Sarah into a date with him, maybe this won’t seem so bad in comparison.


Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Scotty has the chickenpox.
Word count: 1169

Kevin smiles when he sees that it’s Scotty calling him.
“Hi hun.” He answers.
“Hi Kev.” Scotty sounds strange. “How are you?” 

Kevin sees Robert walk past his office, and exhales of relief that he didn’t enter. He walks over to the door and closes it.
“I’m fine. Why?”
“I kind of have the chickenpox.” Scotty explains.

Kevin laughs slightly at his husband’s ashamed voice.
“I’ve already had it, so don’t worry. I won’t catch it again. I can take care of you without any risk.”
“Oh that’s great.” Scotty says, clearly relieved. “You can scratch my back for me.”

“Oh no, there’ll be no scratching.” Kevin argues. “I’ll make sure of that. I have to go.” Kevin sees a Robert shaped shadow coming closer to his door. “I’ll see you tonight. Maybe I’ll bring chicken soup.” He ends the call just to hear Scotty mutter something on the other side.


When Kevin comes home, Scotty is asleep on the couch. He closes the door as quietly as he possibly can and puts his briefcase on the floor. He sees red spots all over Scotty and a tube of coolant next to him.

Kevin goes to the bedroom to switch clothes and when he returns Scotty has one eye open.
“I feel miserable.” He says with a very weak voice.
“Yeah? You don’t have a fever as well, do you?” Kevin asks and crouches next to Scotty. He carefully kisses him on the lips and puts the back of his hand on Scotty’s forehead.

“No.” Scotty says. “It just feels like my body is trying to escape my skin.” He sits up and Kevin sits down next to him.
“So it itches?” Kevin asks. Scotty doesn’t reply, just looks at him. “Of course it does. Sorry. You want me to get you anything? Food? Water?”

“I’m hungry.” Scotty says. Kevin reaches out to stroke his leg, but withdraws his hand in the last second.
“Actually. I won’t encourage you…” He smiles. “I’ll just go cook something for us, huh?” Before he has time to lean in for another kiss, there is a knock on the door.

Kevin looks puzzled before getting up.
“I thought those Jesus freaks got the message when I opened wearing only underwear waving my hand at them.” He says and gets up to get the door.

“I Sarah told me you were sick Scotty, so I thought I’d come by with some food.” Nora explains, walking past Kevin into the apartment. “I also brought calamine. It’s very good, that’s what I used on Kevin when he had the chickenpox.” Nora puts a big bag on the coffee table and picks up a tube.

“It was like the gates to hell at home, I tell you.” She tells Scotty. “Sarah, Tommy, Kitty and Kevin all had the chickenpox at the same time, and I had a cold at the same time, and with those four ones sick,” Nora rambles on, taking the bag and moving towards the kitchen. “I could’ve killed myself. I’ll heat this up for you.” She says and disappears into the kitchen.

Both Kevin and Scotty look after her, stunned to silence. She returns before either of them regain their comprehension.
“Of course William was out of town and I had to take care of them all by myself, just like I always did.” Nora continues, carrying a Tupperware box. “And this one here,” She walks up to Kevin and very motherly strokes his cheek. “He’s not easy when he’s sick. Well, we were all there for the post-operation party.” She finished and returns to the kitchen.

“Mom!” Kevin hurries after her, determined to make her go away as fast as she showed up. “Why are you here? I’m not sick, I can cook.”
“Oh Kevin, you don’t have to. Just sit down and this will be done in a minute.” She ushers him back into the living room and he meets Scotty’s gaze. He shrugs and sits down next to him, not knowing what to do.

Nora returns shortly and puts two bowls in front of them, both filled with rice and some reddish stew.
“Don’t look so hesitant. It’s filled with antioxidants. Very good for your immune system.” Nora says. “There’s more on the stove if you want a refill. I put some blueberry muffins on the sink too, if you want them for later. Don’t forget the calamine and call me if you need anything.” Nora smiles at them and heads for the door. “Feel better, Scotty.” She says before exiting.

Scotty looks at the food and then at Kevin.
“Wow.” He says. “I even forgot my agonizing desire to scratch my skin until it bleeds.” He says
“That’s so strange, because that is exactly what I wanted to do.” Kevin replies dryly. He leans forward to take another look at the food. He grips the fork and tried some of the stew.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.” He says. “It’s better than the seaweed smoothie she insisted on when Sarah had acne.”
Scotty tries the food as well and agrees with Kevin. It’s not as bad as it seems.

“I remember once when I was like 10. The girl next door had the chickenpox so I couldn’t play with her for over a week.” Scotty says. “Now I wish I had just gone over there and rubbed myself against her.”

Kevin laughs at the image of a young Scotty desperately rub himself with a girl the same way he uses a towel when he’s out of the shower.
“I mean in a very unsexy kind of way.” Scotty adds.
“I didn’t expect anything else.” Kevin assures him.

When they’ve finished their meal and Kevin has stopped Scotty from scratching approximately a hundred times, Scotty moves closer to Kevin.
“I’m tired, maybe we should go to bed.” He says in a low suggestive voice. Kevin looks him up and down.

“On so many levels no. We can go to bed and sleep, by all means, but you stay on your side and I stay on mine.” Kevin settles. Scotty looks at him with big puppy eyes.
“First of all, you look like a moldy candy bar with these dots and the lotion on you, and second, you won’t be using any friction between us to scratch your dots.”

Scotty looks a bit disappointed, showing that he was clearly after just that.
“You’re evil.” He concludes.
“It’s only because I love you.” Kevin says and kisses Scotty on the mouth. “and still partly because you look a bit icky. No offence.”

