Happy new year!

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: One year ends, of course another starts.
Word count: 318

10, 9…

Justin looks into Rebecca’s eyes and can only think about how lucky he is to have her. He tightens the grip around her waist and draws her closer. He can smell her perfume and coconut shampoo, and it reminds him of all the things that keeps him standing firmly on the ground.

…8, 7…

Sarah sees Paige and Cooper holding Lizzie in each a hand, all three screamingly participating in the countdown, as loud as they can, awaiting the new year, and she can’t help but well up. In the corner of her eye, she can see Tommy and Julia doing the same thing.

…6, 5…

Kitty puts her arms around Robert’s neck and pulls him down towards her. She knows that 2009 will be the best year so far. In only a couple of weeks the man in front of her will be the father of their baby, the baby that will teach her so much about life, and the baby that will change her priorities in ways she still thinks is impossible.

…4, 3…

Kevin can feel Scotty’s heart beating through their shirts. Scotty’s hand on his back, firmly keeping him in place is the most blissful feeling he has ever felt. Scotty draws his lips against his neck, making Kevin shiver from the warm air that leaves a bit of moist on his skin. He smiles and gets ready.

…2, 1…

Nora hugs her brother tight and whispers warm and caring words in his ear. This year is the year. She knows that whatever the new era has in it’s cradle, she and her family will together manage it. Over Saul’s shoulder she can see all her children gathered with their loved ones, and as the bells on the TV start ringing, and as the fireworks outside reach their climax, Nora can’t help but shed a tear.

2009 is here, and it’s welcomed.

Short and random: Atmosphere

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Justin reflects on the last years
Word count: 200

Justin can hear the happy chattering from the dining room. The rest of the family is enjoying the meal and he has to stay in the kitchen and watch the sauce. He stirs it and hears Scotty’s voice. He can’t make out what he says, but it’s followed by laughter.

He thinks of the first time he met Scotty, at the pool party from hell. Nora had been so excited that Kevin brought someone, and Kevin had been deeply embarrassed by being attached to Scotty.

Justin remembers when Kevin had brought home a boyfriend many years ago. He himself was still only a child, but he remembers how William had come home early, before the guest had left. The uncomfortable silence, his mother’s angry look and Kevin’s silent crying.

His mother enters the kitchen to look at the sauce.
“Honey, it’s burned. What were you thinking?” She says and takes over the spoon. “Maybe I can save some.”

He watches his mother take control of the cooking area, and is glad that is how she’s taken control over the whole family since their father’s passing.

The crowd in the dining room laugh again, and with a smile, he joins them.

Short and random: Obeyed

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: It's not heavy, but it's...
Word count: 200

“What did you say?” Scotty moans in between pants, heavily breathing, straddling Kevin. Kevin makes a noise that with some good will can be interpreted as something affirmative.

“I didn’t hear you.” Scotty says, very softly drawing his finger on Kevin’s forehead, slowly following his hairline. The touch tingles and Kevin jerks his head.

“Is there something you want to say?” Scotty whispers, smiling against Kevin’s ear. Kevin moans loudly, tweaking at the ties that keeps his arms stretched up over his head. The bedpost makes a squeaky noise and Scotty enjoys the sight widely.

“Say it.” He calmly demands. He leans forwards and lets his crotch touch Kevin’s. The reaction he gets is bewildering. Kevin’s desperation is unusual and arousing. “I need you to say it.” He adds when Kevin doesn’t deliver fast enough.

“I want…” Comes Kevin’s muffled voice, trying to control himself when filled with urges more primal than his will to eat. Scotty leans down and kisses his husband’s lips.

“You want me to stop?” Scotty innocently asks.
“No!” Kevin desperately calls out. “I want you to fuck me.”

Scotty smiles satisfied when the words are spoken. “And who said wearing out won’t get you anywhere?”

Short and random: Pigeon

Inspired by two of my favourite fanfiction writers (you know who you are) I've decided to start a series of fics: Short and random. Each story is 200 words long and is based on my thoughts of a random word from http://www.zokutou.co.uk/randomword/.

Here is the first story.


Rate: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Pigeons.
Word count: 200

“I hate this.” Scotty says and frantically looks around him. What feels like thousands of pigeons has gathered on this square to be fed by tourists with cameras and SPF 2000.

“Oh, come here.” Kevin takes his hand and supportively starts to walk through the crowd of hungry birds. “Just down there and one more block.” Kevin points. He glances at Scotty, slightly behind him. Scotty makes an aggressive face towards a pigeon and looks like he will attack it.

“It’ll be worth it, this is a shortcut.” Kevin drags Scotty the last feet across the square and enters the narrow alleyway and lets go of his hand.
“What, now I’m not worth hanging on to?” Scotty asks, semi-insulted. “I’m still afraid of these morning hungry tourists. I think several of them are ready to kill to get a good photo.”

Scotty glances around him and only sees old people walking with canes and cameras, walking by in slow-motion. He calms down and feels Kevin take his hand. He’s drawn closer to a smiling Kevin.
“I know you can handle yourself. You lived in New York.” Kevin explains, smiling at him. Scotty only smirks in reply, earning himself a kiss.


Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: I thought it was time for Scotty to be drunk.
Word count: 1208


Kevin looks up from the couch, putting his book down. Scotty is almost inside the apartment, apparently having some problems opening the door, getting inside and then closing the door behind him. So many steps that can end up totally wrong.

Kevin gets up and rushes to Scotty’s rescue, helping him close the door and remove his jacket.
“So your night out with Quinn and Jordan was to the greatest satisfaction?” Kevin asks, helping Scotty to the couch. “Wait here and I’ll get you a glass of water.” Kevin says, and then adds. “Or a bucket.”

“Ked.” Scotty says when Kevin returns with a big glass of water. “You’re my besht fend.” He slurs.
“You’re my best friend too.” Kevin says and hands the glass to his somewhat drunk husband.

“Nonono.” Scotty says and takes a drink. “Don’t patronize me. I mean it.” He takes big gulps from the water and the glass is suddenly empty. Kevin refills it and Scotty drinks some more.

“I don’t shay it enough. You’re the light of my wife. I love you.” Scotty says. Kevin can’t help but laugh out loud from Scotty’s inability to articulate.
“I love you too honey.” Kevin says smiling, caressing Scotty’s arm.

