Rate: NC-17, very explicit.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: With a rating like that, is a summary needed?

Word count: 535


“I love it when you’re drunk.”

“Schhh…” Kevin silences Scotty. “Put that mouth to better use.” He forcefully pushes Scotty’s head back towards his groin and those hot lips are back around his cock immediately.


His hand stays in Scotty’s hair, slowly stroking his head as Scotty’s head moves back and forth. He occasionally stays at the top to add some extra suction, and each time Kevin bangs his head against the wall behind him, not even caring a little bit that it hurts.


Scotty’s hand travels over Kevin’s thighs, between his legs and then firmly grips his balls, holding them still and caressing them with his thumb. The other hand is placed on Kevin’s hip, following the rolling movement he makes.


Scotty applies some extra pressure on the top of Kevin’s hard cock and then pulls back. Kevin moans, but doesn’t push Scotty back. Scotty stands up, not able to keep his balance, he leans against Kevin. Their lips meet and they kiss, their mouths open and their tongues touching –  hot, wet and passionate.


“I want you.” Kevin whispers. He pushes Scotty away from him, towards the hotel bed in the middle of the room. “Take off your clothes.” He orders. Scotty gives him a sly smile and obeys, removing each piece slowly while Kevin watches him.


When he’s naked he crawls onto the bed, laying down on his side, resting his head in his hand, watching Kevin as he starts to undress. Kevin strips faster, eager to proceed to their love-making.


Kevin stands in the middle of the room, naked. He watches his naked husband on the bed. They exchange a look and a smile.

“Get up.” Kevin says. Scotty obeys, standing up by the bed. Kevin approaches him, sliding his hands over Scotty’s chest as they lean in and kiss.


Kevin’s hands grip Scotty’s waist, pushing him around. He kisses Scotty’s neck and shoulder blades, caressing his back. He pushes himself against Scotty, his hands traveling down on Scotty’s back, over his ass and down on this thighs.


One of Kevin’s hands go back up to his ass, caressing it gently as he pushes one finger against Scotty’s opening. Scotty moans as Kevin starts to move the finger. He kisses Scotty’s neck, moving his erection up and down against Scotty’s back.


“You make me so hot.” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s ear, feeling the shiver travel down Scotty’s spine. Scotty leans forward a little bit, pushing his ass against Kevin’s groin. Kevin reaches for the lube on the bedside table, dripping som2e on his index finger. He pushes it back against Scotty’s ass, sliding it in a little bit further than before.


Scotty exhales heavily, almost losing his breath. He pushes himself backwards against Kevin’s finger.

“Please.” He whispers. Kevin continues his moving, sliding one finger in. Scotty moans loudly. “Kevin…” He pleads.


Kevin moves the finger and in and out, then adding another finger. Scotty moans louder, pushing himself closer to Kevin.

“Please Kevin…” He groans. “Fuck me.” Kevin smiles and presses his lips against Scotty’s neck.


“I will.” Kevin whispers back. Kevin pushes himself against Scotty, rubbing up and down. “Why are you so impatient? We have all night.” 

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This is so hot. Well job!

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