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Summary: Julia moves to Seattle, far from the Walkers.
Takes place: After 3x22 "Julia". 
Author's comment: Yes, I assume you know Facebook. It's 2009.

Word count: 446


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Julia smiles as she looks at the activities from the Walker clan. It’s only been a week since she and Elizabeth arrived to Seattle, but it feels like she’s has more contact with them over that time then what she did before the move.


Scotty Wandell balances work and a hungry husband. Lucky I’m good at multi-tasking.

Julia clicks ”like” and smiles, seeing Scotty hide by the computer for two minutes while cooking for a grumpy Kevin. They have already made arrangements to come and visit her in a month to see how they live. By then Julia figures she has settled in and made routines for her and Lizzie.


Julia Walker is still in denial about how many knick-knacks she has managed to collect over the years.

She presses OK and sees the page re-load. In the corner of her eye she sees the pile of boxes that aren’t unpacked yet. The kitchen appliances, Lizzie’s stuff and her own clothes were already put in closets and cupboards. Yesterday night she had roamed the unpacked boxes to find her framed pictures, ripping them out to look at all the smiling faces when the heavy weight of missing home came over her.


The pictures of Tommy had been thrown in a smaller box, still un-opened. She had a big one of all the Walkers, taken just after Kevin and Scotty’s wedding, but that was the only evidence of Tommy ever existing that was in their new home.


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Julia almost starts crying again. She hears a thud from Lizzie’s room, so she gets up to see what happened. A teddy bear had fallen to the floor, and in all the excitement of playing, Lizzie had fallen on her butt next to it, unable to get up.

”You’re like a little bug, aren’t you sweetie?” Julia says and picks her up. ”Are you hungry?” She asks.


Lizzie pokes Julia’s chin and smiles.

”Are we drooling today?” Julia asks and wipes her daughter’s mouth. ”Don’t worry, it will stop. Now let’s go to the kitchen and see if we can dig out a frying pan so we can make pancakes. Does that sound good?”

”Yee!” Lizzie says, producing a new drool bubble. It bursts and makes a small popping noise, causing her to giggle. Julia smiles at her daughter and carries her past the wall of photographs, into the kitchen.

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Lovely, Olli! I felt right at home in this fic.

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