“I’m drunk.” Scotty truthfully states. He places his glass on the table and causes some splatter. He looks at it for a second, as if deciding if he should do something about it, and then leans back on the couch.

“Kevvy.” Scotty says and pulls Kevin closer. Kevin obliges and enjoys Scotty’s butterfingered attempt to get him naked. “These buttons are tricky.” Scotty says and tumbles into Kevin, ending up kissing his neck.

“That’s because this is a t-shirt. It doesn’t have any buttons.” Kevin corrects. “Why don’t I make it easier on us and just remove this?” Kevin says and pulls his sweater over his head.

“You’re the hottest chest I’ve…” Scotty says, putting both his hands on it, drawing circles on it. “… licked.” Scotty adds and leans in to kiss Kevin’s chest.
“Honey,” Kevin says, putting his hand on Scotty’s chin, lifting his head. “I would feel a lot better doing this with you if you sobered up.” He picks up the half-empty glass. “Drink this”

“I might be drunk, but there is not a single minute where I’m not sure I want you.” Scotty says and finishes the water. “I do.” He adds and then drapes himself over Kevin’s body, pinning him to the couch. “Come to think of it, this would be more comfortable on the bed.”

Scotty gets up, teeters a bit and then pulls Kevin up with surprising strength. Kissing, they stumble to the bedroom and falls down on the bed. Scotty again has Kevin pinned down, eagerly claiming his lips. Scotty manages to remove his own pants and Kevin helps him get rid of his sweater and Kevin’s pants.

“I want you.” Scotty whispers into Kevin’s ear. Or what he believes is whispering. It come out in a slurring and quite loud voice, and Kevin hopes to god that the neighbors didn’t hear it. “I want to lick you…” Scotty says, planting wet kisses down Kevin’s neck, shoulder, chest. “I want to suck you…” He forms his lips into a circle and gently sucks on a piece of skin.

Kevin shivers from the touch. He holds Scotty’s head into place, not allowing it to leave his body. “I want to bite you…” Scotty continues to lick his way to Kevin’s nipple. He gently takes it between his teeth and draws upwards, causing Kevin to moan loudly.

“I want to…” Scotty continues, traveling downwards with wet kisses and a skilled tongue, covering Kevin’s body with his butterfly light kisses and touches. “…blow you…” Scotty’s lips on Kevin’s already hard cock is quite, surprising Kevin. He pushes Scotty’s head down, feeling his tongue on him, up and down, sucking and licking.

Scotty’s mouth leaves his skin, and Kevin objects vocally. Before he has time to complain any further, Scotty picks him up and spins him around, placing him on his stomach on the bed. Scotty covers Kevin with his own body.

His wet lips against his own already sweaty neck. His smooth chest against his own back. His throbbing erection against his own ready ass. He pushes himself up against Scotty, making sure there is no question of what he wants. He feels Scotty’s breath in his neck and against his ear, smelling of alcohol. “I want to fuck you.”

Kevin stretches his arms out, over his head, grabbing hold of the pillow. He knows what’s ahead, and he knows that holding on to something will make eye contact with the neighbors possible also in the future.

Scotty feels suddenly sober when he sees Kevin under him, preparing himself for what’s to come. He sits up, straddling Kevin, caressing his ass with his hands, enjoying the skin under his touch. He reaches over to fetch the lube, knowing how his movement feels against Kevin.

Kevin, obviously not thinking things are going as fast as they should, moans in despair, urging Scotty to make his move. Scotty enjoys seeing his husband squirm while he puts some lube in his hand.

Kevin moans again, this time more out of pain, turning to pleasure. He feels Scotty’s hands on his back and his grip around the pillow tightens. He tries to make Scotty go faster, but his husband apparently has the will-power to push Kevin to the very edge this time.

Kevin feels how the wave comes over him, feeling his whole body lose itself in the climax. He knows he has lost his inner battle, knows that Scotty won. He also knows that just being there is enough to also bring Scotty with him. He hates it that he can’t pull Scotty close to kiss him, but only seconds later they are next to each other on the bed, kissing frantically in a tumble intertwined with sheets, pillows and blankets.

 Kevin lands on his back on the bed.
“This is too much for me. My wound still hurts.” He takes his hand and strokes his now almost completely healed operation wound. Scotty just laughs at him.
“That’s not what you said five minutes ago.” He turns to Kevin and fondle his hair.

“Do you want some water? I want some more before sleeping.” Scotty asks. Kevin nods, but pushes Scotty down to the bed. “I’ll get it myself. You’ll probably fall and break something on the way. You’re the one that’s drunk, aren’t you?” He says and gets up.

When returning to the bed Scotty is already sound asleep, spread diagonally across the bed. Kevin smiles at him and places the glass of water on his bedside table, sliding down under the blanket next to Scotty. He puts his arm around his chest and presses his body against his husband’s, not caring his legs almost don’t fit.

“Just don’t wake me up when you need to puke in the morning.” He whispers to Scotty. He reaches over and turns off the lamp and then puts his arm back around a drooling Scotty. He smiles and presses a kiss on his shoulder. “And I love you.” He adds.

A kiss under the mistletoe is not a secret

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty are back from their vacation.
Takes place: A bit connected to my "Christmas vacation" fic.
Word count: 709

“Honey are you done? We need to leave right away?” Kevin calls into the apartment when he comes home, throwing his briefcase on the couch. He hurries into the kitchen to collect the bowls and pots with food that Scotty has prepared for their Christmas dinner at Nora’s.

They had come home from their Christmas holiday only a couple of hours ago and some crises in Nora’s kitchen had urged Scotty to help out with some emergency cooking, and Kevin had been sent out to buy some last minute gifts.

“Yep, I’m finished. Did you find the book to Robert?” Scotty asks, joining Kevin in the kitchen.
“What? Yeah.” Kevin replies, putting a piece of a fig from the fruit bowl in his mouth. “Let’s go pick up Justin and Rebecca so the happy evening can begin.” Kevin says and finished the rest of the fig.

“Sweetie?” Scotty asks when Kevin is almost out of the kitchen again. Kevin stops in his tracks and looks at Scotty. “Merry Christmas.” Scotty says and walks up to him and wraps his arms around Kevin. “You were passing under the mistletoe.” Scotty explains and kisses his husband. “We should really go now.”


