Walker Advent calendar: Flap #20

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 378

“Your mother seriously wanted Kitty to name her kid Alulah?” Scotty asks Kevin, threading his fingers with Kevin’s. Kevin crawls closer to Scotty, adjusting the duvet so their naked bodies are still covered.


“Yep,” Kevin says. “Just imagine how involved she will be when it’s time to name our kid, whenever that will be, and whether we want it or not.”

“Well, it’s better than if my mother were to name it. We’d end up with Inez or something,”



“That’s the name my mother wanted to give me had I been a girl,” Scotty says quietly. Kevin turns his head to look at Scotty, his mouth half-open as he trembles to find the right words.


“Wow,” he finally says. “That’s…”

“I know,” Scotty cuts him off. “Ancient.” They both stay quiet for a minute or two, playing with each others hands entangling and detangling fingers.


“Maybe we have to name the kid after some comic book character, after your dad made this thing happen?” Kevin suggests.

“Great, so we’re stuck with Pink Panther or Lucky Luke?” Scotty says, giggling as he kisses Kevin’s cheek.


“That’s cute though, isn’t it?” Kevin replies, turning his head slightly so his lips can catch Scotty’s.

“I guess,” Scotty mumbles with Kevin’s lips on his.


“Or we have a big voting fest among the immediate friends and family, for democracy’s sake,” Kevin suggests, his hands leaving Scotty’s to explore other body parts.


“You’ve got an amazing belly,” Kevin says, stroking Scotty’s flat stomach with his hands, letting his fingers grace Scotty’s skin, soft and tingling. Kevin kisses Scotty’s neck, then his collar bone, then traveling down Scotty’s chest until he reaches the spot of Scotty’s belly where his hand rests.


“Really amazing,” Kevin repeats, kissing and gently biting the skin. Scotty shivers under the gentle touch, moving his hand to Kevin’s hair, grasping the curls so hard his knuckles whiten.


The further noises made that Sunday morning in the bed of Kevin and Scotty are merely grumbles and moans. Their 20th of December leaves five days until Christmas morning, the time of unraveling the presents that will accompany them all when starting their new year and their new decade. This however, is naturally not on the minds of either Kevin or Scotty.


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