“How could that be offensive?” Scotty asks.
“Remember when you called me fat on our wedding night?” Kevin winks.
“Remember when you ran out on my on our wedding night?” Scotty counters.
“Okay, we can make out a little bit, but that’s it.” Kevin smiles. “And only if you promise to never again tell anyone in my family when you’re sick.”
Scotty laughs at him.

Short and random: Curiosity

Rate: R, for innuendo.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Kevin and Scotty have dinner.
Takes place: During the date in 1x05 "Date night".
Word count: 200

Scotty listens as intently as he can when Kevin talks about his work. It’s the end of the date and they linger at the restaurant even though their dessert parfaits are long gone. They both know, even if unspoken: the moment they leave the table, they have to uncomfortably decide on what to do next. It’s either nice to see you I’ll drive you home or nice to see you, I want you here and now.

Scotty wonders how Kevin is at home. He always thought that how a person behaves in their own home was the best way to get to know someone. Kevin talks about why he chose corporate law and Scotty’s mind drifts off.

He wonders if Kevin’s chest is smooth or hairy. If he’s got a minimalist or cozy bedroom. If he’s a top or a bottom. He tilts his head and looks into Kevin’s eyes. He smiles and nods.

Whatever the answer is, he’ll find out about all of them soon. This date turned out better than he ever imagined and his gut feeling tells him that the thing he’s having with Kevin is going to last.

Then one of them asks: “Shall we go?”

Short and random: Cured

Rate: R, for innuendo.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Kevin is healing, Scotty thinks scars are sexy.
Takes place: After 3x10 "Just a sliver".
Word count: 200

“You’re all healed?” Scotty says, letting his index finger brush over Kevin’s scar from the operation. He draws light circles around the small mark and kisses Kevin’s neck.

“I’m all healed.” Kevin affirms, pushing the duvet further away from him, indicating to Scotty in which direction the kisses should continue. With a smile Scotty takes the hint and continues down to kiss Kevin’s nipples. He licks his way down to Kevin’s belly button and then over to the scar. He licks it and then softly blows on it, sending chilly vibes down Kevin’s spine.

“It is really…” Scotty brushes a finger over it again. “sexy.” It’s bumpy and still reddish, but it doesn’t seem to be painful.
“You think?” Kevin asks, stroking Scotty’s hair.
“Very. It’s a testament to how brave you are.” He kisses it again. “my strong…” Kiss. “Heroic…” Kiss. “Husband.”

“Well, I am brave.” Kevin smiles.
“Not just brave.” Scotty says, fingering the mark. “You selflessly sacrificed your life for someone else, only the worlds’ best interest at mind.”
“That I did.” Kevin admits, playing along.

“Now you’re injured and needs to be… healed…”
“Oh…” Kevin says. “Has this something to do with a French bombed-out cathedral?”

You get what you need?

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Kevin didn't make partner today either.
Takes place: Somewhere close to 3x05 "You get what you need".
Word count: 1076

Scotty hears the door close. He can hear it in the way Kevin closes the door behind him. A sad door-closing. He gets up from bed and goes out into the living room to greet his husband.

Kevin is pouring himself a night cap when he enters. The look on his face is sad, not the look of someone who was just made partner.

“Not tonight either?” Scotty asks, knowing the answer. Kevin doesn’t reply. He takes a sip from the glass and stares to the bottom of it. “Maybe next week.” Scotty comforts. Kevin drinks the rest from the glass and puts it down.

Scotty takes the two final steps between them to erase the distance, putting his arms around Kevin.
“We must look quite funny. I’m in suit and shows, and you’re only wearing these.” Kevin says, tugging at Scotty’s underwear.

“Then maybe we should fix that. We don’t want to stand here and look… funny.” Scotty says, sliding his hand under Kevin’s jacket, sliding it off his shoulders. The jacket lands on the floor and before Kevin has a chance to bend down to pick it up, Scotty pulls him close and kisses him.

Scotty unbuttons Kevin’s blue shirt with daft hands and it ends up in a wrinkle on the floor, soon joined by Kevin’s pants. Somewhere on their way to the bed, their respective underwear also ends up on the floor.

Scotty pulls Kevin down with him on the bed and lands uncomfortably on the book he was reading only minutes ago. He rolls over, ending up on top of Kevin and pushes the book away.

Kevin truly enjoys Scotty’s way of comforting him every time he comes home from work sad or upset, but the fact that these times have increased so much lately is worrying him. Not that he gets more sex, but that it more times than not is comfort sex, and that means work… sucks. Kevin’s thoughts are quickly interrupted by just that.

Scotty’s warm and wet lips and Kevin’s uncontrollable reaction makes Scotty forget the annoyance of not book marking how far he’s read in his book and makes Kevin forget every office related problem he’s ever had.

Kevin exhales heavily and feels the warmth close around him, around all of him. Suddenly there is a cocoon around the bed, with just the two of them in it. It’s warm and comforting and… sexy as hell.

Scotty removes his mouth and Kevin is left cold and whimpering, clearly not satisfied. Scotty laughs quietly at him and moves up, kissing Kevin’s stomach, his chest and his neck before covering his mouth with his own.

He lowers himself on top of Kevin, using his arms to caress Kevin rather than holding himself up to allow breathing between them. Kevin holds Scotty’s head in place, enjoying the deep kisses before sliding a hand between them, down to grab Scotty’s cock, slowly stroking it. Scotty pushes his body closer to Kevin’s hand, allowing him to reach better.

Kevin looks at Scotty’s face, how it grimaces of pleasure with every stroke. Kevin smiles and removes his hand.
“Now fuck me.” He demands. Scotty smiles playfully at him and kisses him before pulling at his legs, separating them to make room for himself. He reaches for the lube and applies it, all in silence. He knows how Kevin wants him, no need to ask.