Nora meets Scotty by the front door, taking his big bag with food, apologizing over and over again for forcing him into cooking the moment he comes home. He also, over and over, tells her it’s okay, and that he only enjoyed it. Kevin mutters something less affirmative and gets nudged by Scotty.

“Finally. I thought you’d never come.” Sarah greets them when she sees her baby brothers taking their coats off.
“Don’t blame me, they were late.” Justin says, pointing at Kevin.

“What are you, animals?” Sarah asks Kevin. “It’s in the middle of the afternoon, before going to mom’s.” Kevin smiles mischievously and winks at her.
“Why are you lingering here, come on now, people are getting cranky from hunger.” Nora ushers them into the dining room.

Kevin sneaks into the kitchen to make sure Scotty isn’t working again, and finds his husband stirring something in a pot on the stove.
“Honey, let’s leave that to mom.” Kevin says and wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist.
“I can’t let it burn.” Scotty says and accepts Kevin’s kiss on the cheek.

They hear the happy chatter from the dining room, Saul has apparently arrived, and Nora is appointing her guest their seats. Scotty smiles and Kevin kisses his cheek again.
“Merry Christmas, sweetie.” Kevin whispers and draws gently circles on his husband’s back.

Scotty gives the sauce some final stirring an puts the pot on the sink. He turns around in Kevin’s arms, kissing his lips when they come face to face.
“Merry Christmas.” Scotty replies. “I love you.” He whispers and kisses Kevin again. They are so lost in their embrace, that they don’t notice when someone joins them in the kitchen.

“Can I just get the sauce? Mom wants it. And you really shouldn’t do that over the food.”
Kevin gives his baby brother a killing look and reluctantly lets go of Scotty. Justin collects the sauce and leaves for the dining room again.

Scotty follows him, grabbing an edgy Kevin in the hand to bring him. They enter the dining room where the whole family is gathered along with loads of food and Christmas decorations. When they step through the doorway, both Julia and Rebecca simultaneously points at them and yells “Mistletoe.”

Scotty glances up and sees the green twigs with the red ribbon over them. He looks at Kevin, now more blushing than edgy. He looks shy and almost vulnerable when Scotty kisses him on the lips. The females in the room ‘Aw’ at the sight before letting everyone take their places. Scotty smiles at Kevin and continues into the room to sit down.

Nora feels how the warmth from her family fills the room. Kevin gets a kiss under the mistletoe, probably the first one in this house that is not from a relative. Nora almost sheds a tear and sees Saul across the table, doing the same thing. As the food on the table is transferred onto the plates at the speed of sound, she mouths ‘Merry Christmas’ to him and smiles.

Christmas vacation

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty get to go away for the holidays.
Takes place: Some time after 3x10 "Just a sliver", but contains no spoilers.
Word count: 801

“You’re not too comfortable here, are you sweetie?” Kevin asks when Scotty shifts in his seat the hundredth time in ten minutes, ever since they got on the plane. They are not even in the air yet, and Scotty is already going bananas over the lack of things to do.

“I never liked flying.” Scotty admits. “I feel so powerless and trapped.” He says and tries to sink down into his tiny seat. “I’m surprised you like it, Mr. Don’t-want-to-lose-control.” He says to Kevin.

Kevin lets the papers in his hands sink to his lap.
“You’re right, I do like it. I think it’s because I see the lack of power as liberating. I really can’t do anything for my own safety here, and that’s kind of nice. Having to let go.” He philosophizes and leans in to Scotty. In a low voice he whispers: “That’s why I like it when you tie me to the bed.”

The remark sends shivers down Scotty’s spine and gives him goose bumps. The airplane makes a noise and starts to move. Scotty looks out the small window, seeing the asphalt at the LAX airport go by. One week in an exclusive hotel with a private Jacuzzi, big white beaches and 24-hour room service is exactly what they need.

Since Kevin started working with Robert and Scotty got promoted both their routines changed significantly, and when they realized they could take a week off at the same time around Christmas, the booking for the trip happened in a heartbeat.

Kevin’s wandering mind is interrupted by Scotty, who is obviously getting impatient.
“Are we driving there?” He whines, looking out on the asphalt, passing by in 30 miles an hour.
“They have to get to the runway. You haven’t been on a plane before?” Kevin asks.

“Yes, but only in smaller airports. There it’s more along the lines of everyone in the plane helping to run the plane up to the air, like in the Flintstones.” Scotty explains.
“You didn’t fly to New York?”
“No, I’m a road tripper.” Scotty says. Leaning in to Kevin he whispers: “That’s why I like having sex in the car.”

Kevin coughs discreetly as the airplane turns around and the engines increase their noise. Seconds later they are in the air, and Scotty’s hand seeks Kevin’s. Kevin gently squeezes Scotty’s hand.


Scotty gets out of the taxi and looks up at the hotel they just arrived to. He blocks the sun with his hand, reading the big neon sign on the hotel facade.
“Bright sun hotel resort and spa.” He reads out loud. Kevin joins his side and the taxi takes off.

“One of these days I’m going to get really rich and I’m going to buy all hotels in the world so that I can re-name them and get rid of these corny names.”
Kevin laughs at Scotty and picks up his bag. Scotty joins him and they walk into the big white building.

Only a couple of minutes later Kevin throws himself on the king-size bed, seeing in the corner of his eye how Scotty walks around to inspect the room. He looks at the pile of brochures and pamphlets on the small desk, checks the orchid on the bigger table in the eating section and then disappears into the bathroom.

Kevin smiles when he hears a “Wow!” from his exploring husband. Chances are that quite some time will be spent in the private Jacuzzi, and chances are bigger if Scotty likes what he sees.

Kevin can only start to imagine what a great week this will be when he feels something heavy climb onto him. Scotty kisses him on the lips and ruffles his hair.
“I’m hungry. I’m gonna get aggressive if we don’t eat. What do you say, we try the Italian place we passed in the cab” He suggests with a kiss.

“How aggressive?” Kevin asks and pulls Scotty down when he tries to get off. “Cause I might like it.” He says and draws Scotty’s head closer to him, again letting their lips meet.

