Walker Advent calendar: Flap #18

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 519

Scotty took a deep breath, considering a shot of scotch. He stares at the telephone receiver in his hand and knows that he needs to do this. He dials and waits while the tones beep in his ear.


“Hello,” says the voice on the other end.

“Hi mom,” Scotty replies, doing his best to sound cheerful.


“Scott,” she says, and Scotty almost thinks she sounds happy to hear from him. After all, he hasn’t spoken to either of his parents since his dad visited and told him about their separation. “How are you?”


“I’m quite good,” Scotty truthfully says. “I just recovered from the flu.”

“Glad you’re feeling better,” Bertha says, her voice showing no emotions what so ever.


“I thought I’d call and say Merry Christmas,” Scotty continues, trying to push the conversation forward.

“Yes, Merry Christmas to you too.”


Scotty closes his eyes and takes another deep breath. This is in no way delightful, but he needs to tell his mother about what is going on, no matter if she’s asking to hear it or not. Not every mother can be as pushy and privacy-invading as Nora.


“I don’t know if you’ve spoken with dad. He came to visit us a couple of weeks ago.”

“Yes, he told me that,” Bertha says, and Scotty knows right away that his mother knows that Wally had taken Moira there.


“Did he tell you that Kevin and I are starting a family?” Scotty asks, his voice just as fragile as every time he had to read in front of his class in Elementary school. “We’re having a baby,” he adds.


His mother doesn’t reply at all, and Scotty isn’t sure if to interpret it was disapproval or if she just doesn’t know what to say. Even if she was trying to be accepting, she’s not a woman of many words, and she wouldn’t know how to handle this situation.


“A friend of ours is going to carry it, uh, be our surrogate,” Scotty explains, having no clue about if his mother wants to hear this or not. At least she will have all the info. “She’s not yet pregnant, because it all takes a lot of time, but hopefully it’ll be soon. Next year,”


“Oh,” Bertha says quietly. Scotty chooses to interpret this as a sign of approval, so he continues.

“When the baby is born, maybe you would like to come and visit us.” He throws out the question, ready to get shocked or shut down. There is a long awkward silence before Bertha speaks again


“I’d love that, Scotty.” For a second it’s Scotty that doesn’t know what to say, so for the remains of the conversation, it’s him that stumbles over his words, wishing his mother a merry Christmas once again, and say hello to grandma and grandpa. Suddenly the conversation is over and Scotty again stares at the telephone receiver in his hand.


Of all the possible outcomes of that talk, this was not the one he had expected. He dials again and waits for someone to pick up.

“Sweetie, I just spoke with my mother…”


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