Kevin willingly lets Scotty move him into position, turned on when Scotty’s strong arms pulls him in place. He cringes when Scotty penetrates him, but the sensation is soon enough switched for excitement. Kevin strokes Scotty’s smooth chest as they get into the rhythm they both know so well.

Scotty loves watching Kevin’s face when they have sex. He goes from pain to pleasure to something even deeper, where it looks like he’s no longer present, but totally dedicated to his own urges and feelings. When they come closer to climaxing, they again connect their gazes, pushing themselves against each other until all energy has poured off them, leaving them as two bodies on top of each other, breathing heavily.

Scotty rolls off Kevin and lands next to him on the bed, keeping them close to each other. He nuzzles close to Kevin and presses his lips against Kevin’s neck, making popping noises when kissing him. He moves up towards Kevin’s ear and back down to finish by making a small hickey, just above the rim of the collar.

“That’ll give those colleagues of yours something to talk about.” Scotty says. Kevin laughs, still not ready to form words. “You know I love you, right?”
Kevin looks at him and smiles. He knows.
“I really hope the firm knows that they need to hold on to you, but it’s painful to watch you like this every week because they can’t get around to take you on as a partner. Just know what I support you, whatever it is that you’re doing with your time.”

“I know.” Kevin says. “I know.” He repeats. He places his arm around Scotty and pulls the duvet over them. Scotty rests his head on Kevin’s chest. “I’m really hungry, but I could use a nap.”
“Nap all you want, there are leftovers to microwave when you’re done.” Scotty says and closes his eyes.
Kevin looks at him, stunned. He hadn’t expected anything but a real home-cooked meal, especially after this.

“Soo… you’ve already eaten?” He asks. Scotty smiles, but doesn’t open his eyes.
“Yeah.” He replies.
“O… okay.” Kevin answers. He doesn’t know what to say. Maybe he’s gotten too used to a freshly cooked meal every night when Scotty’s not working.

“What, did you want tomato soup with basil and feta cheese?” Scotty asks, still with his eyes closed. “Maybe with some garlic bread?” Scotty adds.
“That does sound good.” Kevin says, not sure if it’s a suggestion or what might be in the microwave container.

“Good, cause I was planning on making it.” Scotty says, kissing Kevin’s chest before swinging himself off the bed. He picks up his underwear and blows Kevin a kiss before leaving the room. “I’ll wake you up in fifteen minutes.” He calls.

Kevin hears how he picks out pots and pans in the kitchen and smiles, closing his eyes and resting his head on the pillow. There really is nothing better than falling asleep after some nice sex while listening to your husband cooking.

Happy Pride!

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Pride day, Kevin and Scotty attend.
Word count: 1149

“I’m not sure I thought it through before I agreed to this.” Kevin complains, wishing they could just turn the car around and go back to the loft.
“Kevin, stop whining. It’ll be fun. We’ll meet up with Jordan and Mario, have some beers and then just walk along.” Scotty answers, glad he’s the one driving, sure Kevin would’ve turned back home by now.

“I’m just not a pride parade kind of person.” Kevin argues. “I’ve been to it before, and it’s just not my thing.”
“Then why have you been here several times?” Scotty teases.
“Because what?”

“You know. The first time I was 18 and young and proud, then someone I dated wanted me to go and then mom made me go.” Kevin thought he was done and over with the whole pride phenomena. He’s seen it all by now. He’s participated in the parade, he’s manifested his out and proud love and he’s seen the whole thing from the spectator’s space too. When Scotty suggested them to go there, he was less than thrilled.

“Remind me again why I agreed to this.”
“Because you need a social life outside your family, because we’re oh-so-gay-and-proud and because you love me.” Scotty replies and shoots him a quick smile.
“I’m gonna need something more than a beer.” Kevin mutters. “Your friends still hate me.”

“They don’t hate you. How many times are we going to go over this, Kev?” Scotty snaps. “Get over yourself.”
Kevin wants to argue back. He is over it, he knows that Scotty’s friends are less hostile since they got married, and he knows he shouldn’t let it get to him, but he still always feels like an outsider when he meets them.

“Do you want to grab a bite to eat?” Kevin offers to settle the peace between them.
“No, I’m not hungry. We can if you are.” He replies, not taking his eyes off he road.
“No. I’m fine.” Kevin answers.


“Scotty, hi!” Jordan greet Scotty with a big hug, and Mario joins them. Kevin watches the three of them exchange greetings while standing Scotty. He doesn’t feel comfortable hugging them, and especially not after how the car ride turned into a silent treatment.

He casually shakes hands with Scotty’s friends and follows them to a nearby bar. He orders a beer and listens to their conversation. They all catch up on jobs and boyfriends and gossip about every gay man in the state, or so it seems to Kevin.

He watches Scotty talk and laugh with them, wishing he could see a grain of sorrow in Scotty’s eyes, something he could connect to their fight. And it wasn’t even a fight, he thinks. Okay, so maybe he was whining a bit too much, and maybe he is being unfair, but he tried to make it alright, and Scotty just disregarded him.

Kevin sighs deeply and excuses him to go to the bathroom. He asks if the rest of them wants another beer for when he’s returning. They all politely accept and Kevin leaves the table, knowing they will talk about him the minute he is out of hearing range.


“What’s wrong with Mr. Grumpy?” Jordan asks. “Trouble in paradise?” He sips at his almost finished beer.
“No, not at all. We just had this silly thing in the car on our way over here. It’s really nothing, and now it’s turned into… something.” Scotty explains.

“I don’t want to be the one to say told you so, but Scotty, sweetie, some guys just have it in them. They make hens out of feathers.” Mario says. “Just look at me and Pete. Had that relationship not ended, I would’ve needed a chicken farm by now.”

“Why do you always think everything is his fault?” Scotty says. “He tried to make up, but I declined. Now I don’t even know why. It’s so silly.” Scotty says and finishes his beer. “I should just…” He starts, but sees Kevin approach with their drinks, and stops. He smiles and thanks Kevin for the effort.