“You don’t want to know. How about this deal: We eat now and I won’t call your mother this whole week?” Scotty negotiates.
“Were you planning on calling her?” Kevin asks, suddenly sounding so worried.
“Do you want me to?” Scotty asks and motions in direction of his pocket where his cell phone is.

“Deal, Italian it is.” Kevin says and flings to his feet, bringing Scotty with him.
Scotty puts his arms around Kevin, pulling him close.
“We might even want some Mousse di cioccolato bianco to go.” He says and kisses his husband.
“What’s that?” Kevin asks, smiling. Scotty kisses his lips.
“You’ll see. But I will lick it off your body, and with cream on top.”

There might be more parts to this, but I can't make any promises. But feel free to tell me how much you'd like to see it continued. ;)

Glögg, renar, klappar och en mistel

Over two months ago I posted a fic called "A kiss under the mistletoe just happens", a fic that is obviously Christmas themed. The reason I posted it then was that I wasn't sure I'd still have this blog with fics, or if I would even be a fan of Brothers & Sisters by Christmas.

As it turns out - I still am, and now I'm left with no holiday fic saved for this delightful month (I love Christmas).

My plan is to write a new one, a follow-up to the previous, but I can't promise anything. We'll see.

Here is a link to the other one: A kiss under the mistletoe just happens.

Happy holidays!

Always on my mind

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is a bit drunk when it's time to go home.
Takes place: After the karaoke night in 2x12 "Compromises".
Word count: 912

“Scott-eh?” Kevin slurs, putting his hands on Scotty’s waist. “I’m a bit drunk.” He kisses Scotty briefly, suddenly not shy to show affection in front of Scotty’s friends.

They are saying their goodbyes outside Cinnamon Jacks, and Scotty, who came with Jordan and Quinn, has decided to wait for their taxi with them, and Kevin is impatiently waiting for the taxi to arrive so that they can go to bed.

Quinn looks at his clock. It should be there at any minute now. In the corner of his eye he sees Kevin throw himself as Scotty. Apparently he’s much more willing to show his feelings for Scotty when he’s drunk, but at least he seems to have feelings that are real enough to show off.

Scotty is happy to oblige when Kevin wants to kiss him, but when he feels Kevin’s hand under his shirt, that’s too much. At least when they’re outside a gay club, waiting for a taxi, right before he has to drive Kevin’s car for 20 minutes to get them to the loft.

The taxi pulls up and Jordan and Quinn gets in, happy to avoid the live sex show that seems to be starting in front of them. Quinn signals to Scotty to call him tomorrow, and then he winks before closing the door.  

“Now, give me your car keys, and we’ll be on our way.” Scotty says, trying to make Kevin stand up without supporting him, not too successfully though.
“Or we can just go back inside, and see the inside of the bathroom. I should make sure Sarah gets home anyways.” Kevin says, moving back to Scotty like a magnet.

“No, come one Kevin, give me the keys. That Graham guy seemed pretty eager to make sure Sarah gets home alright. The faster you hand me your keys, the faster we can see the inside of a bedroom.”

Kevin seems to consider his options, then digs some in his pocket and picks up the keys and hands them to Scotty.
“The left turn signal is picky, doesn’t always work. Just so you know.” Kevin says and heads over to the passenger side of the car.

Scotty gets in the car and remembers the last time he was in it. It was after the benefit where Kevin had gotten drunk and saved his job. He remembers the car, he liked writing it. That time, he had almost set a new personal speed record, knowing they would have great make-up sex when they got home.

Tonight he’s not even sure they will actually have sex. They want to, yes, but Kevin might just be too drunk. He might pass out before they even get home.
“Can you stop by that 7-eleven we pass on our way? I need some coffee.” Kevin says.

Scotty smiles. Apparently Kevin is sober enough to know he will have to make an effort to stay awake, and he’s willing to do so. Scotty kindly stops by the night opened store and lets Kevin run in to get a double espresso. The car fills up with the smell of hot coffee when he returns.


Scotty neatly parks the car outside Kevin’s building and carefully pulls the emergency break. Kevin finishes his coffee in one long take and then stays seated in the car.

Scotty also stays in the idle car.
“Scotty, I meant that.” Kevin’s strange comment makes Scotty turn his head. “I mean, what I said. Or sung, or whatever.” Kevin tried to explain. “Maybe it wasn’t the best way to get accepted by your friends, but I felt like I had something to prove.”

“When you said that they thought I was uptight, to me it was like you also thought it, and that somehow it also meant that you and your friends weren’t sure I actually had feelings for you.” Kevin’s voice ebbs out to silence. He knows he’s showing his vulnerable side, and when he tries to express his feelings in words, they seem childish and absurd.

“I know Kev.” Scotty’s words surprise Kevin, to say the least. “I know you feel like they doubt you, and I understand you. I also understand them. It’s not like every relationship I’ve been in has been healthy and some things they have heard about you might sound like it’s going the same way.”

After Scotty finished, they both are quiet. Kevin gives a shy smile, and Scotty replies to it. No more words are needed between them. They both know that there is doubt about their relationship, but knowing that together, what they have is stronger. They both feel it, something that’s cocooning them.

“Why don’t we get up to the apartment?” One of them suggests. In the elevator Kevin playfully kisses Scotty, and when Scotty returns the kiss, the electricity is back between them in it’s full force. They stumble into the loft, onto the couch and both get naked right there.

Their make-out is interrupted by a short noise from a cell phone. Kevin reaches for his pants and picks up his phone. Sarah has sent him a message, saying she’s told all the others about his singing experience. Scotty reads the message as well and starts to laugh out loud at Kevin’s blush.

Kevin drops the phone and goes back to kissing Scotty.
“It was worth it, right?” Scotty teases.
“Of course. But I still have to get back at Sarah by spreading false rumors about her.”

Passionate or Rooftops Part 2

Rate: R for sexual content
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty invites Kevin to a secluded spot.
Word count: 1076

Kevin is everything but secure when he walks out onto a rooftop somewhere in Los Angeles. Scotty is far more eager, leading him to a secluded place where it’s less windy and a better view.

