Hot off the presses

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Summary: When your boss is a hot-shot politician, even the little things become interesting in the eyes of the public.



The latest scoop from the world of politics comes from the office of Californian senator Robert MacCallister. The senator experienced medical difficulties last spring and was just starting to battle his candidacy for governor along with his staff when openly gay communications director Kevin Walker was suddenly in the limelight.


A tape on which Walker, who is also senator MacCallister’s brother-in-law, is seen in an intimate situation along with another man has surfaced on the internet. The other man is said to be Walker’s husband, Los Angeles five star chef Scott Wandell, but that information has yet to be verified.


When asked for a comment, Walker says: “My personal life has nothing to do with the work that is done at the senator’s office, and we have no comment further than that.”


The tape first appeared on celebrity gossip sites on the internet, but it wasn’t long until it was deleted with reference to legal matters. It’s still unclear what the existence of this tape will mean to the senator’s run for governor, but according to Kevin Walker, the campaign proceeds as planned.




“Kevin, I will just ask you this once, and I expect an honest answer.”

“The tape?” Kevin looks up from his paper, not able to wipe the smile off his face. “It’s footage of me and Scotty kissing outside a karaoke bar. All clothes on, I promise.”


“Sometimes I hate being Republican.” Robert mumbles when he leaves Kevin alone again. Kevin laughs quietly and secretly wonders what would happen if one of the more undressed videos were to leak.


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