Mario takes a sip from the new drink and looks at the two of them over the rim of the glass. Scotty looks insecure as to how he shall proceed, and Kevin looks sad.
“Happy pride day then!” He exclaims and raises his glass in a toast.


The weather is perfect and the mood of the people who’s come to watch the pride parade seem to match. Kevin nervously looks at his feet, waiting for the whole thing to just get over with. The place is crowded with happy people in colorful clothes and so many rainbow flags Kevin feels an epileptic attack coming on. Scotty, Mario and Jordan has continued their talking, now more cheerful after the beers.

Mario spots an old friend and leaves them to say hi. Jordan is clearly uncomfortable with being alone with the two of them, and suddenly he seems to have a good reason for leaving as well.

“I’m sorry we talk so much, it must be tedious.” Scotty says.
“No, no, it’s okay. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I’m just sad I’m the one to drag down the spirit. I told you I wasn’t comfortable with this kind of venue.” Kevin says, hoping it comes out like the apology it actually is.

“I know you don’t like it here, but I wanted you to come. I don’t want to spend the gayest day this year without you. You’re my husband.” Scotty says, seeking Kevin’s hand. He moves closer to Kevin, slowly to make sure that the public display of affection won’t be too much.

Kevin lets Scotty take his hand, leaning in so that he won’t have to scream on top of the loud music.
“I like being here as your husband. It feels less like a meat market with you close.” He says into Scotty’s ear. He lets go of the hand and puts his arms around Scotty for a hug. When Kevin kisses Scotty it hits him that they can do it a lot more than they usually can, knowing that they’re not really edgy right here.

Scotty breaks the kiss with disappointed moaning from Kevin as a result.
“As much as that is nice, I think we should save some for tonight.” He says. People around them start to move, taking the shape of a long procession. Scotty raises his eyebrows and leads the way, holding on to Kevin’s hand.

Mario and Jordan catch up and pats them both on the back with hints and teases of their reconciliation. Kevin blushes and hears the cheering from the crows. The sun blinds him and he can barely see a thing, but holding on to Scotty’s hand, he doesn’t really need to. He’s quite sure he’ll end up in a good place, once all the parading is done.

Short and random: Planned

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: When things don't happen by themselves, one can plan them.
Word count: 200

”Hi. How much time do you have?” Kevin asks and loudly closes the apartment door behind him. Scotty greets him in the living room and looks at his watch.

”Twenty minutes. Twenty-five if I hurry, thirty if I can be late.” He answers, quickly taking Kevin’s jacket and throwing it on the couch, soon returning to Kevin to unbutton his shirt.

”You can hurry and be late, right? Fourty minutes?” Kevin negotiates.
”Thirty-five, can’t be late.” Scotty settles and Kevin accepts with a slightly dissatisfied grunt.

Kevin hungrily helps to undress himself and pulls Scotty’s shirt over his head. They kiss, deep and tender, finally having a while to themselves.

Kevin unbuckles his pants when they enter the bedroom, and tells Scotty to get rid of the rest of his clothing. Scotty obeys with a smile and crawls onto the bed. Kevin joins him with a smug smile and lowers himself on top of Scotty.

”I’ve longed so much for this.” Kevin says inbetween kisses, enjoying the touch of his husband under him.

”I know, me too.” Scotty replies. He wraps his arms tigther around Kevin, firmly keeping him in place. ”I guess I can be a little late.”

Short and random: Move

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin wakes up.
Word count: 200



It takes Kevin a few seconds to understandwhy his arm feels so strange. Through the darkness in the bedroom he can seeScotty sound asleep next to him, and his arm disappearing in under Scotty. 


“Sweetie,” He whispers, hoping Scotty willhear him without waking up. “I need this.” He tries to tug at his arm, but it’sstuck. He shifts in position to free his other arm and tries to slowly pushScotty away from his arm.


Scotty makes a small disappointed noise andcomes even closer, putting his arms tighter around Kevin. He moans againstKevin’s neck and falls back into deep sleep.


Kevin shifts himself halfway up on Scottyand moves both of them a bit, finally freeing his numb arm. For a second Scottyseems to be waking up, but Kevin’s stroke on his cheek and a small kiss on hischest puts him right back into peaceful sleep.


Kevin turns around and presses his backagainst Scotty’s chest. He feels Scotty’s arms automatically come around himand he kisses the hand that ends up right in front of him.

“That’s better sweetie,” he whispersquietly. “Now your arm can fall asleep for a while.” 

Short and random: Timer

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Breakfast at the Walker/Wandell household.
Word count: 200

Scotty looks at the timer with tired eyes. Two minutes before the eggs are just as hardboiled as Kevin wants them. He yawns and glances at the clock on the wall. He needs to be in the shower in 21 minutes and off to work in 34. Kevin should be out of the shower in approximately one minute.


When the thought strikes him the water stops running. Seconds later Kevin walks into the kitchen wearing only a towel. One minute and 43 seconds.


He greets Kevin with a kiss on the lips and arranges an innocent face when he accidentally tugs at the towel, making it drop to the floor. One minute and 8 seconds.


Kevin walks into the bedroom to find underwear worthy a budget meeting with Robert. Scotty hears something fall to the floor and Kevin’s cursing from the closet. 31 seconds.


Kevin smiles in triumph when he takes a seat, eyeing the delicious food Scotty’s placed in front of him. He sneaks a piece of tomato into his mouth and picks out a roll of bread. Something in the kitchen rings and seconds later a smiling Scotty walks out, placing the perfect egg in front of him. 