“Relax, Kevin, I borrowed the key from a friend who works here, we are totally allowed to be here.” Scotty draws Kevin to him and kisses him. “The other day I came to think of that very romantic picnic you arranged for us on the top of your office building at the law firm, and now I want to repay.” Scotty draws a line down Kevin’s spine, using only his index finger. The touch sets of just the right feelings for Kevin.

The spot Scotty has led them to has a big blanket and lots of pillows on the ground. The picnic basket is on the floor and some candles help the light from the city to light up the place.

Scotty sits down and gestures for Kevin to sit right next to him. Scotty pulls out a bottle of wine from the basket and pours them some. Kevin tries the wine and hums approvingly. He leans in to kiss Scotty’s lips. They are already a bit red from the wine, and he taste from the grapes.
“You’re adorable. Too bad I’m not that hungry.” He says and nods at the basket.

“Actually, it’s a good thing you aren’t, because there is no food in this.” Scotty says.
Kevin looks at the basket, covered with a white cloth.
“Then what is it?” He asks, reaching over to remove the cloth. Scotty’s hand grips his wrist.
“It’s a surprise.” Scotty says and leads Kevin’s hand to his own chest. “When I thought of our last rooftop picnic I remember how you wanted to stay for a bit to… enjoy the view, and I wanted to go home.”

“And then we were almost caught in the elevator, yes I remember.” Kevin finishes. His hand has worked itself in under Scotty’s shirt and onto Scotty’s back, slowly caressing the small of his back.
“And I felt a bit stupid.” Scotty says. “I had the chance to make love to my wonderful husband in such a romantic place, and instead we were caught on tape in an elevator in an office building.”

“I that’s your plan, do I even dare to ask what’s in the basket?” Kevin asks and his hand travels up on Scotty’s back, giving him enough support to pull in Scotty for a proper kiss. His other hand pulls Scotty down as well, and soon enough they’re on the ground, Scotty pinned under Kevin.

“It’s not as romantic as one could hope.” Scotty says, although his words come out more as slurs, as Kevin’s mouth is still covering his. Kevin ends the kiss and gets on his elbows, still pinning down his husband to the ground. He removes a corner of the cloth and looks down. In the basket is a tube of lube and a pack of napkins. Kevin laughs out loud.
“How were you even so sure I wanted to sleep with you here?” He asks.

“I mean this with respect and all, but you’re not in position to say that, when I can feel you against my thigh.” Scotty says and moves his lower body against Kevin’s. Kevin laughs again and lowers himself on Scotty. Their lips meet again, and as soon as their tongues are allowed to meet between hot and wet lips, there is no turning back, and they both know it.

Kevin manages to get Scotty naked under him without getting off of him, and he enjoys every lost piece of clothing. Or rather, the piece of skin it uncovers. The cool winter air makes kissed spots very cold, and an additional blanket is added on top of them.

Scotty fully enjoys Kevin’s possessive thought. He’s trapped under Kevin without much room to move, and Kevin takes full advantage of having him there. He enjoys the arousing kisses and he loves the inciting licks. He knows it’s cold, but he barely notices anymore. Kevin’s warm body on top of his, claiming him and his body is more than enough to make him forget everything around him.

Kevin’s thrusts are slow at first, making sure Scotty is with him, making sure that they are both enjoying the motion. Scotty’s face changes from wincing of pain to anticipating and Kevin’s stroking becomes faster and heavier. Feeling Scotty’s legs around him, keeping him there makes him almost losing it right in the beginning, but the face Scotty gives him shows him that this is wished to be slow and lingering, rather than a quick peek.

Kevin puts a lot of effort into his movements, enjoying every second he can kiss his wonderful husband as they together show the stars over Los Angeles how it’s done.

They are both out of breath when they collapse into a pile of legs and arms on the blanket. Kevin wraps the blanket tighter around them embracing Scotty in his arms. Scotty looks up at the sky.

“Wow, you can actually see stars from here.” He says.
“I know, it’s amazing.” Kevin says and puts his nose against Scotty’s sweaty neck. “It’s like we left the city.” Scotty’s excitement over stars is perhaps a bit surprising.

Kevin was never that impressed with it, never interested in knowing the difference between the Big Dipper and Orion. However, watching Scotty point at different constellations of lights, saying their names, was very interesting. Scotty’s rapt eyes and voice made it interesting.

When Scotty’s done and puts his arm down under the blanket the air is silent.
“If this was a movie, I’d say something like ‘Your love takes me to the stars.’” Kevin says.
“Please don’t.” Scotty laughs at him.
“I won’t. It’s too cliché.” Kevin assures him. “But I do love you.”

“I know, I love you too, Kev. But you know, now it’s your turn to tops this rooftop picnic.” Scotty teases.
“I thought this was the end of the rounds.” Kevin says.
“There’s no end.” Scotty explains. “Just ask the stars.” He says in a dramatic voice.
“Oh you.” Kevin says and puts his index finger in Scotty’s side.

“No, no, tickling not fair.” Scotty tries to get away. When he flees Kevin’s arms, Kevin determinatively pulls him back and down onto the blanket.
“Get back here. I wasn’t done with the cheesy lines.”

A yam war

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin was hit by a yam.
Word count: 834

“She didn’t take it too well, did she?”
“No, she was devastated, standing there with all her groceries and her gigantic turkey.” Kevin explains the events from the kitchen from earlier today to Scotty, snuggles up together on the bed to read before sleeping. “But I still think Sarah took it worse. She was not into the idea of spending the entire weekend with mom and that cat she’s taking care of.”

Kevin shifts on the bed to get closer to Scotty, if that is even possible. Scotty greets the move and strokes Kevin’s chest under the blanket.
“Ow, that hurts.” Kevin winches at the touch.
“What’s this?” Scotty asks with shock when he pulls down the blanket and reveals a big lilac bruise on Kevin’s chest.

“Yeah, this is how bad Sarah took it.” Kevin says, gently stroking his own bruising. “She threw yams at us.” Scotty’s hands follows Kevin’s over his injury, his touch so light it sends shivers down Kevin’s spine.
“She must be a good thrower.” Scotty says. “This is really dark.”
“Or she’s just that angry. I almost feel bad for leaving her and mom alone. I don’t understand why everyone had to go away this year.”

