Time together, part 5 / 5

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Summary: Kevin and Scotty come back home from Paris.
Word count
: 1109


The rest of their time together in Paris is spent eating breakfast in the grass, walking along the Seine, enjoying the food and visiting Moulin Rouge. The latter to watch a show which proves to make Kevin blush and Scotty to enjoy widely.

They invest in a disposable camera, taking photos of themselves all around the city. On their way to the airport they get the photos developed, after searching for a photo store for over an hour.
“Let me see.” Kevin says, reaching out to grab the envelope the receptionist hands them.
“No, not yet.” Scotty says, putting the envelope in his bag. “We’ll look at them on the plane.”

They enjoy a last chocolate croissant on the airport before boarding to go to London. While waiting for their plane home, they spend some time in the gift-shops, spending their left Euros on souvenirs for the Walkers, finding different kinds of chocolates and alcohol to suit all of them. Kevin suggests they buy bitter almond chocolates for Holly, but Scotty laughingly refuses, instead finding plums in Madeira chocolates for his own mother.

Once their on the plane and up in the air, Scotty falls asleep on Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin is staring at the envelope from the photo store, neatly marked ‘Wandell’ in the corner. He can’t reach them without waking up Scotty, and actually, he doesn’t even want to.

He wants them to look at them together and re-live the whole weekend. Some pictures will then be framed for their offices and the shelf at home, and the rest will be places in a photo album that Scotty bought a while ago, organizing pictures from way back, mumbling something about their grandchildren and how they will enjoy looking at them one day.

Kevin accepts a cup of coffee from the flight attendant, but falls asleep with his head leaning on Scotty’s before he takes a sip. Half-asleep his hand travels over to Scotty’s lap and takes Scotty’s hand.

When arriving back in Los Angeles they are reluctant to go back to the apartment. The wonderful chemistry that they’ve built up since they left is still between them, and going home will ruin it, bringing them back to their mundane life and the dishes that needs to be made.

They find a taxi and go to Nora’s, finding Sarah and Kitty there as well, cooing at Evan and sipping coffee. They accept each a cup and can barely sit down before the three start to interrogate them about their get-away. They Ohhh and Ahhh with envious looks when Kevin talks about what they did and how wonderful it all was.

Nora asks if they didn’t take any pictures for them to see. Scotty panics for a while, not sure he wants his mother-in-law to be present the first time the pictures from a romantic get-away are viewed. He shares a quick look with Kevin and then says they sadly didn’t.

“You’re lying!” Sarah shouts. “They have pictures, they just don’t want us to see them.” She points at Kevin.
“No!” Kevin says. “We don’t.” He feels all eyes on him, rolls his eyes and admits. “Yes we do. But we haven’t even seen them yet.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’re not easily scared.” Kitty comments.
“Says my conservative Republican sister.”
“Oh come on Kevin, then let me see them. I’m your liberal Democratic sister!” Sarah whines.
“Well, what about your open-minded, much pro-gay mother then?” Nora chimes in.

Kevin sighs, knowing he can never be right against the women in his family. Sooner or later they will wear him down or give him a wedgy so they can get over the pictures. This time his mother will probably help, and not just give him a Digestive cookie as comfort afterwards.

“Okay. But if there’s anything embarrassing I don’t know anything of it.” Kevin defeats. Scotty laughs at him and hopes his memory serves him right when he thinks all pictures should be parent proof. Well, not his parents, but Nora anyway.

Scotty picks up the envelope from his bag, slowly opening it. The entire room is quiet, everyone is watching him. The Walkers on the hunt, waiting to find something they can pass on to the rest of the family as gossip, transformed in the gossip machinery to something much more juicy than what it was from the beginning.

The first picture is one Kevin too of Scotty just after they bought the camera. His face is all wrinkly from staring at the sun. He puts it on the counter, letting it slide towards the three awaiting women.
“You’re precious here, Scotty!” Nora exclaims. When the next picture some gliding, she puts down the first. Kevin and Scotty with old buildings in the background.

Scotty quickly glances at the pictures before sending them over the counter, Kevin looking at them as they pass him. His sisters and mother seem to enjoy it widely, complementing them on the great shots and how cute they are. Kevin sees a smile spread on Scotty’s face, getting bigger by each picture. He moves over to Scotty’s side of the counter, looking at the two single pictures left in Scotty’s hands.

One has Kevin, shirtless in the bed. Scotty took the picture while straddling Kevin, and the look Kevin gives the camera is not to be misinterpreted. His eyes are narrow and his mouth half-open. The other picture is a bit blurry, showing Kevin as he tries to defend himself when Scotty tries to smear some pastry all over Kevin.

“Come one, what are those?” Sarah asks.
“Yeah, let us see?” Kitty insists. “When I’ve seen you kiss in front of the Notre Dame, there is nothing I can’t take.” Kitty says, reaching out a hand to see the remaining two pictures. Scotty hesitantly hands them to her and all three of them throws themselves at the photo.

Kevin puts an arm around Scotty’s shoulder. Maybe this isn’t the most romantic way to see their holiday photos for the first time, but marrying a Walker is marrying the Walkers. Scotty smiles and leans his head against Kevin. Sarah wiggles her eyebrows at them and compliments them on the cultural experience before collecting the photos and handing them back to Kevin.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s neck as he puts them back in the envelope. Sarah takes the dishes to the dish washer, Kitty goes to check on Evan and Nora steals one of the pictures. If Kevin notices he pretends not to, as does Scotty. He’s not surprised, though, that next time they come to visit, that particular picture will hang in the stairway.


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