Walker Advent calendar: Flap #17

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 421

Scotty purred upon thinking about the morning of December 17th. He had woken up with his arms around Kevin, safely spooning up behind him. Kevin had awaken just a minute after him, moaning loudly as his alarm told him it was time to get to work.


Scotty hadn’t released Kevin from his tight grip, and Kevin hadn’t put up with much of a fight. He had if possible tried to crawl closer to Scotty, moving his head to allow Scotty more room to kiss the juncture of his neck.


Scotty had whispered to Kevin that he was planning on keeping him there until he himself was ready to get up for the day, and Kevin had countered with saying that then it was up to Scotty to explain to Robert why his head of communications was running late.


“It’s not like he doesn’t know why you have the highest amount of late mornings of the entire office,” Scotty had replied, and Kevin had giggled slightly, knowing it was true.

“It’s because I have the hottest husband,” Kevin had then replied.


Scotty takes a sip from his herbal tea with honey, and notices that it does wonders for his sore throat. His mind slowly wanders back to this mornings’ spooning, however.


Scotty had wrapped his upper leg around Kevin’s, slightly covering his body with his own. Their naked bodies were pressed together under the blankets, and Kevin could do nothing but lay there and accept, and enjoy, the treatment.


Scotty spun Kevin around a bit to get him on his back, pinning him down against the mattress, covering his lips with his own. His sore was finally good enough to share properly with someone, and Scotty had no intentions of wasting any time.


He let his tongue gently massage Kevin’s, touching between their lips as hands moved over their bodies. Kevin had his hands on his back, fingers pressed against his shoulders to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere.


Scotty slides one hand along Kevin’s arm, moving up to his neck. His fingers gently brush against Kevin’s cheekbone, the touch intensifying their kiss. Scotty gently bites Kevin’s lower lip, grasping it softly between his own lips, tenderly sucking on it before letting it go.


Scotty suddenly wakes up from his daydream. The tea in the mug between his hands is lukewarm and quite some time has passed when he was busy thinking of other things. He bites his lower lip and smiles. This December the 17th might have been the best ever.


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