Scotty smiles at Kevin’s childish wish. Of course his siblings should stay to celebrate the holiday with their mother, but he himself would not change his plans.
“Maybe it’s good for your mother to learn that she can’t always have her entire family with her for every holiday. Okay so this is a stretch, but still. You’ve been talking so much about how she monopolizes your time. I remember someone ditching me on a date to go to the movies with their mother…” Scotty teases.

“Don’t even mention that.” Kevin whines. “I’m still not over that. Sending you right into the arms of whatever-his-name-is and I spend that night at home, alone, watching a re-run of ‘Wheel of fortune’, eating greasy take-out.” Scotty laughs at the picture Kevin paints with his lonely night, and though he believes that it was more porn than a game show he watched, it’s still better than what he himself did that night.

“I’m sure Sarah and your mom will be fine. As long as they have some wine, I think their holiday will be just as good as ours.” Scotty comforts Kevin with a quick kiss on the temple of his head. Kevin smiles as the mention of their brief vacation.
“It’s going to be so great to finally have a chance to meet all of your friends… you know…”
“In a place far away from the city where you can be really drunk and really not uptight?”

“I was thinking more where we can be very affectionate with each other all the time, but yeah, that too.” Kevin smiles and kisses Scotty.
“I don’t know what your vision of Palm Springs is, but it’s not a big swimming pool with tons of guys with perfect pecs and tight swim suits.” Scotty dryly points out.
“No?” Kevin looks at him with his puppy dog eyes. “Then maybe I should stay here with mom.”

“Oh you!” Scotty says and playfully punches his arm.
“Hey, be careful. I’m injured from battle.” Kevin says, stroking his bruise. “You know, it hurts so much. And it’s not just the pain, it’s also the very very bad memory. Every time I close my eyes, it’s all I see.” Kevin tells his story with such feeling, his eyes almost tear up.

“You want sympathy sex because your sister threw a South American root at you?” Scotty asks.
“They are really hard.” Kevin argue. “And in combination with not seeing you in a tight swim suit, I think I might deserve it.”
“You’ll get to see me naked.” Scotty offers.

“In public?” Kevin asks, fearing to share something he’s not at all willing to share.
“No… but we have a hotel room with a Jacuzzi and a king-size bed. I might be naked there.” Scotty teases.
“You may also be naked right now, but that just isn’t the same thing.” Kevin says, leaning over to kiss Scotty.
“No it’s not.” Scotty says and kisses Kevin back.

“Well, maybe we should sleep. We better stay on each a side of the bed so I don’t accidentally slap your chest.” Scotty says, preparing to slide under his own blanket that is still on his side of the bed unused.
“No, no, you should stay here.” Kevin stops him and pulls him closer. “I might need some strong arms around me to get through the night without nightmares.”

“You poor wounded soldier.” Scotty says in a cooing voice. “Maybe I should take a look at that thing, I did attend a first aid course at the restaurant.”
“You really should, I don’t know if I will make it…” Kevin says and pulls Scotty’s face down for a kiss. “Just be gentle with me.” Kevin parts Scotty’s lips and kisses him deeply.
“I will.” Scotty promises.

Stopping by

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty's got a new office.
Word count: 788

“Hello?” Kevin peeks into the room he thinks will be Scotty’s office. One of the waiters had waves in that direction and then ran away very quickly. Scotty looks up from a big file, sitting behind a desk in the very messy room. Kevin steps in and looks around.
“I know, it’s really messy. It looked like this when I took over, and I haven’t had the time to fix it.

“No, no.” Kevin starts. “It’s… homey.” He tries.
“Kevin, it’s a dump.” Scotty says. He waves Kevin over to steal a kiss. Kevin glances at the pile of papers and books in front of Scotty. “I’m swamped.” Scotty replies to Kevin’s unspoken question.

“This new job comes with hundreds of new duties and now I have to make food orders for next month, set a specials menu for next week and go through the schedules for the kitchen staff the next three months. And I’ve been here for a week. I don’t even have time to organize my freaking office.” Scotty’s voice grows faster as he speaks, and when he finishes his frustration and anger is very clear.

Kevin rubs his shoulders and kisses his neck.
“If there anything I can do?” He asks.
“Just continue what you started there.” Scotty says, and Kevin feels his muscles relax under his touch. “It’ll be okay, it just takes a while to get into it all. Why are you here anyway?”

“Well, I’ve gone to bed alone the last three nights and woke up also alone, seeing traces of you in the bedroom, so I wanted to see you and your new office. Maybe I’ll have a chat with Vicki.” Kevin explains and advances his massage to Scotty’s neck and hair. Scotty moans lightly.

“I’m sure she would like watching this.” Scotty says and drops his pen down onto the desk. He leans his head against Kevin’s fingers and closes his eyes, enjoying the touch.
“I’m sure she would. I saw her out in the restaurant, do you want me to go and get her?” Kevin asks, continuing his massage.

“If you do, I won’t put out for a week.” Scotty says and Kevin chuckles. Kevin rubs Scotty’s tense muscles for another minute and then leans down to kiss Scotty on the cheek.
“Maybe I can help you loosen up some more?” Kevin suggests, his hands traveling over Scotty’s shoulders and down on his chest.

“That would be great, but I don’t have time. I need to call the supplier before five o’ clock.” Scotty picks up his pens and sits up straight in his chair.
“That’s a whole hour.” Kevin argues. “We have time to make this place hours in that time.” Kevin says while continuing his stroke on Scotty’s chest, moving further and further down, starting to kiss Scotty’s neck again.

“I’m so sorry, but we really really can’t. And besides, I can’t get busted having sex in my new office the first month. On probation, remember?” Scotty says, releasing himself from Kevin’s embrace. “But I promise I’ll be home earlier today and we can spend some time together.”

“I really hope so. I rented ‘Cat on hot tin roof’ and got a bottle of red, and I am not pathetic enough to make it a solo night.” Kevin says. “Now if you don’t want my services anymore, I have a job to do as well.”

“I thought you were done for the day?” Scotty asks as Kevin moves towards the door.
“Yes, but now I feel this urge to shower and clean the apartment. That’s also what animals do when they want to propagate. Actually, there is this species of monkey that plucks bugs from it’s own fur to give to the monkey they want to breed with.”
“Kevin, why do you tell me this when you want sex? That is so not a turn-on.”

