Family, Part 11 / 11

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Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Word count: 1426
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.
A/N: This is the last chapter of this series, and I hope you've all enjoyed it. I want to thank you all for commenting and feedbacking while I've been writing, keeping my muse with me. :)

“I have the best surprise for you,” Kevin greets Scotty.
“Daddy!” Jeremy runs out from the kitchen, his milk mustache gossiping about what he was doing in there. Scotty picks Jeremy up then kisses his hair before leaning over to kiss Kevin.

“Is it better than a puppy?” He asks.
“Way better.”
“Good, because I have enough with this little one to have time for a puppy too.” Scotty puts Jeremy back on the floor and ruffles his hair. They go into the kitchen to have dinner.

“You cooked?”
“We cooked,” Kevin says. “Jeremy washed all the vegetables. And ate some of them,” Kevin says and pulls out a chair for Jeremy to sit on.
“Okay, what’s the surprise?”

“Well, I spoke with Jordan today,” Kevin starts.
“Oh, I never would have guessed that,” Scotty interrupts, throwing his arms up in the air. Jeremy laughs and Kevin nudges Scotty’s side.
“And we spoke about this little fella’ here, and his pending pre-school.” Scotty raises an eyebrow.

“Then we stopped by my mom’s and spoke with her, and if you want it,” Kevin says lightly, emphasizing it’s Scotty’s choice. “She would love to baby-sit, and Jordan thinks it’s a great idea. It might give you time to study.”
“Can I daddy? Can I be at grandma Nora’s?”

“She’s…” Scotty looks at Jeremy. “She’s not your grandma, honey.”
“That’s what Cooper says…” he replies quietly, looking down on his food.
“I don’t just need the time…” Scotty says, looking at Jeremy.

Kevin nods quietly. He understands that Scotty doesn’t want to discuss this in front of Jeremy, and he lets it be. They eat the rest of the meal just chatting about how the day had been, and when Jeremy had finished and been excused, Scotty digs in at the dishes right away.

“Scotty, there is something else,” Kevin says, leaning himself against the sink next to Scotty. “I know you’re going to say it’s too soon and it’s not good for Jeremy, but hear me out, alright?”

“Let’s move in together, all three of us. It is soon, but you know as well as I do that we’re great together. Before I met you I was irresponsible and confused, now I don’t want anything more than to take care of the both of you because I love you,” Kevin moves closer to Scotty and lowers his voice.

“I love you both.” Scotty looks up at him, his hands covered in white foam. “Let us live together and help each other out. We have two baby-sitters, one of them is knitting a Mickey Mouse sweater.” Scotty laughs a bit, and continues his dish washing. “You have focused your whole life the last years on doing what is best for your son, and you are an amazing parent. Now you have the opportunity to live your own dream.”

Scotty looks up again, his eyes tearing up a bit.
“Let me help you with the money. Or don’t. Let me help him with money, until in a few years when you’re done with your studying and you make more money than I’m ever gonna do,” Kevin puts his hand on Scotty’s back and leans in. “Please.”

Scotty lets go of the dish brush and it lands on the water, floating on top of all the dishes. He puts his arms around Kevin, making his shirt wet with all the foam.
“Yeah?” Kevin whispers.
“Yeah,” Scotty whispers back, nodding his head against Kevin’s shoulder. “Mickey Mouse?” Kevin merely nods in reply.


6 months later

“Scotty this is amazing!” Nora says, holding up a newly unwrapped crystal bowl.
“I know, I got it from my grandmother,” Scotty says. He puts the last mugs in the cupboard and closes the door to it. He turns around and looks at his new kitchen. It’s finally starting to look like someone lives there and not just stores a lot of boxes and children’s things on them.

“Thanks for helping, Nora,” Scotty says. “This move has really been messy, with my school and Jeremy’s pre-schooling and everything.”
“Oh, don’t worry about it, I’m happy to help. He’s like any of my other grandchildren, but perhaps a bit more well-behaved,” Nora laughs.

