Walker Advent calendar: Flap #2

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 461

Whatever chipper mood Scotty had been in when he woke up, it was definitely gone by lunch. With cold and flu season at the restaurant, and add to that a 2 week long vacation for one of the managers and a waitress on maternity-leave and you have Scotty wanting to blow out his brain all over the carrot soups.


Knowing that it was the night of Kevin’s budget meeting didn’t help, it would only mean that Scotty would try to wait up on the couch, only to wake up in the middle of the night with a sore neck, trying to snuggle up to Kevin in bed without him waking up.


It is not a recipe for romance. Scotty unlocks and opens the door to the loft, sighing heavily as he walks into the dark room. He turns on the light switch, and in the corner of his eye he sees something shiny.


He drops his bag quite violently against the floor, looking at the small note next to the shiny pack. ‘Merry December 2nd, x Kevin’. For a second Scotty admires the small wrapped present, then he tears it open, anxious to see what Kevin has left him.


The wrapping paper falls to the floor, revealing a piece of cinnamon flavored chocolate and a small bottle of orange/clove scented massage oil. Scotty grins at the X-mas themed gifts and puts them on the coffee table.


He picks up his cell from his pocket and sends Kevin a text, thanking him and with a not too subtle hint telling Kevin to clear his afternoon for tomorrow.




Kevin feels his cell vibrate in his pocket, and sneaks it up to have a look. ‘Thanks for the gifts, will use tomorrow, tell Robert you’re busy.’ Kevin reads the message twice and wonders what gifts Scotty is referring too.


As much as he should focus on the meeting, something is poking his brain. He knows the answer to this, it just won’t show. He drops his pen very loudly on the floor when it actually does, and between clenched teeth he growls “Sarah”. Robert asks him if he’s okay, and he excuses himself from the room, waving his cell phone.


Sarah picks up after just two signals.

“What? You said you wanted to do something nice for Scotty, and if I have to hear you complain about your lack of sex life one more time, I’ll kill myself. Knock yourself out, baby brother,” and with that Sarah’s gone.


Kevin tries to focus during the rest of the meeting, but he is incredibly curious to what kind of gift he gave his husband, and how it will be used. Somehow the anticipation doesn’t make figures about competence development in the tourism sector more interesting.

Postat av: KvN

Good for Sarah!

And I can't believe we are going to be so spoiled as to get a present like this everyday until the 24th! Exciting!

Thank you Olli.

2009-12-02 @ 20:01:20

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