Walker Advent calendar: Flap #14

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Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 527

Scotty woke up when Kevin’s alarm went off that Monday morning. Unlike the past mornings he didn’t wake up feeling like he was going to pass out and after having swallowed an aspirin and taken his temperature he could determine that he didn’t have a fever anymore.


His head was still aching and he felt exhausted like never before, but at least he had started to cure. He moved closer to Kevin and stoked his arm, figuring that even if he won’t be able to sleep, he can be close to his husband’s warm body for another hour, until he has to go up and go to work.




Kitty came with during Nora’s daily visit and for the first time he could actually sit down on the couch and speak with them for a while. He had wanted to make them coffee, but Nora had practically picked him up and carried him away from the kitchen, so he figured that sitting in the living room and chatting with Kitty would be best for recovery.


“Is it a flu or the flu? Kitty asks while Nora is rummaging around the kitchen.

“I guess it’s a flu, because Kevin hasn’t gotten ill yet, and nor has Nora,” Scotty says. “Sorry, I have to blow my nose. Again,” Scotty quickly disappears into the bathroom, and when Nora returns to the living room she finds Kitty alone in it.


“Where’s Scotty?” She asks, placing a tray on the small coffee table before sitting down on the edge of the couch.

“Bathroom,” Kitty replies, leaning in to eye the selection on the tray.


Scotty returns and sits down next to Nora, doing what Kitty does and looking at the cake in a small wicker basket.

“These are traditional holiday bun with saffron,” Nora says, picking up the basket to offer one to Scotty. “With raisins,” she adds, moving the basket to Kitty once Scotty has picked one up.


“Raisins are good for your immune system,” she says to Scotty.

“So is saffron,” Scotty adds. “Loads of vitamin C.”

Kitty shoots her mother a look, saying something like ‘Did you really think you could teach a chef something about food?’


Nora pretends not to see Kitty’s look, but instead distributes coffee and tea.

“I made herbal tea with honey for you, Scotty,” Nora places a big mug in front of him, putting a spoon in and waving around a couple of times.


“Coffee for me,” she puts a cup in front of her. “Tea?” She asks Kitty, who nods in reply, chewing her bun.

“These are good,” she says.

“Yeah, they’re really good,” Scotty agrees. “Can I have the recipe?”

“Oh of course,” Nora sings like a bird. “I think I may have it in my purse, let me go have a look,” and with that she is back in the kitchen.


Scotty and Kitty exchange a look with each other over Nora’s characteristic but slightly annoying behavior. Kitty leans in and whispers:

“Her visits hasn’t exactly been helping you get better, have they?”, making Scotty laugh. “At least you’ve gotten her off my case for a while, which is much appreciated.”


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