Family, part 9 / 11

Rate: PG-13
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Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.



“You’re bringing two extra guests?” Nora repeats. Kevin has, after a lot of pondering, called his mother to let her know he wants to bring Scotty and Jeremy to dinner on Sunday. 

“Well, one of them won’t eat that much,” he says. “It’s Scotty, you’ve met him.”


“Oh, right. The very nice guy who Sarah brought. Is he bringing his son?” 

“Yes he is. Jeremy.” Nora doesn’t reply, and Kevin listens intently, trying to hear what she is doing. He hears scratching on what could be a notepad, before she returns to the phone.


“No problem honey. Thanks for letting me know.” Kevin is about to reply, but there is a click and a long tone. He looks at the phone before clicking to dismiss the call, puzzled about whatever plans his mother is making.




“Hi Kev. Heard that you’re bringing that guy from mom’s party.” Kevin listens to Tommy’s message on his phone, expecting a whole bunch of similar ones after this. Tommy is quiet for a while before continuing. “That’s great, I’m happy for you. Just so you know, me and Julia are there for you if the rest become, you know… Walkers.”


“Kevin! I can’t believe I hear about your new bringing-him-to-family-dinner relationship from mom, I am so insulted! Well, just so you know, you owe me a thanks for bringing him into your life, and to make up, I need juicy details, as I don’t have any of my own. Joe is away this week, I’ll tell you everything.”


“Hey bro! Mom told me you’re bringing Scotty and I just want to let you know that she is planning on making a rack of lamb so… you should really prepare him for that. See you Sunday.”


“Hi Kev! I don’t know what Tommy told you, but we’re both so glad we get to meet Scotty again, he seemed so nice. Nora told me she is making a bundt cake, so she might be a little over the top.”


“Kevin? It’s Kitty. Mom has me running all over town to find her some strange liqueur for Sunday and some kind of toy thing she saw on TV, just so you know. I didn’t really get to talk to this Scotty guy, but I hope he’s prepared and is wearing his panoply. See you Sunday, love you Kev.”


“Bro, it’s me again. She’s knitting.” 




“Kevin, I’ve met her before, it’s not that bad.“

“You met her as a friend of Sarah’s, not when dating one of her children.” 

“The last time she outed her late husband’s mistress, could it get worse?” Kevin  just laughs.


Kevin looks in the rearview mirror and sees Jeremy in the backseat, looking out of the window. Things between them has been really good since their little talk a couple of weeks ago, and since then, his and Scotty’s relationship has grown stronger too. They actually display feelings for each other in front of Jeremy, and occasionally in front of other people too. 


Kevin is still staying passive when it comes to Jeremy, not offering to pick him up from Jordan’s or taking him to play dates or anything. They haven’t spent any alone time other than when Scotty is in the other room, and they don’t bring Jeremy around to Kevin’s place. Scotty hinted to Kevin that it’s because he’s afraid that Jeremy will break something (expensive) or just be incredibly bored. 


“Are you tired honey?” Scotty asks, turning around. 

“No,” Jeremy replies. 

“Are you excited about playing with Cooper again?”

“Yeah, he was cool.” Jeremy smiles. Scotty turns and smiles at Kevin and the insight about their relationship hits him like a slap in the face. 


Here they are, on their way to Kevin’s mother for a family Sunday dinner, the two of them with his child. Scotty glares at Kevin and something about Kevin’s facial expression tells him that Kevin is thinking the same thing. 

“I like it,” Kevin says. “I wouldn’t have thought I would, but I do.” 

“Me too,” Scotty replies quietly. It’s true, he does. 


“Maybe after this, we could go back to my place?” Kevin offers. “We could watch a movie.” 

“I’d like that,” Scotty says and smiles. “I hope you realize that we will be watching Shrek or something of that sort.” 

“I love Shrek,” Kevin replies.

“Me too!” Jeremy calls from the backseat, causing both men to laugh out loud. 




Kevin watches from afar when Nora coos with Jeremy, making sure he’s happy and playing with Cooper. She has hidden candies in the garden and drawn treasure maps for the children to find them. Scotty laughs when Kevin, for the hundredth time apologizes for all the fuss.


“Dinner in this family is never just dinner,” he says. 

“At least everyone does it because they believe it’s best for you,” Scotty replies. “In my family, a social gathering was always about different ways to inflict guilt. Usually onto me.” Kevin smiles his support and gives Scotty a kiss on the cheek. 


Sarah joins them and soon joins Kevin in apologizing for Nora’s over-the-top behavior.

“I like it,” Scotty says. “This is the second time I meet this family and you already treat me like I’m a part of it.”

“Once you get in, you can never get out,” Sarah says and finishes the wine in her glass. 


Jeremy sleeps the entire way back to Kevin’s apartment, barely even waking up when Scotty carries him inside. Kevin quickly puts some sheets and covers on the couch and Jeremy continues sleeping when placed on it. He makes a small noise and pulls the duvet over his nose. 


“Let’s go into the bedroom so we don’t wake him up,” Kevin says, dragging Scotty with him through the doors.

“Yeah, that’s why we go into the bedroom,” Scotty laughs, quietly pulling the doors shut behind him.




“Sorry, please continue sleeping,” Scotty says and strokes Kevin’s cheek. “I need to get up now so I can drop Jeremy off at Jordan’s before work.” 

“No…” Kevin objects with a scratchy voice, pulling Scotty back under the covers. “I can take him, it’s on my way to work.” 


“You sure?” Scotty asks, worried Kevin is only doing it because he wants to keep Scotty close for another half an hour.

“Of course,” Kevin says. “I’d love to. We don’t have to wake him up and have breakfast for another hour.” His lips search for Scotty’s, his eyes still closed.


“You don’t know how long it takes when you have a child. Half an hour,” Scotty says. Kevin finds his lips and they kiss, Scotty reaching out for his cell phone to adjust the alarm. The cell phone gets lost between their bodies, buried between covers and pillows, left in the bed when its habitats leave. The eight missed calls from Jordan aren’t noticed by either of the people in the apartment when they all leave an hour later. 

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