Family, Part 8 / 9+

Rate: PG-13
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Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.



Kevin is nervous about going to Scotty and Jeremy’s place for dinner. He still feels the need to impress Jeremy, not knowing how to do it. Every time Scotty kisses him or shows any other kind of public display of affection when Jeremy is around, Kevin feels uncomfortable, not sure why Scotty seem so invested in showing that in front of his son.


Kevin has, after Scotty’s recommendation, bought Jeremy a big cowboy action figure, and the box is carefully wrapped with a big bow. Scotty opens the door and steals a kiss from Kevin. Jeremy is no where around and Kevin lets himself relax a bit under the touch of Scotty’s hand on his belly.


“Come in, the food is almost ready,” Scotty says. “We’ll have tacos.” Kevin follows Scotty in, not sure if he wants to eat with his hands in front of someone he wishes to have sex with.


And he does, so badly. They haven’t had the chance to do that the last weeks. Their dates have included Jeremy, and even after his bedtime when Scotty has asked Kevin to stay, Kevin has turned it down. Jeremy’s room is on the other side of the wall, and it just wouldn’t feel right.


Jeremy emerges from his room when Scotty calls for him, and he accepts the gift with a ‘thank you’ before ripping it open. He glares at Kevin when he sees the new toy. Scotty leaves the two of them alone to go check on the food.


“Do you think I like you better now?” Jeremy asks. Kevin is completely stunned. Never had he expected that kind of straightforwardness from this little boy.

“I don’t know,” Kevin replies truthfully. “I just wish you would give me a chance so maybe one day you’d like me.”


“But you don’t like my daddy,” Jeremy says. Kevin feels a cold chill down his spine when hearing those words. One never knows what happens in the head of a child, and apparently, this time their efforts had not achieved the goal.


“I like your daddy very much, Jeremy,” Kevin says, feeling strange to say that to Jeremy before saying it to Scotty.

“No, you don’t, ” he says surely. “You don’t want to hold his hand or kiss him.” Jeremy looks down on the floor, his foot playing along the pattern of the carpet.


“My daddy doesn’t hold hands with anyone, and I think he wants to, because grown ups want to do that.”

Kevin’s eyes widen when hearing the logic from Jeremy. Of course it’s obvious when thinking about it. The son of a gay man such as Scotty is not homophobic, and obviously not just keen on keeping his father to himself.


“I didn’t know you saw that,” Kevin says. “I very much want to hold your daddy’s hand.” Jeremy looks up at him with big round eyes, so similar to Scotty’s it’s almost frightening. “Is it okay with you if I hold his hand?”


“Yeah,” Jeremy says and nods. “I think he would like that.”

“Okay,” Kevin says, sitting down on a chair from the pure exhaustion of being confronted for his fear of showing public displays of affections.


“Time to eat,” Scotty informs them from the doorway leading into the kitchen, and Kevin and Jeremy enter. Scotty hasn’t heard their conversation, just that they spoke with each other. Kevin claims to be the best baby sitter in his family, and Scotty figures Kevin found a way to charm Jeremy, because the both of them seem much more relaxed now.


“It smells wonderful,” Kevin says when walking by Scotty in the homey kitchen. He gives Scotty a quick kiss on the cheek and then shares a look with Jeremy. Scotty raises an eyebrow at their behaviors but decides not to bring it up. He’ll make Kevin tell him as soon as Jeremy is asleep.




Scotty strokes Jeremy’s hair. Every time he does this, putting his son to sleep, he feels that lump in his stomach. That lump of love and fear combined, afraid he won’t be the perfect father he wants to be, but also not being able to imagine his life without it.


“Is Kevin going to sleep here tonight?” Jeremy asks and yawns.

“Maybe, if he wants to. Is that all right?” Scotty asks. Jeremy nods in reply, too sleepy to speak. Scotty kisses Jeremy on the forehead and whispers goodnight.


“Daddy…” Jeremy says when Scotty is on his way our of the room. “See you both at breakfast.” His last words are only mumbles because he is practically already sleeping. Scotty smiles and closes the door after him.




“That was quick,” Kevin says when Scotty returns to the living room.

“Yeah, he was tired.”


Scotty sits down next to Kevin. He is about to move his arm around Kevin’s shoulders, but he suddenly stops when realizing he has no idea what he is doing. It’s been so long since he was at this place in a relationship with someone, he has simply forgotten how to.


“So now, can you tell me how you changed my son from being jealous of you to suddenly loving and wanting to play peek-a-boo with you?” Scotty asks instead, pretending he was just moving his arm.


Kevin pretends not to see Scotty’s arm motion, and smiles when he starts to tell.

“Turns out it wasn’t jealousy,” Kevin says, and then explains the conversation he has with Jeremy. Scotty’s eyes almost tear up when hearing the amazing things his son said, and by the end of Kevin’s story, Scotty practically throws himself on Kevin.




“Daddy makes the best pancakes in the world,” Jeremy says, his mouth stuffed with another of Scotty’s special breakfast pancakes, covered in plenty of maple syrup.


“I agree, they’re delicious,” Kevin says, his mouth equally stuffed with pancakes. Scotty pours him some freshly brewed coffee and kisses Kevin’s cheek. He laughs to himself when he returns to the frying pan on the stove, realizing that Jeremy and Kevin are a match made in heaven when it comes to eating.


“Your should be a chef,” Kevin says between bites.

“Daddy is going to be a chef late,” Jeremy says. “Right dad?” He turns to Scotty.

“Yes, later.” Scotty says and nods. Yesterday he had told Kevin about his life-long dream to become a cook, and that he applied for chef school, sure that he wouldn’t have the money to pay for it nor the time to do it.


Kevin watches Scotty by the stove, not only making pancakes, but also preparing food for Jeremy to bring with him to Jordan’s later. Kevin continues chewing and wishes he could give Scotty everything he could ever want. Or, at least make him a chef.


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