Short and random: Sleep

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty spend a night in the hospital, during 3x10 "Just a sliver".
Word count: 200


The nurse working the night shift checks into room 404, just to make sure the patient is fine and asleep. Her hourly round is almost over and she feels like a robot once again. The routine check-ups are usually very calm, as is this one.


She peeks into the dark room and sees two shapes in the bed, and the visitor’s bed empty. The bodies are tightly intertwined with each other. She wrinkles her forehead and looks at the chart. “Kevin Walker, liver donation.”


That kind of operation is not very big, but an operation is always a risk and even a minor surgical treatment means a lot to the people involved. She sees one of the shapes move a bit and the other one eagerly pulling it closer, as if to make sure it doesn’t go away.


She looks at the chart again. “Next of kin: Scott Wandell”. She smiles, having names to connect to the shapes. One of them makes a small noise, calming and carefree, probably not even awake.


She quietly closes the door behind her, finishing her round with a slight smile. She might be a robot, but she remembers why she thinks it worth it. 

Short and random: Dimension

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Scotty's babysitting for Elizabeth.
Word count: 200

Lizzie laughs hysterically at uncle Scotty as he makes her favorite teddy bear dance on the floor. He hums something from a random Disney movie and Lizzie seems to think it’s extremely entertaining.

Scotty observes Lizzie as she attentively follows the movement of the bear. It’s starting to scare him more and more every times he plays with her. She resembles Kevin so much. Not just her appearance, but her laugh, her smile and the way she looks at things. He thinks about what Saul told him: It’s not a resemblance to Kevin, she’s a Walker.

Somehow Scotty can’t seem to stop thinking about it. This little girl is the daughter of his husband, and is more like him than kids they will have, given they will adopt.

Scotty shakes his head to get it all away. These thoughts aren’t even what he really thinks. Of course Kevin did the right thing in helping Tommy and Julia.

“Ouvv.” Lizzie points at one of the DVDs on the floor.
“You want to watch one of these?” Scotty asks and picks up ‘The little mermaid’, the bright smile of Sebastian meeting his gaze on the cover. “You know what? I do too.”

Short and random: Gum

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: A third date, going very well.
Word count: 200

“You’re the cutest.” Kevin rubs his nose against Scotty’s, enjoying the little kisses they exchange as a celebration of their third date.
“You’re the cutest too.” Scotty replies and kisses Kevin again. First with closed lips, then slightly opened and then some tongue.

Scotty slides his hand up and down Kevin’s thigh and Kevin caresses Scotty’s stomach. He feels Scotty starting to lean against him, pushing him down on the couch. Kevin moves his legs to make their positioning easier, allowing Scotty to climb on top of him.

Scotty gently tickles Kevin’s neck with his soft touch, making Kevin shiver under him. Kevin replies the act by ever so softly massaging Scotty’s back, slowly drawing him closer.

Scotty proceeds to kiss Kevin’s neck and shoulder, until… He lifts his head and looks down at a stunned Kevin. He makes a face and takes out a pink bubble gum from his mouth.

“Yours?” He smilingly asks Kevin, putting it on a piece of paper on the nearby table. Kevin smiles and blushes. “I was just wondering how you could taste so sweet of raspberry.” Scotty smiles and lowers his head, gently rubbing Kevin’s nose with his own before continuing the kissing.

Short and random: Coincidence

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: What happened in the 1980's?
Word count: 200

Scotty Wandell, six years old, looks at the things around him. He is holding on to his mother’s hand as tightly as he can, afraid he will get lost in the big city of Los Angeles.

She slowly walks along in the museum, casually reading the short information texts as her husband very attentively looks around and points things out to their son when he finds them interesting.

Suddenly Scotty sees another boy, a bit older than himself, across the room. He has the most incredibly curly hair Scotty has ever seen. He wants to touch it and see if it feels as wonderful as it looks.

The boy looks back at him and returns the shy smile Scotty gives. The boy follows a very nice-looking woman who has another boy in her hand. The woman, two older girls and the little boy holding his mother’s hand walks into the next room.

One of the older girls, a tall and thin girl with long blonde hair returns to the boy with the curly hair. She takes his hand and drags him off, and Scotty can hear from across the room, how the girl calls him a name: “Come here, Kevin!”

Fic #101: Sexual politics

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Lunch time.
Word count: 805

Scotty politely greets the receptionist at the door when he slides into the big office that is the center of politician Robert MacCallister’s work. The receptionist knows him from several lunches with Kevin and barely registers Scotty’s entry at all, even less noticing the smug look on his face.

“Hi cupcake.” Scotty peeks into Kevin office, glad no one else was there to hear him. Kevin looks up, slightly surprised over the choice of endearment.
“Hi… honeybunch.” He looks at his watch. “You’re early. Lunch isn’t until half an hour.”

“I know.” Scotty casually says, walking over to Kevin’s side of the desk, sitting on it.
“You’re sitting on Robert’s new headshots.” Kevin states.
“I don’t hear him complaining.” Scotty answers. “So, Mr. Walker…” Scotty says, pulling Kevin’s tie from his suit jacket. He rolls the tie around his fingers until his hands are right under Kevin’s chin, and then pulls his head close for a kiss.

Kevin willingly lets it happen, letting his lunch frisky husband entertain him. Scotty smells of breath mints, so apparently he has a very clear agenda.
“do you have a minute to spare?” Scotty asks. He again kisses Kevin, this time pulling him even closer.

“See I was at home, getting ready to drop by here for lunch before going to work, and I laid down on the couch for a quick nap.” Scotty explains. His voice is low and enticing, like a storyteller. “I only fell asleep for a few minutes, but I had this dream, and now I can’t get it out of my head.”

“What is it?” Kevin asks, breathing against Scotty’s mouth, the fresh mint clearing his airways. He drops the pen he’s been holding on to the desk and places his hand on Scotty’s leg.

