Walker Advent calendar: Flap #1

My plan is to post one little story on each day until Christmas, following mainly Kevin and Scotty through December. I can't promise that I will post each day, but my ambition is there. :) Not sure when this will end though, because my X-mas, being Swedish, is Dec 24th. Oh well, we'll see where they boys take us.


Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 372


“Merry-24-days-until-Christmas,” Scotty cheerfully exclaims to Kevin, who is barely awake. Kevin moans softly as he tries to wake up enough to understand why Scotty has placed a big tray with breakfast on their bed.


Scotty watches Kevin’s sleep-swollen face as he blinks and tries to process what is going on, smiling wider and wider as Kevin lifts his head to inspect the treat.


“It’s… Monday?” Kevin asks sleepily.

“Tuesday, sweetie,” Scotty corrects. “You weren’t at work yesterday because you have a cold, remember?” It all comes rushing back to Kevin and suddenly he remembers spending his Monday on the couch, with Scotty pampering him with sweets and kisses, renting him videos and fetching him blankets.


“Mm,” Kevin agrees. “Maybe I should be sick today too.” Before he has managed to finish his sentence to get some sympathy, Scotty places a thermometer in his mouth. When it beeps he pulls it back out and replaces it with a quick kiss before looking at the display.

“No fever.”


Kevin groans over the fact that he needs to go into the office, if only for a few hours. He takes a sandwich from Scotty’s perfectly prepared tray and takes a bite.

“You’re the best husband ever.”


Scotty smiles and pours some coffee into a mug.

“I know,” he says. “And I plan on being very good every day until Christmas, to maximize my Christmas presents.”


“Did you hand a list to Santa?” Kevin dryly asks and takes a sip of coffee.

“I think Santa has modernized, and do it all telepathically,” Scotty replies equally dryly. Kevin mutters in reply and Scotty laughs. He didn’t use to be so sarcastic, but it’s very fun to see Kevin’s reactions when he is.


“But Santa, as well as our respective bosses will have to wait, because you and I are celebrating December first in bed,” Scotty turns slightly to look at the clock, “for at least another two hours.”


Kevin smiles and makes a quiet satisfied noise, putting his coffee mug on the bedside table. He crawls closer to Scotty and pulls him back down on the bed.

“Happy December first then,” he whispers, burying himself and his husband deep down between the sheets.


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