Scotty laughs too and picks up another box from the floor. The selling of Kevin’s loft and finding a new place hadn’t been that smooth, and both his parent’s and Jeremy’s other grandparents had not been happy about Scotty moving in with a man. Kevin had gone into lawyer mode and made it clear that Jeremy was staying put.

As soon as the Walkers had found out about their plans to move in together they had all been there to help, perhaps without actually helping that much. Sarah had helped making arrangements for Jeremy’s pre-school, Tommy and Justin had driven boxes all over town, Kitty offered some moral support and Nora was exactly everywhere. Jeremy had continued calling her grandma, and Scotty had even stopped correcting him. Nora obviously didn’t mind and she was more grandma to him than any other person had ever been before.

“Do you want some coffee?” Scotty wonders and waves a bit with the pan. Nora nods and sticks her nose in the new box.
“Are these from Kevin’s place?” She asks.
“Yes, those are all his. And not that good,” Scotty answers, being very picky about his kitchen tools. Since his school started he has started fiddling about a bit in San Estephé’s kitchen, very much encouraged by George.

Scotty has more or less been offered an apprenticeship there for that part of his education, and George has made clear that unless Scotty messes up completely, they want him to stay there when he’s finished studying too.

“Hello?” Kevin enters the kitchen and a look of surprise spreads on his face. “Wow. This place was all boxes when I left,” he says, walking over to Scotty without having to climb over things. He gives Scotty a small kiss on the lips.

“Did you pick up Jeremy?” Scotty asks, looking behind Kevin to see if his son is sneaking in behind Kevin.
“Yeah, but I think I lost him. He’s so small, he’s hard to keep track of,” Kevin says. “He’s in the bathroom.”

“Haha,” Scotty says and nudges Kevin. “Did you tell Jordan about Thursday?”
“Yes I did. He didn’t seem too sad to have the whole afternoon alone,” Kevin says, picking up an apple and taking a large bite. “Are all these mine?” He asks, looking down into the box on the counter.

“Yeah. We don’t actually need them, I have much more things that are…” Scotty doesn’t finish, only waves his hand.
“Better?” Kevin fills in. “Say it, I won’t be offended. You’re the big shot chef now.”

“You know what, I think I’m gonna go home now, you don’t need my help anymore,” Nora says and picks up her bag and jacket. “I’ll pick Jeremy up on Thursday before eight.”
“Thanks for taking him with you,” Scotty says for at least the hundredth time.

Nora waves and leaves. It had been her idea from the beginning, to bring Jeremy, Paige and Cooper to a cabin upstate where they can play, hike and visit the adventure land. Justin had quickly volunteered to come and the five of them had cleared it all with parents and bonus parents that were all very happy to send the kids off for a couple of days.

“I have a very special dinner planned for Friday,” Scotty whispers in Kevin’s ear, sending a heat wave through Kevin’s body.
“Daddy!” Jeremy shouts, running into the kitchen.

“Hi there!” Scotty picks him up. “Did you wash your hands?”
“With soap?”

“Good boy,” Scotty says and puts him back on the floor. “What do you say you and me go to your room and finish unpacking and we let Kevin make dinner for us tonight?”
“Yeah!” Jeremy says and smiles, barely letting Kevin respond to the suggestion before running up the stairs to his room.

“Aren’t your sneaky?” Kevin says and steals a kiss from Scotty. “You’re lucky your cute.”
“Yes I am,” Scotty smiles, leaving Kevin in the kitchen to handle dinner. Jeremy waits halfway up the stairs, following his dad with his eyes when Scotty walks out of the kitchen to continue upstairs.

“Daddy, you know what?” He asks when Scotty walks up towards him.
“Kevin says that when I’m old enough to help, we can get a puppy,” Jeremy says and then quickly turns around and runs up the rest of the stairs.

“Did he really?” Scotty mumbles, a smile spreading on his face.

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This is good! I love the entire series, and I am kind of sad to see that it has come to an end. I was actually hoping to read more about their lives after Kevin and Scotty lived together in one place. Nonetheless, this had been a fun ride, and thank you very, very much for writing such a wonderful story. =)

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