“See, this is what happens when you leave me alone at night so I have to watch documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Just wait until I can tell you about this very special whale that masturbates. That’s a good one.” Kevin says in a overly excited voice.
“Wow, I can’t wait to get home. Maybe I should bring Vicki, after all.” Scotty says in an ironic voice. “I’m sure she’s interested in different mammal’s sex drive.”

“Don’t even get me started on that.” Kevin says and winks at Scotty before walking out of the office. Just when he opens the door, a man about his own age, wearing a chef’s uniform is raising his hand to knock on the door. “Hello.” Kevin merrily says before giving Scotty a wave and a wink and then walking away. “See you tonight.” He yells.

RPS: One hell of a party

This fic is a RPS (real person story) and I've had a lot of doubts about if I should publish it or not. I first wrote this to get thoughts out of my head, and realized in the process that others were intrerested in reading this. Of course I can't keep others away from my amazing writing (oh well ;) ), so here it is. Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive.


[One hell of a party - Matthew/Luke]

: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: After one hell of a party.
Word count: 826


No pun intended

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty help in Nora's house.
Takes place: During 3x09 "Unfinished business".
Word count: 732

“You remember this morning?”
Scotty looks up from the carpet he’s pulling at.
“Yes?” He replies to Kevin, slightly out of breath.
“We were in bed, enjoying that we both had the day off. We were naked.” Kevin says. The smugness in his voice knows no limits.

“Then mom called and asked if we wanted what was promoted as a tour in her new house. I said no and you said ‘why not, it’ll be fun. We’ll go there for an hour and then back to nakedness in bed.’ Well thanks a lot.” Kevin pulls up a piece of wood from the window sill and fights the urge to throw it through the window.

“Sorry. I promise I’ll make it up when we get home.”
“You better.” Kevin reaches down to pull at a new piece of wood. “Naked.” Scotty chuckles at his annoyed husband and sinks down onto the floor.
“I’m quite glad this house isn’t ours. Now more than anytime.” Kevin sits down beside him and takes off his gloves.

“Yeah, me too. Not that I would be doing any of this if it was, but yeah, I’m glad.”
 “Although, the view from the master bedroom is stellar.” Scotty says.
“Really?” Kevin replies. He leans in towards Scotty to steal a kiss when someone steps on the foot of the stair. Steps are approaching them quickly.

“There is no time to sit around, you both know that.” Nora walks past them and takes a look out the window with the rotten window sill. “I thought you could help me pick out a new tile for the kitchen.”

“Why? Because all gay people must have the excellent interior designing gene?” Kevin asks.
“No, because Justin suggested a beige one and because Saul said, and this is a quote, that he doesn’t give a tiny rat’s ass. Look here.”

Nora opens the book she brought with her and puts it in the window. Scotty gets up to take a closer look, dragging Kevin with him up.
“I think the red one.” He says.
“You haven’t even looked in the book yet.” Nora argues. “Now have a look and come down to me with it when you’re done.” She pinches Kevin’s cheek and leaves the two of them.

Scotty flips the pages in the book, looking at differently colored squares and pictures of hysterical homes decorated entirely with tiles and mosaic.
“This is giving me a headache.” He says.
“Then maybe we should have a break.” Kevin says, leaning in to kiss his neck.

“Kevin, your mother is downstairs.”
“You’re covered in dust.” Kevin whispers into Scotty’s neck. “It’s hot.”
“Really?” Scotty asks, not able to resist Kevin’s innuendo for too long. “If you want, I can show you the view from the master bedroom.”

“I’ve already seen it, but I strongly believe one doesn’t know a room until one has seen it twice.” Kevin says, lightly pressing kisses down Scotty’s neck.
“And by that you mean, have performed some kind of sexual act in it?” Scotty wonders.
“I didn’t blow you in the kitchen for nothing, hun.”

Scotty nearly loses his balance when he realizes that Justin is on his way up the stairs and might have heard their last piece of conversation. The look on Justin’s face tells he did, but he seems to pretend he didn’t.

“Mom told me to help you pull carpet… but I can see you have your hands full, and not of carpet.” Justin says, sitting down on the edge of the stair.
“I gave up carpets and rugs a long time ago.” Scotty says, releasing himself from Kevin’s grip. Kevin chuckles from his reply.

“So are you going to have another private tour of the house, or are you gonna help me with the carpet?” Justin asks.
“We’ll help. We can have a private tour of our own place.” Scotty replies and receives an angry look from Kevin. “You start in that corner, we’ll pull from here.” Scotty instructs them.

Nora hears some motion from the upper floor and smiles to herself. The boys have finally started working. When Kevin suggested him and Scotty would start on the other floor, even she knew why, and it was not to be helpful of her project. She hears a loud moan coming from upstairs and knows it’s time to go hand Kevin another aspirin and a snicker.

What's new pussycat?

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin whines, Scotty's had enough of it.
Word count: 739

Scotty almost throws his heavy cook book at Kevin. If he does not stop whining now, Scotty can not be held responsible for his actions.
“What is it, sweetie?” He says in an attempt to draw the bad thoughts from Kevin.

“This isn’t working.” Kevin whines as he appears in the doorway from the kitchen where he has been working at a statement for Robert for over an hour. His whining and complaints has disturbed Scotty the whole time, leaving Scotty no time to get his own work done.

“What isn’t?” Scotty asks.
“Nothing works.” Kevin moves over to Scotty on the couch and sits down next to him. He wraps his arms around Scotty and tries to kiss him.
“I’m sorry it doesn’t work, but mine does, and I have to have this menu finished by tomorrow.”

“They’ll love your chicken.” Kevin replies and again tries to kiss Scotty. Scotty shortly obliges and let Kevin stroke his lips against his before parting them.
“Why don’t you let me finish this and we’ll go out and have a drink later, huh?” Scotty suggests, hoping the thought of alcohol and what can so easily happen between them under the influence of such will make Kevin shut up long enough for him to work. His bate seems to work and Kevin slowly plods back into the kitchen.


“We’ll have a scotch on the rocks and a beer.” Scotty tells the bartender as they enter the bar.
“Remind me again why we are here and not in a decent bar?” Kevin asks while inspecting the bar stool before sitting down on it. Scotty fights the urge to hit Kevin over the head with his big beer glass when the bartender puts it in front of him.

