Time together, part 3 / ?

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty enjoy Paris the way it's intended to be enjoyed - together. 

Word count: 1054


Scotty falls down on the bed, landing on his back when they come into their hotel room. Kevin closes the door behind them and puts the bags on a small table. He crawls onto the bed and lies down next to Scotty, putting half his body over Scotty’s.


“I can’t believe we’re in Paris.” Scotty laughs. “I was hoping we would spend the whole time in bed, but now we have to do all these things.”

“Yes, but I think we can master both.” Kevin says with a kiss. “We should start here, getting some rest for the jetlag.


Scotty smiles when Kevin covers his mouth with his own, willingly letting Kevin suck on his lips before granting Kevin permission to touch his tongue. Scotty feels his own body pressed down against the bed when Kevin climbs on top of him, losing himself in the touch.


An hour later they’re both showered and changed, leaving the hotel with happy looks and carefree laughter. Scotty asks the receptionist after the closest Ladurée and Kevin stares at them as she explains to Scotty, in French, how to go.

“Where did you learn French?” He whispers to Scotty when they exit the big hotel.


“You’re not the only one who went to school, hun.” Scotty says and kisses Kevin’s cheek. He takes Kevin’s hand and the stroll along the sunny street, slowly passing by beautiful display windows and restaurants. The find one not too far away from their hotel and decide to have dinner there later tonight.


After walking through the city for an hour, Kevin complains about the long walk and how he is much to old to be walking that much. They find a small Bistro and have lunch, all the while Scotty explaining the chapters of French cuisine that he’s read when he’s studied.


They get each an éclair for dessert, and Scotty feeds Kevin his first, letting him take one bite between kisses over a small café table. Kevin blushes a bit over the very obvious display of affections.

“We’re in Europe, it’s all very open here, isn’t it?” Scotty asks. “And no one knows us here.” He adds.


Kevin happily obeys to finishing the éclair from Scotty’s hand and then watching Scotty eat his, showing off way more tongue around the small pastry than what should be needed.

“So what’s this place we’re going to? The one you asked for directions to?” Kevin asks.


Scotty merely smiles in reply.

“We’ll just let that be my secret. I think I deserve one after you’ve kept a trip across the Atlantic hidden from me.”

Kevin settles for the answer, even though his questioning techniques would come in handy here.


They continue walking through Paris, ending up by the Eiffel tower. The take pictures in front of it and buy postcards to send to their mothers.

“My mom will fall off her chair when she finds out we went to Paris for these few days.” Scotty says when he picks out a card with four different views of Paris. “She would call it a waste of money. But then again, she’s the one who went on a honeymoon in Canada.”



“She has family there.” Scotty says, waving the topic away. Apparently these relatives in Canada is quite the story, one Scotty is not up to telling. They find a postcard with the Eiffel Tower and the word “Paris” written in rainbow colored letters on it and decided to send it to Nora.


“Do they know we’re here?” Scotty asks.

“Yes, I sent mom a text just before we got on the plane, and my cell phone’s been off since.” Kevin also invests in a pen with a picture of the Eiffel Tower in it, claiming he’s sure he doesn’t have one with him. Scotty suspects he likes the souvenirs a bit more than he will ever admit.


They spend the rest of the afternoon eating ice cream and writing short messages on the postcards. Before the sun starts to set, Scotty says it’s time for them to visit Ladurée. Kevin only shoots him a sour look, grumpy when he doesn’t have all the facts on what’s going on. Scotty laughs at his grimace and kisses him, leading him back towards the hotel.


They step into the store, Kevin’s eyes widening as he sees the exquisite furniture and all the food and pastries on the disk.

“Wow, did we just step onto the set of Marie Antoinette?” Kevin whispers to Scotty as they move towards the counter, looking at the amazing bakeries lined up before them.


Scotty orders a couple of different pieces to go, telling Kevin about the petit fours and the variety of pastries produced in bite-sizes as desserts after meals.

“The ones in America are all the same, but they look different. This is the home of these.” Scotty says and accepts the small box.


“So we’re eating these at the hotel instead of at a restaurant? Or here?” Kevin asks, holding up the door for Scotty to exit.

“I’m sure we’ll find dessert at the restaurant, but these are the best. And the way I plan to eat them is not appropriate in front of people. Not even Europeans.” Scotty says. Kevin swallows hard, his excitement for tonight rising. They decide to go to the hotel to leave the pastries there before having dinner, almost missing their dinner appointment completely when Scotty pulls Kevin down on the bed with him.


Slightly later than planned they are placed at a table by the window, enjoying their meals flirting and touching. Their eyes meet and they smile.

“I thought all this talk about Paris being so romantic was just some PR thing,” Kevin says. “But I know what they mean. If I didn’t already love you, I would start now.” He says, taking Scotty’s hand over the table.


“I love you too.” Scotty says. His foot moving along Kevin’s leg stops temporarily and they lean across the table to share a kiss. “You know, if you want to we can skip dessert here. We do have something sweet at the hotel.” Scotty hints. Kevin hates to break the romantic feeling between them, but accepts the invite. They stroll back to the hotel, hand in hand enjoying the not too cold French spring air.


And yes, there will be more chapters. At least one - maybe two. 


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