A summer's day

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty go to the beach.
Word count: 246
A/N: I wrote this in my notebook when I was at the beach a few weeks ago, when Sweden was still warm and bathing outside-friendly. Now the autumn is here and I needed to revive this beautiful day, so here it is. At the bottom is a picture I drew in my notebook and a piece of the thing I wrote. :)

Families, well prepared for their day. Parasols, chairs, toys, food, radios, take-out coffees and gigantic inflatable animals. Children are running around, their noise buried in the sound from the waves. The occasional name is being called when a parent is calling for the attention of their child. A boat goes by, creating big waves, causing the bathing children to scream in excitement.


All of this is a blur to the couple under a tree, keeping themselves in the background to be able to express the feelings they have for each other.


Kevin whispers sweet nothings in Scotty’s ear, and Scotty giggles. Kevin’s hand plays with Scotty’s on the blanket between them. They barely notice the little girl that runs past them, greeting them with a quick “Hi” before disappearing in the crowd.


“You think we’ll ever bring our kids here?” Kevin asks. Scotty turns to face his husband.

“Sure. Some day,” he answers. “Do you think we’re ready soon?”


“Yeah,” Kevin replies. “Soon.” They stay silent for a while. “If you want to,” he adds. Two children run by, chasing a fluffy white seed that flies around.


“I do,” Scotty says. They share a smile and giggle a bit. The issue of getting children of their own has been brought up a couple of times, but never with this outcome. Scotty smiles and snuggles closer to Kevin, their hands locking together between them as they rest on the beach, listening to the noise from the surroundings.




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This story gives me that "awwwww" feeling. It's just too fluffy and cutesy. Yay! =)

2009-09-06 @ 16:06:13

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