“Because this place has good beer, is cheep and close to where we live.” Scotty says and takes a sip. They move over to a small table with their drinks. A loud noise comes from the speakers just when they sit down and a man in a bad suits appears on a very small stage in the other side of the small bar.

He introduces himself as the owner and welcomes them all to their monthly karaoke night. Scotty sees Kevin almost fall of his chair and sprays beer all over their table when he starts laughing. Kevin shoots him a killing look and looks must unhappy.

“Come on Kevin, you don’t want to sing something?” He suggests when he’s managed to swallow the liquid in his mouth. “Something for me?”
“Ha-ha. You’re so not funny. I don’t see you up there.” Kevin says, but smiling a little. He knows how much his singing to Scotty meant, and even though his whole family has heard that story in different versions from both Sarah and Scotty, the humiliation was totally worth it. Not to mention the love he got from Scotty that night.

Before Scotty had time to reply a woman in her late 50’s enter the stage to the familial tone of “I touch myself”. Scotty bites his lower lip not to laugh and he sees Kevin look down onto his shoes, probably doing the same thing.

The next minutes they sit through “Girls just wanna have fun”, “Total eclipse of the heart” and “Mustang Sally”, all delivered with love and completely out of tune. Scotty finishes his beer and hears “Without you” start.
“I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back in three.” He gets up. “I think this is done then.” He sees Kevin smirk at him as he leaves.


After five minutes Scotty isn’t back, Kevin’s scotch is gone and Kevin is getting impatient. He signals to the waiter that he wants another drink and when his eyes turn back to the stage Scotty is on it. The tunes of a song Kevin knows he knows starts, but he can’t place it. Scotty’s voice is just like what he’s heard in the kitchen when he’s been cooking and when he takes long showers on Sunday mornings. Clear, secure and very soft.

Hearts go astray
Leaving hurt when they go
I went away
Just when you needed me so
Filled with regret
I come back begging you
Forgive, forget
Where's the love we once knew

Open up your eyes
Then you'll realize
Here I stand with my
Everlasting Love

Oh yeah, there might be some love tonight too.

Have you got great ideas?

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Things like a setting, a rate, a specific event or anything is great, it ticks of my imagination. :)


Rate: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty make up.
Takes place: After 1x06 "For the children", starting with the dancing at the charity event.
Word count: 795

“I’m so glad we made up.”
Scotty hears Kevin’s words whispered in his ear. The warm air puffing against his skin tingles, and mixes with the cooler night air.
“Me too.” He whispers back.

He’s not sure Kevin will do what he said – not offer to pay for anything – and honestly he’s not sure he would want him to either. He doesn’t mind Kevin buying him dinner from time to time, but Kevin has to learn to know where the limit is reached for what’s okay and what’s not.

“You want to come with me home?” Kevin’s invite sends tingles through Scotty’s body, and this time not just because of the warmth against his neck.
“I do.” He answers.

Never before has he finished his post-event shores so quickly. When he walks out into the parking lot Kevin is leaning against his car, his face beaming up when he sees him.
“Can you drive, I’m not sure I should?” Kevin offers his car keys. Scotty accepts them, definitely agreeing that Kevin’s state of drunkenness is not appropriate for driving, even if the make-up and the wait has made him a bit more sober.

Scotty gets in the car and checks out the panel of buttons and colorful lights. Kevin gets in next to him and fiddles a bit with the seat belt before getting it right. He puts his hand on Scotty’s thigh, and Scotty stops in his reconnoitering.
“Thank you.”
“No problem, I wouldn’t want you to get a DUI or anything.”

“No, not that. Well that too. Scotty, I know I’m an ass sometimes, and I appreciate when you can call me on it and not just accept whatever crap I try to come away with. A lot of people in my past has, and now I realize how happy I am with you when you don’t. I’m so glad you’re here with me.” Kevin finishes his little speech, leaving them looking into each other’s eyes.

“You’re… welcome.” Scotty says, not quite sure what to respond with. Instead he leans in to kiss Kevin. Their lips meet, softly at first, but Kevin’s eagerness to make up more physically makes him deepen the kiss. He parts Scotty’s lips with his, feeling Scotty’s tongue meet his. The feeling is warm and soft, inviting and teasing. They both know they can’t do anything here in the car. Not only is it the parking lot outside of a fancy event hall with a lot of people passing, it’s also extremely uncomfortable having the gearshift between them.

When they part Scotty swallows and licks his lips. He turns back to the steering wheel and grabs it, ten to two. He can feel Kevin watch him, adjusting himself on the seat to be more comfortable.

Scotty swallows again. He knows he has to drive carefully. He does not have the money to scratch the car or get a ticket for speeding. He also knows he has to take them to Kevin’s apartment as soon as possible so that they can continue the making up.


Kevin pushes the button in the elevator and pins Scotty to the wall all in one quick move. Their lips are again meeting, frantically kissing and sucking on each other. When the elevator doors open they stumble out, not wanting to part. Kevin manages to find his keys and open the door, Scotty making it all much more difficult by pressing himself against Kevin’s back.

When the door swings open Kevin have to move in, even though he enjoys standing there, feeling Scotty’s erection growing against his ass. One of them closes the door behind them, and they move towards the bedroom, tugging at each other’s clothes to remove them as quickly as possible.

Scotty’s jacket, shirt and pants are long gone when Kevin removes his underwear and climbs over Scotty on the bed. He knows Scotty would get even more aroused if he kissed his chest and neck, but this is not about achieving the greatest sex ever, this is about closeness. Kevin’s lips cover Scotty’s and they kiss rubbing against each other to keep their bodies warm and ready. Kevin claims Scotty’s body with lust, pushing them both towards the peek of the night.

Kevin collapses next to Scotty’s body, not really believing it’s true. The man he thought he had lost is now back next to him. He snuggles up next to Scotty and rests his head against his neck, pressing a kiss on the sweaty skin.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” Kevin says.
“You already said that.” Scotty reminds.
“I know, I just don’t want you to forget it. Ever.” Kevin tightens his grip around Scotty’s waist. He can feel Scotty smile when he answers:
“I won’t.”

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