Short and random: Agenda

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Walker is not a Walker without the limelight.

Word count: 200


“So Wednesday at two, don’t be late back from lunch.” André sums up after the meeting, while everyone pencils in the meeting for next week.

“We’ll be done by four, right?” Kevin asks, making everyone turn to him.


The gossip in the office had quickly started running after a visit from Kitty last week, dropping the appointment sex info she had gotten from Sarah to the receptionist. Now everyone knows that Kevin wants to go home to have scheduled sex with his husband whenever he leaves early, in a hurry or asks when a meeting will be finished.


“Yes, I’m sure we will.” André says with a wry smile. Kevin makes a new entry for the meeting in his calendar, right before the ‘Meet Scotty for early dinner and fun’ that Scotty had put in there this morning.


“Good, because I have this very important meeting to tend to then, and there are quite the reprimands if one is late.” Kevin says, getting up from the table. He smiles on his way out, hearing the buzz rise behind him in the conference room. Oh well, he’s gotta give them something. Scotty’s right – he likes being the center of attention.  


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