Walker Advent calendar: Flap #10

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Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 424

“Are you feeling better?” Kevin asks Scotty when he starts to wake up. Scotty shakes his head and turns his head to look at the time. He figures that he’s been asleep for at least two hours and that Kevin just came home and went straight to bed.


“Want me to get you something or do something before I go to sleep? Do you want to talk?”

“No, I’m good,” Scotty says, his voice scratchy and his throat so aching he has to place a hand on it and rub it for a bit.


Kevin quickly looks away and sneezes, making the whole bed jerk from the motion.

“Sorry,” he says. “Maybe I’m coming down with something.”

“I hope you don’t get this, it’s awful. But the pills your mom got me earlier are better than the ones I used before. With these I can actually be up a couple of hours here and there,” Scotty explains.


“That’s great,” Kevin says, laying down and snuggling close to Scotty. “Has she been bother you? Should I call her and make a case?” Scotty laughs at Kevin’s offer, which sets off his coughing.


“No, she’s been wonderful,” Scotty says when he regains his voice.

“I’m sorry I’ve had to work long days,” Kevin says. “But I’m trying to get ahead of things so I can actually take some days off around Christmas.”


“I know,” Scotty says weakly, and Kevin kisses him. Only briefly, knowing Scotty might start to cough again at any second.


“You want me to stay until you’ve fallen asleep?” Scotty asks. “I need to go up for a few hours later.”

“Please,” Kevin says, turning around and moving backwards until his back is pressed again Scotty’s front.


Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin and waits for him to fall asleep, enjoying feeling Kevin relax in his embrace before slumbering in with deep breaths. Scotty kisses his bare shoulder before as quietly as he can climbing out of bed. Kevin moans the loss but he doesn’t wake up.


Scotty leaves the bedroom with a last look at Kevin on the bed. He is really thankful for Kevin’s care during the few hours they meet and for the many, many… many… text messages Kevin send during the day when he is off at work.


Scotty goes to the kitchen and pours himself some yoghurt and takes one of Nora’s homemade cookies and parks himself in front of the computers. He will definitely have to look up one more Christmas present for his mother-in-law after this.


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