Walker Advent calendar: Flap #13

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Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 378

Scotty was lounging on the sofa when Kevin woke up, mindlessly flipping through the channels, trying to find anything worth watching.


“Why are you already up?” Kevin asks, sitting down next to Scotty.

“I woke up at four, been up since then,” Scotty says, his voice all gruffly. “I need to blow my nose like every fifteen seconds, I can’t sleep,” he says, reaching for a tissue as if to illustrate his statement.


“Aw, poor thing,” Kevin says, rubbing Scotty’s thigh. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You can get me more tissues, we’re almost out,” Scotty says tiredly and leans back on the couch.


“I’m making coffee, do you want some tea?” Scotty nods slightly and Kevin kisses his temple before going to the kitchen.




Scotty manages to eat half a bowl of yoghurt for lunch before feeling nauseous, and Kevin feels guilty for munching on the food his mother has brought over for Scotty to eat when sick.


“It’s not like I can eat anything crunchy with this throat anyway,” Scotty says, sliding his foot up Kevin’s calf.

“That’s pure evil, you know,” Kevin says, motioning with his fork in direction of his leg. Scotty looks questioning at him and Kevin continues: “You know, giving me the preview when I can’t see the whole movie.”


“Oh,” Scotty says, looking a bit too satisfied with Kevin’s complaint. “That.”

“Yeah, that,” Kevin says grumpily. Scotty slides his foot even higher, his toes stroking along Kevin’s calf, knee and up his thigh, placing his foot on Kevin’s lap, softly moving it back and forth.


“Scotty…” Kevin says, suddenly dropping his fork, making it land with a loud shriek on his plate.

“Shh…” Scotty says, continuing his little massage, feeling Kevin getting hard under his foot.


Kevin jerks his head backwards, separating his legs slightly to allow Scotty more space.

“This is so weird,” Kevin whispers, closing his eyes and letting his half-eaten lunch become history. Soon he feels Scotty’s foot replaces with his hand, moving up over his thigh.


The Christmas lunch of December the 13th didn’t quite end the way it was intended, but the inhabitants of the Walker-Wandell household didn’t quite mind this turn of events as the third Sunday of advent came to an end.


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