Walker Advent calendar: Flap #16

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 489

For the first day for a week, Scotty feels quite well when he wakes up. His throat is better, his fever has been gone for over a day and his body has had time to rest since fighting the sickness.


Granted he woke up at 11 am, but he still feels like this can count as his first healthy day since Flu-09. He is seriously considering making buttons, catching the flu every year. He has yoghurt and Nora’s home-made get-better-soup for breakfast, reading the newspaper and listening to the radio as the day goes by.


After doing the dishes after his ultra long breakfast, he decides to take a shower, to get rid of the outer signs of his illness. At three when Kevin comes home to surprise him he is still in the shower.


Kevin easily spots the traces of Scotty in the apartment. The dishes in the kitchen, newly-washed and now air-drying on a towel. The newspaper neatly piled with the others in the paper compost. His clothes sorted in the laundry stack, and finally the sound of the running water and Scotty’s stirring in the shower.


Kevin smiles when he realizes that Scotty must be feeling much better, so he quickly makes the bed, takes of his jacket and lays down on it so he is the first thing Scotty sees when he emerges from the bathroom.


Kevin hears the water stop running, but it takes another while before the door opens. Scotty is dry, but wearing a towel around his waist, newly-shaved and smelling heavenly of shampoo.


“Hi there,” Scotty says upon seeing Kevin on the bed. “Did I just shower for three hours or are you home early?” He asks, walking up to Kevin to greet him with a kiss.


“The latter,” Kevin answers, “I think the gods wanted to give me the present that is watching you come out of the shower.”

“Sweet talking, Romeo,” Scotty says, removing his towel and taking out a pair of underwear to put on.


“Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves,” Kevin asks from the bed, sitting up on the edge. “I don’t think we’re at underwear yet,” he says and motions with his index finger for Scotty to approach.


“These have been some difficult days for you, sweetie,” Kevin says in a low husky voice. “I might have to help you get back into gear,” he continues, sliding his hands from the back of Scotty’s thighs and up to his ass. He kisses Scotty’s belly just above the navel before moving up his hands to Scotty’s back, pulling Scotty with him as they land together on the bed.


“I’ve missed you,” Kevin says, trailing kisses from Scotty’s neck and down his chest. Scotty replies with a muffled noise, quickly finding his way back to the pace he and Kevin know so well together. “Right there,” he whispers, and all thought about lingering flues are gone.


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