Family, Part 6 / 8+

Rate: PG-13
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Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.

“I was never that close to my dad, but I’m glad I told him before he passed away,” Kevin reveals, after having shared his coming out story with Scotty over dinner. Scotty has been just as compassionate as Kevin had expected, and he can’t help but fishing for the gentle sympathy that Scotty gives him.

“Your family seem to be the sweetest ever,” Scotty says, putting his last piece of cucumber in his mouth.
“They are, all in all. They care, and that’s their biggest problem. They care so much you have to get away from it now and then.”

Scotty smiles at Kevin. He can’t help but being jealous of the Walker clan. They might be a handful, but he doesn’t have anything like that.
“Tell me about Jeremy,” Kevin says. Scotty brightens up at the mention of his son’s name.

“Well, what more is there to say? He is of course the smartest, cutest and most wonderful five-year-old there has ever been,” Scotty says.
“Of course. I thought he was above average,” Kevin teases. “He seems lovely.” Kevin take a sip of his wine and watches Scotty do the same. “I know where he gets it from,” Kevin then adds.

Scotty blushes and laughs quietly.
“How did you get to be so cute?” He asks Kevin.
“I was born this was. What’s your excuse?”

Scotty laughs again and brings his hands to his cheeks to cover his embarrassment. He does what he has thought about doing all night, and slides his foot to Kevin’s, and carefully strokes it a bit. Kevin replies immediately and they exchange smiles, both a bit shy.

“So, is your friend… Jordan… taking care of Jeremy tonight?” Kevin asks, holding his head down a bit.
“Yes. They have a sleepover and make pancakes and build forts of pillows.” Scotty smiles. “So I don’t have to pick him up until tomorrow.”

“That’s good,” Kevin says with a broad smile. “Maybe you want to come home with me then.” Kevin says, and quickly adds, “If it’s not too soon.”

“I’d love to,” Scotty says. They both become quiet and look into each other’s eyes. “I love this part,” Scotty says. “When you look at someone and they don’t look away.”

Kevin blushes a bit and laughs. He gestures to the waiter to get the check.
“I’ll get this one, since I chose this place,” He puts his credit card in the pocket and hands it back to the waiter. “Maybe you can pay me back with dessert some day.”

“Why not?” Scotty says. “I make the most amazing white chocolate mousse with strawberries.” Kevin swallows hard and tries his hardest not to think about what Scotty could do to him with that mousse.

“I can’t wait to try it,” Kevin says suggestively. Kevin gets his credit card back and they get up, making their chairs squeak against the floor. They smile sheepishly at the other guests who turned to look at the noise, and leave the restaurant as soon as possible.


Scotty crawls closer to Kevin in the bed, and rests his head against Kevin’s shoulder.
“Thank you for that,” Scotty says, and they both laugh, releasing tensions after their fast and quite sloppy first time together.

“It was my pleasure,” Kevin replies, planting a kiss on top of Scotty’s head.
“I need to pick up Jeremy before nine tomorrow so Jordan can get to work, can you set an alarm?” Scotty asks. Kevin reaches for his cell phone and fixes the alarm.

“I’ll take you,” He says and puts his arms back around Scotty. “If you want me to.”
“Yeah,” Scotty agrees and buries his head closer to Kevin. He closes his eyes and feel how close to sleep he is. “I think I’m gonna fall asleep any minute. I’m so tired.”

“Me too,” Kevin says. He feels wide awake, still processing the feeling of Scotty’s skin against his, wanting to run up to the roof and just scream from the top of his lungs that he feels so lucky to have such a wonderful man close to him. He strokes Scotty’s side when he feels Scotty’s body drift off and get heavier, smiling widely when Scotty’s breathing transforms into gentle snoring.

He had no idea that this feeling could strike him like this. He has felt incredibly in love before, but to his recollection never like this. If someone had asked him a month ago if he would be interested in dating a younger guy with odd jobs and not to mention – a child, he would be very sure to say no.

He closes his eyes and feels his own body get heavy too and soon enough he drifts off too.

Scotty leads the way into Jordan’s apartment building and suddenly Kevin wonders why he is here. When showing up with Scotty he is officially dating this man, and that scares the shit out of him. He’s never been good at making first impressions with boyfriend’s friends, so how will it go with a boyfriend’s son?

Scotty walks up the stairs before him, and opens a door close to the staircase.
“Hello?” He calls into the empty room.
“Hi,” Jordan greets when emerging from another room. “He’s just in the bathroom.” He points to another room. He looks curiously at Kevin and clearly inspects him, his eyes wandering from top to toe.

“You must be Kevin,” he says, reaching out his right hand.
He doesn’t sound too excited, so Kevin tries his broadest smile to compensate. “Yes, hello. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Daddy!” Jeremy calls, running out from the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his sock. Scotty picks him up and removes the paper, looking at it as if it might tell him how it ended up there. Jordan takes it and laughs a bit, throwing it away.

“How have you been?” Scotty asks. Kevin notices how Scotty’s voice has drastically changed into more energetic, but not patronizing like many do when speaking with children.

“Great. We made pizza and pie,” Jeremy says excited. “I stayed up until two!”
“Really?” Scotty says, raising his eyebrows. “Are you lying to me now?”
“Yes,” Jeremy laughs.

Scotty laughs too and puts Jeremy back on the floor.
“This is Kevin, he’s a friend of mine,” Scotty says, moving so Jeremy can see Kevin standing just in front of the door.

“Hello,” Jeremy says casually and turns back to Scotty. “Can we make pizza tonight dad?”
“No, honey, we can’t eat that every day,” Scotty says, ruffling Jeremy’s hair. Jeremy sighs an ‘okay’ and leaves the room.

“Don’t forget to pack your pajamas,” Scotty calls after him. Jordan excuses himself and leaves the room.

“He’s usually much more friendly,” Scotty says apologetically. “I guess he’s not that used to me having other friends.”
“Oh, never mind it,” Kevin says. “People usually need more than once to need me,” he jokes. “But, now if you’re all set, I think I’m going to take off. It was nice to meet you again.”

“Maybe we can do it again,” Scotty says quietly. “Dinner I mean,” he adds with a slight blush.

“Yeah, dinner,” Kevin says. “I’ll call you.” He hesitates before leaning in to give Scotty a short peck on the lips. Scotty replies vaguely to it and smiles.
“I can’t wait.”

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