Walker Advent calendar: Flap #12

I'm sorry there has been a short interruption in the posting here, but I've been knocked out due to that porky flu that I'm sure you've heard about. If anyone is interested I can report that my wound from wearing too small shoes is much more painful and I do not regret not getting vaccinated. Hopefully I'll be well enough to post every day up until Christmas now. Happy Lucia day everyone!

: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 357

“What a Saturday,” Scotty moans, happy to wake up without feeling dizzy for the first time in many days.  Both he and Kevin has been trying to get up for quite a while, Kevin’s hung-over, Scotty’s cough and their joint snuggling making it very slow.


“You’re so going to catch this,” Scotty says when their kiss ends, tasting Kevin in his own mouth.

“Don’t care. I probably will anyway,” Kevin says. “I plan on being sick and needy when you’re up and about again,” he says and kisses Scotty one more time.


“Sarah’s still on the couch, we should go up and get her breakfast,” Scotty suggests, pulling away from Kevin to pull on some clothes.

“So now she’s even interrupting telepathically? She’s so annoying,” Kevin says, giving Scotty a quick wink before getting up and pulling on his own pants.


When he enters the kitchen Sarah is already by the table drinking coffee.

“I just made it, it’s strong,” she says and takes a big sip.

“Great,” Kevin says, pouring himself a mug.


“I can make some pancakes,” Scotty says, eyeing the contents of the refrigerator.

“Not a chance,” Kevin says, closing the door in front of Scotty. “Sarah and I will make you breakfast. You’re still sick. No exhausting activities.”



“No,” Kevin cuts him off. “None,”

“Your walls aren’t sound-proof, I think you’re both exhausted already,” Sarah says dryly, continuing to sip her coffee.


“Okay then,” Kevin says, smacking the back of Sarah’s head as he walks over to the stove. “Here’s a pan, you do the rest,” he puts the pan right in front of Sarah with a smirk and then sits down in front of his coffee mug.


Scotty makes himself some tea and sits down next to Kevin, this time taking a more active spot in their bickering, when he notices how anxious he can make Sarah by simply asking her questions about her pancake making methods. Sarah nearly drops her whip and Kevin high-fives Scotty.


“You guys are too straight sometimes,” Sarah says, pointing the whip at them. “I guess you need to make up for this morning.”



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