“It’s you…” Scotty pulls the tie closer. “right here…” He breaks their touch to point at the floor beneath them. “on your knees.” He finishes and sees Kevin’s eyes flutter. “The thought of an office filled with republicans all around us… it gave me…” Scotty continues to whisper against Kevin’s mouth. “such a…” He can hear Kevin holding his breath. “nice feeling.” He finishes, knowing Kevin can figure out the rest himself.

Scotty lets go of the now wrinkly tie and with determined steps he walks over to the door and closes it. He turned back to see Kevin, already looking stunned in his arousal. Scotty slowly moves back to him, unbuckling his belt as he walks. He undoes his fly just as he returns to Kevin. He merely points towards the floor and Kevin gets down, pushing his chair away.

Scotty leans his hair back when he feels Kevin’s mouth on him. The buzz from the other offices and from the street disappears from his conscious as Kevin brings him further and further towards the edge. He feels Kevin’s curly hair in his hands and before he knows he, Kevin pulls away from the grip, leaving Scotty untouched and cold.

He sinks down on the desk again, making sure he places himself on the senatorial headshots again, just for his own sake. Kevin sits down on his chair and takes a sip from his water bottle, looking very happy. He watches as Scotty goes back to normal breathing.

“That was even better than in my dream.” He says. “This time Robert didn’t walk in on us.”
Kevin chuckles. “Well, unless you put that thing back in your pants, he still can.” Scotty stands up to redo his pants, and Kevin pushes his hands away to do it for him, not letting their eye contact break for a single second.

Scotty looks at the clock behind Kevin.
“We still have a couple of minutes before lunch time – what do you say we live on the edge and sneak out?” Scotty suggests.
“I don’t know…” Kevin says, looking at his own watch to confirm the time. “I don’t really like doing things that are so… daring.”

“Good thing you’ve met me now then.” Scotty says, getting up from the desk, bringing Kevin with him by dragging his tie. “I know just how to do it.” He pulls Kevin close and kisses him on the lips. “Consider it an adventure.”
“Wow, that must be the first time that sentence was said in a republican politician’s office.” Kevin sarcastically points out.

Scotty smiles at him and takes him by the hand, leading him out of the office. The receptionist greets them both politely on their way out, noting the time of their departure. 12 minutes after his entrance. She giggles to herself and watches the two men disappear into an elevator. So strange how it always takes Mr. Walker’s husband between 10 and 15 minutes to pick him up, and how his tie always manages to be all curly when he leaves.

The camping trip

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty go hiking.
Word count: 1314

“I can’t believe I agreed to do this.” Kevin moans and stares at the big backpack that Scotty has placed in front of him.
“This is the small one, I take the big one with the tent and all the cooking appliances.” Scotty briskly announces and swings a large backpack up on his back. “Come on, Kevin, it’ll be fun.” He says and pats his husband on the back.

They start walking up the mountains, very slowly so Kevin doesn’t, in his own words, “fall down and die”. Scotty laughs at him and shares stories from his many camping trips as a child.
“Had I known you were not a city boy, I’m not sure I would’ve proposed.” Kevin pants.

Scotty stops and waits for Kevin to catch up. He smiles at his sweaty husband and gives him an encouraging kiss.
“Why don’t we stop here for some coffee and one of your mother’s home baked cinnamon buns? We have about one hour left of walking until we reach the spot where we will set camp.”

“Please tell me that the rest is either downhill or also trafficked by some kind of commute.” Kevin says and sits down, carefully making sure he won’t sit on something uncomfortable. An incident with a pine cone at the last stop is still very fresh in his memory.

“You will love the spot, it’s so beautiful. It’s worth the walk.” Scotty assures him and picks up a thermos from his own backpack.
“It is beautiful here.” Kevin states and looks around. “We’ve been walking all day and haven’t met a soul.”

“I know, that’s the thing I love the most about hiking in these hills. Californians are too lazy to hike off track, so you get all the good spots for yourself.” He says and sips the now lukewarm coffee. He leans over to Kevin and kisses him on the cheek. “I love you.” He whispers in his ear. “I love that you wanted to come with me.”

Kevin enjoys the attention around his ears, and remembers when he accepted. Pinned down on the couch under Scotty, after a long day at work, wanting nothing more than getting naked. He was not in position to deny Scotty anything at that point.
“I’m glad I wanted to.” He says and kisses Scotty back.

Slightly delayed they are back on their feet heading across a hot forest. The afternoon is very hot, even for California.
“Maybe you should take off your shirt.” Kevin teasingly suggest when Scotty complains.

“And get burned? I don’t think so.” Scotty says. “I’d rather leave that for tonight.” He winks.
“Are you getting naked tonight? Are we skinny-dipping in this lake I’ve heard about?” Kevin asks, suddenly excited.
“Oh you know, a sleeping-bag is always the warmest when you’re naked. That way you keep yourself warm with your own body heat. Everyone knows that.” Scotty explains with a very innocent voice.

Kevin smirks. He had, of course, no idea about that, and he is determined to see his husband naked tonight, skinny-dipping or not. He has, further more, no intention of using his own body heat to stay warm the coming night either.

Slightly more than an hour later they arrive at the spot Scotty has picked out for them. Kevin has to agree, this is beautiful. The mountains around them, the small calm lake and the big clearing where they apparently will put up the tent.

They, of course, meaning Scotty, who doesn’t waste any time. He picks up the tent from his backpack and walks around in the clearing. He stomps a little and then puts the tent on the ground.

“Come here!” He gives Kevin a rope to hold, and then he climbs around doing the rest himself. Only minutes later the tent is up. “Good job, sweetie.” He says and kisses Kevin’s neck.

“I’m hungry.” Kevin replies. “Are we eating now?” He sits down on the beach and watches as Scotty picks up a lot of things from his backpack, putting them around him. He takes out a small portable cooking device and Kevin watches with big eyes.
“Can you fetch some twigs and stuff so that we can make a camp fire?” Scotty asks.

