Walker Advent calendar: Flap #15

Rate: R for one tiny word.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 545

“Kevin, you have to help me,” Sarah cries in her cell phone. “It’s not a question, it’s an order from your big sister. Remember who bought you your first condoms!”

“You didn’t buy me my first condoms, I bought your first,” Kevin argues back. “I did all my Christmas shopping either online in November or in August to avoid being in stores during mid-December. No!”


“You are so not getting a good present,” Sarah says. “Okay, so don’t do it for me, do it for your dear siblings and your dear husband, who, by the way is impossible to shop for.”


There is a short silence before Kevin moans loudly.

“Ok. I’m off work in an hour, see you then,” he says, barely letting Sarah praise him with kissing noises before hanging up.


Three hours later Kevin swallows a groan when Sarah – again – dismisses his suggestion for a present.

“I can’t give your husband an electric pepper mill. It looks like a dildo,”

“But he once said he wanted one…” Kevin interjects quietly.


“Just get him a gift certificate and we’re done,” Kevin argues. “He loves shopping.”

“But it’s so cheap, like I don’t even know him.”

“Apparently you don’t,” Kevin says. “And you don’t even trust my judgment, and I know him pretty well.”


“Maybe I should give him a week away from you,” Sarah says, picking up a box with miniature cake tools. She raises one eyebrow, looking at the box, then puts it back down with a load sigh.


“Can I give him a hug for Christmas? It would come from the heart,” Sarah says, turning to Kevin.

“Not acceptable unless you’re under 7,” Kevin says. “How about a CD?”

“In times of Spotify and iTunes? How old do you think I am?” Sarah asks, moving closer to the exit of the big store.


“Okay, okay,” Kevin pulls her towards him, flipping her around with a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s not leave a place where my misery can be ended,” he says, holding on to both her shoulders to speak directly to her.


“Let’s go get him a fancy shampoo, he loves that,” Kevin says, well-aware that it’s a lie, but also knowing Scotty doesn’t care all that much. “And a chocolate bar. A care pack.”


“He’s not a 17 year old lovesick girl,” Sarah complains and Kevin lets go of her shoulders.

“You know what, I have no idea then. Give him a hug, whatever,” Kevin says and turns around, preparing to leave the store.


“Where are you going,” Sarah calls, following him towards the exit.

“Home,” Kevin quips shortly. “To my sick husband who needs my tender love and care.”


“But…” Sarah complains, but she realizes before she can finish the sentence that no argument can win over that. She sees Kevin disappear outside the store, heading in direction of the parking lot his car is at. Sarah sighs heavily and exits the store as well, continuing to walk in the other direction, to look in more stores. The amount of people is smothering her, but she has to get this done. And now, on top of everything, Kevin needs an extra gift for having such a whiny sister. She passes  store and suddenly she gets an idea.


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