Family, Part 7 / 9+

Rate: PG-13
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Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.

“I don’t want to!” Jeremy cries, his eyes swollen from fighting Scotty’s every move and word for over and hour.
“But uncle Jordan is waiting for you. He wants to meet you and eat ice cream tonight,” Scotty says, having used the same argument since Jeremy decided to be difficult.

“I want you to be there!” Jeremy screams. Well, there’s progress, Scotty thinks, happy they might actually manage to arrive to Jordan’s in time, and if so, making him on time for his and Kevin’s second date.

Scotty knows that he and Jeremy have spent at least the same amount of time together lately, if not more, so that is not the real reason Jeremy wants him to stay. He suspects that Jeremy dislikes his friendship with Kevin, considering it a threat.

Scotty knows that he hasn’t exposed Jeremy to a lot of his friends, mostly because he doesn’t have that many. The only real one is Jordan, and Jeremy probably considers him to be such a natural part of his life he is more likely to question the existance of food and sleep.

Unfortunately, this part of parenting isn’t something Scotty has read about in either of those books from the library, so he sighs and doesn’t really know what to do.
“Maybe you and me and Kevin could do something fun together some time. He really wants to get to know you,” Scotty tries.

Jeremy swallows a sniffle and looks at his dad with big eyes.
“He does?” Jeremy asks quietly.
“Of course he does,” Scotty says, pulling Jeremy closer to give him a hug. He wags Jeremy back and forth for a while before managing to pack their things and leave the apartment, only ten minutes later than planned.


“My family knows that we have a second date, I wonder how that happened,” Kevin says, indescretely asking if Scotty is still in touch with Sarah.
“I have no idea,” Scotty replies with a wink.

They have just ordered their meals at the restaurant and Kevin has already started playing footsies with Scotty, who isn’t too unwilling to respond.

“What did they say?” Scotty asks.
“Well, mom gave me the advice to spoil you during dinner and then use protection, Justin high fived me, Tommy winked, Sarah gave me a bottle of massage oil and Kitty debated about Iraq. I guess some things never change,” Kevin says, remembering how his afternoon became crowded because all Walkers thought of a reason to come to his office and or call him.
“But it’s all worth it,” Kevin adds and smiles at Scotty.
“I’m glad to hear that,” Scotty says, not sure how he should approach the issue about Jeremy with Kevin.

“Uh… Kevin,” he starts, and Kevin’s dreamy smile is immediately replaced with a frightened look, as if he is expecting another rejection.

“If we want to continue this,” Scotty continues, trying not to let Kevin’s worry throw him off track, “We need to actually talk about it. Because I have a son, and I can’t just play around.”

“Of course,” Kevin says, nodding. “Whatever you need.”
“Then maybe we can do something fun with him?” Scotty suggests. “Frankly, he wasn’t too happy when I left him today. I think he feels that you’re competing for my attention. So, I want the two of you to get to know each other.” Scotty lays out his proposition quickly, so he gets it all said as soon as possible.

“Of course,” Kevin says again. “Maybe we could take him to the zoo? Or to the ocean? What does he like?” Kevin smiles. He never thought he’d offer to spend time with a child he wasn’t related to.

Scotty exhales with relief and laughs. He takes Kevin’s hands over the table as they start to plan the field trip with Jeremy.


“I had to bribe him with a new toy,” Scotty admits to Kevin. He figures that if Kevin and he will have any chance of doing something long-term, he needs to be open. Kevin needs to know who he needs to impress.

“Is this your boat? It’s magnificent,” Kevin says to Jeremy who is standing on the shoreline with a big red plastic boat in his hand. Jeremy looks at Scotty, waiting for permission to run into the water.

Scotty nods and Jeremy runs out.
“Not over your knees!” Scotty calls and sits down on the blanket Kevin has spread out for them on the beach. “I love it here, it’s very child friendly. But I really can’t relax, I need to keep an eye on him every second.” Scotty laughs.

It’s strange for Kevin to see Scotty acting all fatherly, still remembering the flirtatious and flamboyant witness from his office. The man next to him is just growing for each time they meet, and Kevin can do nothing but admire him for it.

“I’m sure he’ll get used to it when he learns that you’re nice and not taking me away from him,” Scotty concludes, sneaking his hand closer to Kevin’s gently brushing against it.

Kevin only smiles in reply, moving his index finger along Scotty’s hand. Jeremy turns in the water and runs towards them and Kevin quickly moves his hand. No need to challenge what is already difficult.

“Daddy, I saw a fish!” Jeremy says, his plastic boat in a tight grip.
“Really?” Scotty says, giving Kevin a quick glance. “Was it big?”
“This big!” Jeremy lisps, holding out his hands, one with the boat, to show the length of the alleged fish.

“Was it a shark?” Kevin asks. Jeremy looks at him, a bit thrown off.
“No!” He then says, turning around and returning to the water.
“I’m sorry,” Scotty says quietly to Kevin, sneaking him a kiss on the cheek. Kevin sees Jeremy at the corner of his eye and moves away from Scotty, smiling as an excuse.

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Loved it, very good writing!! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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