“We’re gonna have an open fire?” Kevin sounds truly frightened.
“We’re on a beach. Put some big rocks in a ring, dig a hole in it, put a lot of big firewood in the bottom and some smaller twigs on top. They all have to be dry. Can you handle that?” Scotty asks after giving the instructions.

Kevin nods and gets up. “I don’t know who you are, but I want to you give me back my husband.” He mutters and zero in on some big rocks.


It’s with big bitterness Kevin realizes that Scotty’s cooking is just as amazing here and that he himself knows absolutely nothing about wildlife. After eating and doing the dishes they both lay down on the beach, enjoying the last hour of daylight.

“So, when are we skinny-dipping?” Kevin tries again. He can feel Scotty’s arm around him and Scotty’s stomach against his back, bouncing when Scotty laughs.
“You’re not going to give up on that thought, are you?” He asks.

“No.” Kevin says. He turns his head around to get face to face with Scotty, and they share a kiss together. The rest of Kevin spins around and he wraps his arms around Scotty, rolling him over to get on top. Hands travel under the sweaters and it’s not just the cool evening weather that sends shills down their spines.

“Let’s go.” Kevin says, parting their lips. He quickly gets up, rips of his clothes and runs out into the water. Scotty is left on the beach, staring as Kevin, stark naked, throwing himself in the water, urging him to follow. Scotty smiles, gets naked, and follows.

Kevin teasingly avoids Scotty, diving under the water when he comes close. Scotty laughs and follows him, after a while managing to reel him in.
“You’re like a slippery eel.” Scotty says and kisses him, continuing the adventure from the beach.
“And with my luck and your wildlife skills, you’ll probably smoke me and have me for breakfast.”


When up from the water Kevin reveals that he brought a bottle of wine, and wrapped in a big towel they watched the fire extinguish and enjoy the company. Random animals start making noises after the night has fallen, and Scotty listens carefully and tells Kevin which they are.

When dry they enter the tent, spreading their sleeping bags. Kevin watches Scotty handling them, looking rather disappointed.
“There’s not room in there for both of us.” He says and tugs at the nylon. Scotty only smiles at him as the unzips and re-zips, turning the bags into one big.

“Wow.” Kevin looks at it and sees Scotty’s proud smile. “So your survival skills came in handy after all.” He says and climbs in. Scotty joins him and zips the bag up. “So this is what it feels like being a burrito.” He says and wraps his arms around Scotty.

“Oh, you are so romantic.” Scotty tells him with a kiss.
“I know, it’s one of my big obstacles to building this very macho and cool image of myself.” Kevin explains.
“Really?” Scotty asks. “I think you’re incredibly macho.”

“Sure. Compared to me, and your brothers and… your sisters… you’re very macho.” Scotty teases. Kevin tries to hit him, but is pinned in the tight bag.
“Why do you have to ruin it?” He asks.
“You know you don’t need an image with me.” Scotty comforts. “I love you even though you have no idea how to make a fire, use a compass or smoke an eel.” He kisses Kevin on the lips and smiles. “You are just fine being an eel.”

Short and random: Illogical

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Scotty has a dream.
Takes place: During 3x10 "Just a sliver", so it's a bit spoilery.
Word count: 200

He’s on an airplane, on his way to New York. Kevin is sitting next to him and the whole plane seems to be full of old classmates of his. The plane is ready to land, and he fastens his seatbelt. That’s when the voice in the speaker system says they’re landing in Oxford, Mississippi.

He walks out of the plane, Kevin is suddenly gone, and a woman in her 20’s greets him. She’s in a white dress that’s beautifully blowing in the wind, even though there is no wind. She’s got dark curly hair, similar to Kevin’s, and he knows that this is Elizabeth.

She says she can’t find her gloves, and they are the wrong size, and she looks worried and says she needs him to help her look. Of course he will help her, he says.

He finds a glove, but it’s the wrong one, Kevin tells him. Kevin then says his gloves are better, and leaves.

Scotty opens his eyes. In the dark room, the only thing he can make out is the white hospital wall in front of him. He feels Kevin’s arms around him, his breathing suggesting that he finally is getting some well-deserved sleep.

Short and random: Remarkable

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin wakes up.
Takes place: During 3x10 Just a sliver, so it's a bit spoilery.
Word count: 200

“Hi honey. How are you feeling?”

Kevin squints up at Scotty’s blurry face. He has a light headache, but somehow everything seems wonderful. It feels like he can fly. He blinks once and Scotty becomes a bit sharper. His lips are moving, but there is no sound coming from them. He blinks again.

It all comes rushing back. Thanksgiving, Palm Springs, Elizabeth, the transplant and the message of paternity. Tommy’s harsh words before the surgery, Scotty’s fear and his mother’s… mothering.

“Honey? Can you hear me?” Scotty looks concerned, but hopeful. He tries to nod, but his spinal cord doesn’t feel long enough.

“Can you smile at me?” Scotty insists. He gives it his best try, and seeing a smile spread on Scotty’s face, he knows he succeeded. He wants to talk, wants to tell Scotty how everything is over now, and they can go home and everything is back to normal.

Scotty becomes blurry again, but he is quite sure he could see him well up a bit. Suddenly the feeling of divine calmness comes over him, and he goes back into deep sleep. Scotty squeezes his hand, and maybe, on some level of consciousness, Kevin can feel it.

An extra night

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin escaped to a hotel and Scotty finds him, less than happy.
Takes place: Well, after Scotty finds Kevin in the hospital in 3x11 A Father Dreams. A bit spoilery, perhaps.
Word count: 826

“I’m sorry.” Kevin looks at him, so sad. His eyes are red from sleeplessness and his whole face is asking for forgiveness.
“Kevin…” Scotty walks over to him and sits down on the armrest of the chair. “I was worried. Who knows what kind of weird stuff you could have gotten yourself into – you’re practically high on those pills.”

Scotty strokes his forehead and leans down to kiss it.
“I know. I’m sorry.” Kevin repeats. “I’m you’re here though. I’m glad you scared away the others.”

“I didn’t, sweetie. You did.” Scotty softly correct. Kevin sighs heavily.
“I just can’t help it. I’ve had these dreams, and they make me feel so uncomfortable.”
“They’re about Lizzie?” Scotty asks.

“Yeah. And about me, being confused about parenthood.” Kevin shakes his head a bit. “Never mind. They’re not fun to go back to.”
Scotty smiles sympathetically to him and again leans down to kiss his forehead.
“You’re starting to sweat again. Maybe you should take another pill and go to bed.”

Kevin wrinkles his nose.
“All I do these days is being in bed. It’s starting to get boring.” He complains.
“Well, the last time we were here we stayed in bed the entire time. I didn’t head any complaining about it being boring then.” Scotty says and remembers their very romantic get-away.

Kevin apparently remembers too, because they find each other with the same goofy smile.
“That was a great weekend.” Kevin says. He starts to get up, holding his hand on his wound. Scotty helps him up, placing his hand on Kevin’s back.

“Does it still hurt?”
“Yeah. After today’s death ride from hell with Justin, things aren’t exactly better.” Kevin says while moving towards the king-size bed in the next room. Scotty chuckles a bit, knowing Justin’s driving.
“I guess there’s a reason he wasn’t a driver in the army.” Kevin adds and starts to climb into the bed while Scotty quickly removes blankets and pillows in his way.

Kevin pulls up the duvet over his chest and smiles weakly at Scotty.
“I’ll get your pills and some water.” He disappears for a minute. When he reenters the room it hits him how small Kevin looks in the huge bed. It also hits him how Kevin is wiped out from the operation that saved the life of his daughter. No wonder he was dreams and questions.

Scotty sits down on the side of the bed, helping him take the pill and drink the water with as little spillage as possible.
“Honey, can you order me a strawberry smoothie, and then come lay here with me and enjoy it?” Kevin asks.

“Of course. Why don’t you sleep in the meantime.” Scotty kisses him gently on the mouth, careful as if that was his wound. He leaves the room and gives Kevin a last smile.

Only seconds later Kevin falls asleep, this time however, dreaming of something different for a change. He wakes up when Scotty strokes his cheek and whispers something to him. He opens his eyes a bit and sees the big glass of pink creamy fluids, an umbrella and two straws.

“It looks like something with half vodka.” He says and tries to sit up a bit. He holds up his duvet, inviting Scotty to join him. They both sip some smoothie and share some longed for kisses.

Kevin breaks a kiss and looks to his left.
“That baby monitor will scare me for a while. Now I see them everywhere, afraid mom will hear everything I say.” Kevin explains. Scotty laughs at him, relieved to see the usual, and often correct, Walker paranoia is back.

“Well, your mother isn’t here, and this night won’t be spent in her house. We have this great hotel room all to ourselves…” Scotty teases, and sees the smile on Kevin’s face grow. “It’s such a shame we have to let it go to waste.” The smile immediately fades.

“What?” Kevin asks, now sounding more weak than ever. “Why?”
“Oh, you know, you’re all wounded and high on drugs. I’d hurt you and feel like I’m taking advantage.” Scotty continues to tease.

“That’s not what you said when I came home drunk after that office party back at the firm.” Kevin argues. “You were more than happy to take… stuff then.”
“You falling down on top of me when I was sleeping and making out with me isn’t really the same thing.” Scotty says with a wink.

“Whatever. The wound is much better and really, I’m giving you the advantage. Enjoy!” Kevin says.
“Oh, Mr. Walker, if I didn’t know better, I’d believe you were a bit desperate.” Scotty laughs.

“Two nights in my mother’s house, with the monitor, I am desperate, Mr. Wandell. I’d do just about anything to get me a squeeze.”
Scotty looks at him, dumbfounded.
Squeeze?” He asks.
“Yes please.” Kevin says, finishing the last sip of smoothie. “Don’t mind if I do.”

RPS: A knock on the door

This fic is a RPS (real person story) and is not about the characters in Brothers and Sisters. I feel quite uncomfortable posting this, but I know a lot of people like it, so I post it anyway. You can choose not to read it. This one is very clean and nice, not even a kiss, and barely any hinting. ;)

Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

[A knock on the door - Matthew/Luke]

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: It's just rehersals.
Word count: 746

Short and random: Judging

Rate: PG-13, for subtle hinting.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Scotty knows he shouldn't, but no one is around to tell him he's bad for doing it.
Word count: 200

Kevin just walked into that courtroom and did it. He said all those things, turning himself into a totally different person from the one Scotty knew him as.

The way he just… owned the room. It was truly arousing. Scotty leans his head back and bangs it against the wall. When staying at a friend’s house it doesn’t give much privacy, so he needs to enjoy it while it lasts.

He closes his eyes and sees Kevin in front of him. When he’s acting as a lawyer in front of the whole court room, that’s when he is Batman and Scotty is his Robin. When Scotty asks him to a fancy restaurant, he looks like a child who doesn’t understand why he can’t have candy on a Tuesday. That’s when Robin has his revenge.

Scotty knows that thinking of Kevin like this and receiving pleasure out of it, is not okay. Kevin is his ex, Kevin has hurt him and Kevin will proceed to hurt him again, if given the chance – even if unintentional.

A noise at the door makes him wake up from his thoughts, and his temporary benefactor walks in.

“I’ll take a shower if that’s okay.”

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